ETOL Writers: William Gorman (Morris Goelman)

William Gorman
(Morris Goelman)

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February 1943: How Facts Stack Up on FDR’s Promises (letter)

May 1943: Refugee Conference Hardly Inspiring (letter)

September 1943: American Jewish Conference Reveals Terrible Plight of World Jewry

October 1943: A “Dreyfus Case” in Palestine

November 1943: Anti-Semitism on the March

December 1943: State Department Dooms Refugees

January 1944: Unions Should Organize Defense Against Attacks

March 1944: Bruce Bliven

June 1944: Vansittartism (book review)

August 1944: Palestine ... Political Divisions; The Coming Elections

October 1944: Lerner, PM’s Advocate of Annihilation

November 1944: British Policy Reason for Moyne Murder

November 1944: An Italian Noblewoman “Suffers” War

January 1945: A Post-War Locked-Out Generation

March 1945: Middle East – Meaning of Pan-Arabia

August 1945: Agrarian Struggles in the United States

May 1946: Germany – Still the Key (with Ria Stone)

September 1946: Pepper Visit to California Adds Spice to Local Political Stew

October 1946: Political Crazyquilt Snares Coast Labor

December 1946: Reviews the Oakland Strike

December 1946: Notes Oakland Strike Gains

January 1947: Zionist Congress Fails to Meet Major Jewish Issues

March 1947: Stalinism Rewrites U.S. History

February 1949: Oakland City Council Knocks FEPC Ordinance Off Ballot

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