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Maverick socialist whose charm won him friends in unlikely places (Irish Times, 28 January 2012)



July 1968:

Irish police states (letter)

28 September 1968:

Language and Freedom (letter, with Chris Gray)

12 October 1968:

Irish Tories Attempt Ballot Fiddle to Crush the Left

23 November 1968:

13,000 storm city walls (as Sean Reed)

7 December 1968:

Ulster cops and Paisley thugs unite to stop civil rights march (as Sean Reed)

14 December 1968:

Derry – first round to McCann (as Sean Reed)

4 January 1969:

Derry – first round to McCann (as Sean Reed)

18 January 1969:

PD election fight shakes Ulster Tories (as Sean Reed)

1 February 1969:

N. Ireland Tories Split Wide Open (as Sean Reed)

8 February 1969:

N. Ireland – no election ‘truce’ (as Sean Reed)

15 February 1969:

Ulster – Left challenge to Orange and Green (as Sean Reed)

22 February 1969:

Ulster call to break new law (as Sean Reed)

15 March 1969:

Militants to march on Dublin (as Sean Reed)

22 March 1969:

Moderates move to split Ulster rights campaign (as Sean Reed)

29 March 1969:

Defiant marchers shake Ulster Tories (as Sean Reed)

5 April 1969:

Ulster Tories Call Up B-Specials (as Sean Reed)

12 April 1969:

‘A Terrible Beauty ...’ (with Chris Gray)

12 April 1969:

Connolly (poem, as S.R.)

12 April 1969:

Bernadette set for poll victory (as Sean Reed)

26 April 1969:

Police terror in Bogside (as Sean Reed, with Eamonn McCann)

1 May 1969:

Ireland – ‘I stand for a socialist republic&rsquo (interview with Bernadette Devlin, as Sean Reed)

1 May 1969:

She’s no nine-day wonder, the girl hammering Tory police state (as Sean Reed)

15 May 1969:

Irish homeless occupy plush naval quarters (as Sean Reed)

29 May 1969:

Irish Tories call election in bid to attack unions (as Sean Reed)

12 June 1969:

Derry – wrong heading, not wrong demand (letter, as Sean Reed)


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