IS Journal Writers: Roni Margulies

Roni Margulies

Roni Margulies (19550-2023)

(1955 – 2023)


February 2005: Take a journey to the heart of Turkish culture (review)

October 2005: War and attacks on criticism intensify in Turkey

May 2006: Engagement with the East (review)

September 2006: Anger grows as Turkish parliament prepares for vote on troops for Lebanon

September 2006: Turkish troops for Lebanon – doing Israel’s dirty work

May 2007: Defend Turkey’s elected government as ‘secular’ movement pushes aside democracy

May 2007: Reality behind Turkey’s ‘defence of secularism’

June 2008: Turkish marchers raise their voices against coup threat

July 2008: Turkey – coup plotters forced out into open

August 2008: Turkey – cracks in the state monolith

January 2009: Turkey stops being a ‘reliable friend’ of Israel

April 2013: All change in Turkey

Summer 2013: Turkey: Between Islamic neoliberalism and Kemalist nationalism

June 2013: Rage explodes across Turkey

June 2013: Riot cops storm Turkey’s Taksim Square

June 2013: Turkish police try to drown out protests in vicious crackdown

July 2013: ‘Taksim Square is normal but the spirit of Gezi haunts the government’

Winter 2014: Dances with Wolves – Turkey and the Kurds

March 2014: Death of boy hit by tear gas canister brings rage to streets of Turkey

May 2014: Political crisis after Turkish mining disaster

May 2014: Political crisis after Turkish mining disaster (update)

July 2014: Kurdish gains of more than a decade are under threat from latest Middle East crisis

September 2014: Letter from Turkey

October 2014: Intervention by Turkey or the US won’t help the Kurds

March 2015: Centenary of a genocide

June 2015: Kurdish breakthrough in Turkish elections

June 2015: Turkish poll is the beginning of the end for Erdogan’s ruling party

November 2015: War on Kurds resumes in Turkey

Summer 2016: What are we to do with Islam? The case of Turkey

Summer 2016: How to stop the tanks

Spring 2018: Why Turkish troops are in Syria

Summer 2018: Looking back to imagine the future

Spring 2020: The armed forces and the “unarmed forces”

August 2021: Their system is the real firestarter – Turkey

December 2021: When the president opens his mouth, Turkish lira falls

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