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Sy Landy

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Winter 1958:

Aimed at the Moderates (book review)

June 1971:

The Black Panther Party Splits (with Laurie Landy)

Fall 1976:

The Struggle for the Revolutionary Party

Winter 1977:

Class Struggle in the U.S. South – Part 1:
The “New South” and the Old Capitalism

Spring 1977:

Class Struggle in the U.S. South – Part 2:
Revolutionary Perspectives for Southern Labor

Spring 1978:

The Labor Party in the United States

Fall 1981:

The Counter-revolution in Iran

Winter 1981:

Iran: Revolution, War and Counterrevolution

Summer 1983:

Warsaw Ghetto Fighters

Black Upsurge Meets Electoral Trap

Winter 1984:

Democratic Party: Disaster for Blacks

Spring 1984:

Left Sinks into Democrats’ Swamp

Fall 1984:

The Farrakhan Fracas: Blacks, Jews and Nationalism

Spring 1985:

Workers Power (Britain): A Powerless Answer to Reformism

Summer 1985:

Steve Zeluck 1922 -1985

Spring 1988:

Jackson: Razing Hopes

Fall 1988:

The Democrats’ Jackson Dilemma

February 1990:

Forward to The Life and Death of Stalinism

Spring 1992:

The Divide-and-Conquer Election

Spring 1994:

Centrality of the Revolutionary Party

Spring 1994:

Farrakhan No Answer to Racism

Winter 1997:

Twenty Years of the LRP

Summer 1999:

Self-Determination and Military Defense: The Marxist Method

Winter 1999:

Today’s Black Leadership Crisis

Fall 2001:

Where We Stand: No to New Reformist Parties!

Fall 2001:

Racism Rules: The Fraud of U.S. Democracy

Fall 2002:

Stalinist Expansion, the Fourth International and the Working Class

Fall 2003:

The Capitalist Fear of War and Revolution

Spring 2004:

“Anybody but Bush”? A Dialogue on the Democrats

Winter 2004:

The Leninist Position on Conscription

Fall 2005:

Cosby’s Campaign Against Black Workers


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