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Gareth Jenkins

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As Gareth Jenkins is still alive, this index is not an attempt to make a complete archive of his work. Its purpose is to provide an index of works by Gareth Jenkins included in various parts of the MIA and ETOL.


April 1984: How solidarity was won last time

May 1984: ‘Democracy’ and the state (with Colin Sparks)

Autumn 1985: Where is the Labour Party heading?

December 1985: What do we mean by centrism?

July 1989: The birth of revolution

March 1990: Salman Rushdie – Off-target anger

October 1993: Keep it in the family (film review)

November 1993: Man in the middle (book review)

December 1993: Europe – between recession and revolt (with Lee Humber)

December 1993: A modern hell (theatre review)

January 1994: The business of war (theatre review)

February 1994: Middlemarch – Novel times

February 1994: Shadow from the past (theatre review)

Spring 1994: Novel questions (book review)

April 1994: No saviour from on high (book review)

April 1994: On the critical list

May 1994: The workers’ friend (film review)

June 1994: Deep differences (book review)

July 1994: Beautiful dreamer (obituary)

September 1994: Pact with the devil

November 1994: Subordinate clause

December 1994: Rotten barrel

April 1995: Light at the end of the tunnel (with Lee Humber)

May 1995: ‘A right to exist, but only exist’

March 1996: Why Lucky Jim Turned Right – An Obituary of Kingsley Amis

Autumn 2004: A truly human culture (book review)

Autumn 2005: Engaging culture (book review)

Spring 2006: Marxism and terrorism

Summer 2010: Empire and literature (book review)

Summer 2011: Culture and multiculturalism

Autumn 2014: The case of the disappearing Lenin (with Kevin Corr)

Summer 2015: Manoeuvres from above, movements from below – Greece under Tsipras (with Despina Karayianni)

Spring 2016: Shakespeare belongs to us

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