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A club sign "♣" indicates that the title comes from the Holt Labor Library pamphlet and document collection that has been digitized by the Riazanov Library Project.

Biography [biography provided from from their Bio-bibliographical sketches of selected Trotskyists page]
Thomas Gerard (Gerry) Healy (1913–1989): Trotskyist Leader, by John McIlroy, from Dictionary of Labour Biography, Volume 12


Letter to Farrell Dobbs – January 1954
Resolutions adopted at the International Committee Meeting – in Paris on November 7–8, 1955
Hands Off the Arab People! 1956 (pamphlet♣)
Throw Them Out! 1956 (pamphlet♣)
The Future of the Labour Party 1960 (pamphlet♣)
Problems of the Fourth International 1966 (to see the original pamphlet click here♣. To see a later, 1972 printing of this pamphlet, Click here♣)
Revolution and Counter-Revolution in Hungary November 1966 (to see the original pamphlet click here♣)
A Marxist Analysis of the Crisis February 1973 (pamphlet)
The Thornett Conspiracy 1974 (pamphlet)
Studies in Dialectical Materialism 1982
Contradiction, reflection and cognition – 3 articles on philosophy – July 1986 (pamphlet)

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