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21 January 1933:

A.F. of L. Begins New Year

25 February 1933:

For a United Mass Party of Workers and Dirt Farmers

15 June 1933:

Chaos Around the Corner If We Fail to Organize

1 July 1933:

Victory or Defeat – Which Shall It Be?

15 July 1933:

The Columbus Convention of Unemployed – An Analysis

13 August 1933:

Will NIRA Work – And for Whom?

15 September 1933:

Achievements and Lessons of Cleveland Conference

15 September 1933:

“We Must Build Our Paper” (with Louis F. Budenz)

11 October 1933:

Labor and the NRA

8 November 1933:

Roosevelt’s “Revolution”

20 December 1933:

Labor Internationalism

December 1934:

The Workers Party Is Founded

22 December 1934:

Alarm Signals in the Soviet Union! (with James P. Cannon)

19 January 1935:

Muste, Cannon in Canada; Find Workers Party Active There (tour report)

26 January 1935:

Across the Country with Cannon and Muste (tour report)

2 February 1935:

Across the Country with Cannon and Muste (tour report)

16 February 1935:

Across the Country with Cannon and Muste (tour report)

March 1935:

Strikes on the 1935 Horizon

March/April 1935:

Why Join the Workers Party (series)

16 March 1935:

Workers Party Sends Letter to P.P. (letter)

6 April 1935:

“The Collective Propagandist”

13 April 1935:

Troyanovsky Poses as Doctor for Capitalism

May 1935:

Labor in 1935 – Panorama & Prognoses

May/June 1935:

The ‘American Approach’ (series)

4 May 1935:

Heed the Call of Toledo!

30 May 1935:

Muste Speaks for Workers’ Revolution on Nat’l Hook-Up

29 June 1935:

Eight-Page New Militant First Step to Daily Paper

July 1935:

Some Lessons of the Toledo Strike

6/13 July 1935:

A Reply to Liberal Critics of Bolshevism

20 July 1935:

Third Party Meet Sows Confusion; F.D.R. Safe

August 1935:

Trade Unions and the Revolution

3 August 1935:

Introduction to the Open Letter

10 August 1935:

What Next in the Socialist Party?

17 August 1935:

Peace, Anti-Fascism, Stalinism

24 August 1935:

Congress Passes Harmless Social Security Program

31 August 1935:

A Forerunner of the Revolution (obituary)

28 September 1935:

The A.F. of L. and the Teachers Union

October 1935:

From Atlantic City to Atlantic City

19 October 1935:

Green-Woll Forces Suffer Heavy Setback at AFL Convention

26 October 1935:

Build the Left Wing, Is Real Lesson of AFL Convention

2 November 1935:

The Significance of the Russian Revolution for the American Working Class

30 November 1935:

The New Struggle in Autos

30 November 1935:

One Year of the Workers Party

December 1935:

Some Notes on Workers’ Education

January 1936:

Developments in the Needle Trades; A Program for the Progressives

January 1936:

President’s Speech Prepares the Masses for War with the Lie of “Peaceful” Imperialist America

April 1936:

Analysis of the Akron Strike and the Role of the CIO

May 1936:

New Trends in the Evolution of the Unemployed Movement

May 1936:

The Problem in Akron


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