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September 1946: What Next for Railroad Labor?

September 1946: What Next for Railroad Labor? – 2

September 1946: What Next for Railroad Labor? – 3

March 1947: The San Francisco Workers Party Branch Presents Its Detailed Program for California Housing

April 1947: WP Branch Protests Attack on Labor Action Distributors

January 1948: Can Wallace Turn Water Into Wine?

February 1948: Movie Depicts Anti-Semitism

February 1948: On Dogs – Who Does the Chewing and Who Gets Chewed?

May 1948: Corrects Omission in Wallace Quote (letter)

May 1948: Fifteen Rounds to No Decision – RR Worker Is Low Man on Totem Pole

May 1948: No More Appeasement! – Railroad Workers Want to Fight!

June 1948: Seamen Face Government-Employer Offensive

June 1948: What a Workers’ Government Means – Real Democracy for the First Time

August 1948: The H.C. of L. – Getting Down to the Meat of It

August 1948: Yugoslavia Under Tito (book review)

September 1948: Socialist Democracy – Are Workers “Smart Enough” to Govern Under Socialism?

October 1948: UAW Truman Stand a Disgrace (letter)

December 1948: CIO Militants – Where Were They at the Convention?

December 1948: Murray’s Assault on the CP Marks End of a CIO Era

May 1949: Democratic Participation by Members Is Key to Labor Political Action (column)

May 1949: Economist Pacelli

May 1949: Two Tactics

June 1949: CIO Councils Deprived of Democracy Through Specious ‘Majority Rule’ (column)

July 1949: Cal. ‘Anti-Subversive’ Tenney Bills Would Subvert Democratic Rights (radio broadcast)

July 1949: Perjury Is NOT the Real Issue in Bridges Case (radio broadcast)

August 1949: CIO Representation (letter)

August 1949: 5 Percenters – It Takes Two to Make a Deal

August 1949: Moulton Report Proves Possibility of Plenty for All – in a Sane Social System (radio broadcast)

August 1949: Truman’;s Plea for Faith in Economic System Ignores Capitalism’;s Sole Faith – Profits (radio broadcast)

October 1949: Steel Strike Raises Some Basic Issues in Militant Unionism and Class Politics (radio broadcast)

November 1949: Cal. ACLU Warns Against Witchhunt, Offers Legal Protection to Victims

December 1949: But the Horse Died

December 1949: New CIO Electrical Union Convention Maps Plans, Line

December 1949: On the Leadership of the New Union International

December 1949: UN Assembly Ends Talkfest but World’s Problems Remain

January 1950: Anti-Jim Crow Mobilization Forms to Invade Washington

January 1950: Truman Points to Necessity for Speedup in Production Rather than Increases

February 1950: Truman Clubs Miners with T-H in Fair Deal’s 8th Use of Law

March 1950: Latest CIO Expulsions Plus Similar Case in AFL Throw Spotlight on Purge System

March 1950: Loyalty Purge Gets Out of Hand – FBI Plots Mass Political Arrests

March 1950: Two Fingers Against The Wall

April 1950: GM Could Give 33% Pay Raise from Profits (column)

April 1950: Bridges Conviction Hits Labor, Liberty

April 1950: Protest Cold War on Democracy

May 1950: Socialism – To a New World of Socialism!

May 1950: R.R. Firemen on Strike for Jobs and Safety

May 1950: Railroad Union Leaders Surrender Strike Aim

June 1950: Czech CP Told to Toe Line – Or Else ...

June 1950: The Supreme Court and Jim Crow

January 1951: Is England Moving Toward Socialism? (extended book review)

September 1951: The Middle Class in U.S. Society (extended book review)

September 1951: Socialist Policy and the War (letter)

March 1952: The Politics of Bevanism (book review)

November 1952: The Eisenhower Victory

February 1953: Shifts in American Foreign Policy

May 1953: America’s Post-Stalin Policy

July 1953: Civil Liberties and the Philosopher of the Cold War (with Julius Falk)

June 1954: Lobbyist for the People (book review) (as GKH)

Summer 1955: The British Elections

Winter 1955–56: Labor Unity – A Momentous Event (as GKH)

Winter 1955–56: The Post-Geneva Spirit

Fall 1956: The Elections – A Post-Mortem

Spring 1958: Let the Formosans Decide

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