ETOL Writers: Brian Manning

Brian Manning

Brian Manning



Connor Kostick:

Brian Manning 1927–2004 (Socialist Worker, 8 May 2004)

Ivan Root:

Professor Brian Manning – Marxist historian of the English Civil Wars and student of Christopher Hill (The Independent, 12 May 2004)

Alex Callinicos:

A True Leveller (Socialist Review, June 2004)

David Renton & Keith Flett:

Brian Manning – Radical historian of the English Revolution (The Guardian, 26 June 2004)

David Renton:

Brian Manning (1927–2004) (Revolutionary History, Vol. 9 No. 1)



Summer 1994:

The English Revolution and the transition from feudalism to capitalism (extended book review)

September 1996:

A Voice for the Poor (book review)

May 1997:

A muted blast (book review)

April 1998:

The seedbed of democracy (book review)

March 1999:

Revisionism revised (book review)

September 1999:

The monarchy and the military (book review)

Spring 2001:

History and socialism (book review)

March 2001:

Caught by the Middle (book review)

July 2002:

‘A voice for the exploited’ (obituary)

March 2003:

Turning Point in History (obituary)

Summer 2003:

The legacy of Christopher Hill


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