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Antoinette Konikow Archive

Antoinette Konikow

(1869 – 1946)

Introductory Note on the Antoinette Konikow pamphlets and writings, by Marty H. Goodman, M.D.

Political Biographical Essay Honoring Dr. Antionette Konikow, from Workers Vanguard


Voluntary Motherhood (5 editions were printed 1923–1938):

1923 1st Edition

1926 2nd Edition (revised) (scan unavailable at this time. If you have access to a copy, please let us know.)

1928 3rd Edition (revised)

1933 4th Edition (completely re-written)

1938 5th Edition (revised)

Other Writings:

Independent Communist League Bulletin December 1928

Physician’s Manual of Birth Control 1931

Writings by and about her from the pages of Socialist Appeal and The Militant:

The First Trotskyist Group in New England Socialist Appeal, October 2, 1938

Antoinette Konikow Views 50 Years of Her Activity Socialist Appeal, November 5, 1938

National Committee Greets Konikow on 50th Anniversary, by James P. Cannon, Socialist Appeal, November 5, 1938

What Socialism Will Mean to the Women Who Toil at Home Socialist Appeal, March 30, 1940

Mother’s Day Is May 12 – What of Other 364 Days? Socialist Appeal, May 11, 1940

The Machine Means Different Things – Depends Who Owns It, Socialist Appeal, June 8, 1940

Capital Drives Women Out of Home to Industry, Socialist Appeal, July 6, 1940

Our Red Rosa, the German Workers Called Her, Socialist Appeal, January 18, 1940

Birth Control Is No Panacea, but It Deserves Labor’s Aid Against Reaction The Militant, February 1, 1941

Employment of Women in Industry and What It Means for the Working Class, The Militant, July 1, 1944

Women Workers Suffer Double Exploitation, The Militant, June 2, 1945

Beauty and Cosmetics, The Militant, June 9, 1945

Antoinette Konikow Urges Aid to European Workers, The Militant, June 8, 1946

Obituaries, Rememberings and Memorials for Antoinette Konikow from the pages of The Militant:

PDF of the 3 pages devoted to Antoinette Konikow from the July 14, 1946 issue of The Militant
[Most of the following articles below developed from this issue]

Antoinette Konikow Mourned by Comrades, by Joseph Hansen, 1946.

Antoinette Konikow: A Trotskyist to The End, by John G. Wright, 1946

Antoinette Konikow: Our Dead Comrade Was One of Rarest Spirits of Our Time, by Bert Cochrane (writing as E.R. Frank), 1946

What Antoinette Konikow Taught the Workers (quotes)


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