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June 1940: New York Party Organizes Outdoor Rally Against War

August 1942: Make-Believe War? (book review)

April 1943: National Liberation and Fantasy

July 1943: UAW Should Organize Against Klan

August 1943: Labor Action Writer Answers a Reader (letter)

November 1943: The Detroit Elections (series)

December 1943: Detroit Reader on Miners’ Strike (letter)

January 1944: Klan Elements in Detroit Again Whitewashed

March 1944: Leaders of CIO Political Action Committee Again Boost “Their Friend” at Detroit Meeting

March 1944: Michigan Forms New Party (series)

April 1944: Comment on Articles on Zionism

April 1944: “A Friend of Labor”

May 1944: CIO Leaders Sell Out to Michigan Democrats

May 1944: Detroit PAC Hog-Ties Labor to FDR

September 1944: Auto Union Faces Very Grave Crisis

October 1945: Big Business Press Would Give Free Speech for American Hitlers

November 1945: Socialist Party Leader Backs Free Speech for Fascists

January 1946: UAW Leaders Try to Put Over Kaiser-Frazer Incentive Plan

February 1946: The Meaning of Company Security Plans

February 1946: Ranks Kept in Dark on Ford Contract

March 1946: ‘Security’ Plan Is Aimed at Shop Stewards

March 1946: UAW Convention Issues Blurred

April 1946: Transit Strike Challenges Detroit Mayor

April 1946: Leaders Force End to Transit Strike

May 1946: Propaganda versus Phrasemongering

June 1946: Reuther Group Triumphs at Mich. CIO Convention

June 1946: We Need a Labor Party, Not a “Third” Party

July 1946: Price Rises Hit Workers’ Pockets

September 1946: Are National Buyers’ Strikes Effective?

September 1946: The Place of Buyers Strikes in the Fight to Cut Prices

September 1946: Buyers’ Strikes in the Fight to Cut Prices

October 1946: Sees Price Control Committees as Answer to Dealers’ Attack

November 1946: It Didn’t Reach Auto Plants, but There Was Plenty of Steel

November 1946: Socialist Policy on the Labor Party Question

January 1947: Detroit WP Urges Labor Lead March for State FEPC Law

January 1947: For FEPC March on Lansing!

March 1947: Labor Is Target in Michigan Crusade on “Red Menace”

April 1947: The Struggle in the Auto Union

May 1947: Cadillac Square Demonstrators Are “Disciplined” by General Motors

May 1947: Program is Vital in UAW Contest with Ford Motors

May 1947: Modify GM “Disciplinary” Penalties

June 1947: Michigan CIO Convention Will Test Strength of UAW Factions

September 1947: Convention Struggle in the UAW

December 1947: Convention Struggle in the UAW (as Herman Benson)

April 1948: Real Labor Politics Requires a Labor Party! (as Herman Benson)

May 1948: Confidence and Lack of It in Marshall Plan

May 1948: Unified Strategy Is Essential for an Over-All Labor Victory (as H. Benson)

May 1948: Why Not Now? (as H. Benson)

June 1948: How Shall We Look at ERP?

August 1948: New Light on the Masaryk Suicide

November 1948: Labor’s Leaders (book review)

January 1949: Reuther Finds Some New Principles

February 1949: Truman’s Fair Deal – Payment Deferred (book review)

June 1949: Is UAW Still the Vanguard?

July 1949: ECAnomics (book review)

July 1949: Industry Stand on ’49 Contract Demand Poses Question for Labor

July 1949: Reuther Controls UAW Convention But Delegates Uneasy at Trends

August 1949: CMD, Small UAW Grouplet, Forced to Recognize Its Thesis Is Wrong

August 1949: Conservative Tendency in UAW Considers Militant Tradition a Mistake

August 1949: Labor Policy – New Deal and Fair Deal

September 1949: Portrait of a Militant Union (book review)

September 1949: Why Has Phil Murray Not Given All-Out Support to UE Opposition?

October 1949: CP Unions Get Ready to Split from CIO as Convention Nears

October 1949: It’s Tough Going for Strikes Today – What’s CIO’s Answer?

November 1949: Curran Tries to Clamp Dictatorship over NMU

May 1950: Capitalism – From the Old World of Capitalism

May 1950: CIO Utility Workers Complain of “Socialism” – to Wrong Address

May 1950: On Political Action Policy

May 1950: Against Support of Candidates in Democratic Party Primaries

June 1950: Labor and the Fair Deal

January 1951: Apology for Privilege (book review)

September 1951: A View of Labor (book review)

November 1952: Politics of the CIO Convention

September 1953: Present and Future of U.S. Labor

February 1954: Mild Book by a Mild Man (book review)

Spring 1955: Labor Unity – A Giant Step Forward

Winter 1955–56: The Socialist Party of America (book review)

Spring 1956: Immigration and the United States (book review) (as H.B.)

Spring 1956: Southern Negro and Democracy (as H.W. Benson)

Summer 1956: Southern Negro and Democracy (as H.W. Benson)

Fall 1956: The CP at the Crossroads (as H.W. Benson)

Spring 1957: A One-Sided View (book review) (as H.W.B.)

Summer 1957: Unions, Racketeers and Senators (as H.W. Benson)

Fall 1957: What Do You Know About Labor? (book review) (as Ben Hall)

Fall 1957: Evidence of the Challenge to Labor (book review) (as Ben Hall)

Fall 1957: A Reply to Draper (as H.W. Benson)

2012: “An antidote to Stalinist thinking” (as Herman Benson) (interview)

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