ETOL Writers: Michael Harrington

Michael Harrington

Michael Harrington


Biography (not yet available)


April 1954: Record of a Consistent Attack on Civil Liberties (book review)

Spring 1956: A Marxist Approach to Art

Spring 1956: A Chronicle of Revolution

Spring 1957: An Evasive Dissent (book review)

Spring 1957: An Uneven Study (book review)

Summer 1957: The Algerian Revolution (magazine review)

Summer 1957: Confusion by Admission (magazine review)

Summer 1957: Introduction to What is Orthodox Marxism? by George Lukacs

Fall 1957: Hook Goes Soft on Gomulka (magazine review)

Winter 1958: Is There a Political Novel?

Winter 1958: American Troops in Korea (magazine review)

Spring 1958: An Excellent Theoretical Analysis (book review)

Spring 1958: Despotism’s Fortress in Asia

Spring 1958: The SFIO and the Fifth Republic

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