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Livio Maitan


Biography [biography provided from from their Bio-bibliographical sketches of selected Trotskyists page]



June 1952:

The Rise of Neo-Fascism in Italy

January 1953:

Benedetto Croce: 1866–1952 – Bourgeois Philosopher – Educator of Marxists

January 1960:

Ten Decisive Years for India

September 1960:

Problems and Prospects of Our Time in the Mirror of the Sino-Soviet Polemics

November 1964:

Upheaval in Bolivia – An Eyewitness Report

Spring 1965:

Revolt of the Peruvian Campesino

May 1967:

Major Problems of the Latin-American Revolution – A Reply to Regis Debray

October 1982:

The Fez summit relaunches the Fahd plan


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