ETOL Writers: Jock Haston

Jock Haston

Jock Haston



James Ritchie (Jock) Haston (1912–86): Trotskyist Leader and Workers’ Educator, by John McIlroy, Dictionary of Labour Biography, Vol. 12, 2005


May 1945: Election Address to the Workers of Neath

September 1945: British Fourth Internationalists Protest Policy in Indonesia (letter)

November 1945: Crisis in the CP

November 1945: For a “Hands Off Java Campaign” (correspondence) (with John McNair)

May 1947: Cable to Nehru (telegram)

June 1947: On Some Falsifications

November 1947: An Appeal to Trade Unionists

October 1948: British RCP Hails SWP Campaign

March 1949: British RR Workers’ Poll Reveals Demand for Workers’ Control

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