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Sylvia Merrill

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February 1942: Cost of Living and Wages Had a Race – The Former Won (series)

February 1942: Workers Met High Living Cost with Great Wave of Strikes (series)

March 1942: War Labor Boards Couldn’t Prevent Wave of Strikes (series)

March 1942: Epidemic of Strike Struggles Followed the War Armistice (series)

December 1942: England – Strike Action Led by Shop Stewards

December 1942: Japan – How Its Workers and Farmers Live (series)

January 1943: Japan – Post-War Upsurge in Labor Movement (series)

January 1943: Japan – Its Labor Movement and Class Action (series)

February 1943: Reviewing Indian Books (letter)

April 1943: Our Plan Is Simple – Socialism!

June 1943: A Study of Japan (book review)

March 1944: Tribute to Austrian Workers Who Fought Fascism in 1934

May 1944: ILO Meet a Capitalist Side-Show

February 1945: Furlough – A Picture of Life in Fascist Germany (book review)

March 1945: The Upper 1% Lives Well

March 1945: World War II Prepares a New Barbarism

November 1946: Forum on Palestine Opens Sessions of NY Labor Action School


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