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As Mike Gonzalez is still alive, this index is not an attempt to make a complete archive of his work. Its purpose is to provide an index of works by Mike Gonzalez included in various parts of the MIA and ETOL.


Spring 1980: Castro, Cuba and socialism (with Peter Binns)

Summer 1980: Cuba (Reply to Nigel Harris) (letter) (with Peter Binns)

Autumn 1980: Cuba, socialism and the Third World – a rejoinder to Robin Blackburn (with Peter Binns & Alex Callinicos)

Autumn 1982: The Nicaraguan Revolution – classes, masses and the Sandinista state

Winter 1984: The left and the coup in Chile

Autumn 1988: Introduction to John Berger on Picasso

Spring 1991: An open letter to New Left Review (with Alex Callinicos, Paul Foot, Chris Harman & John Molyneux)

December 1993: For land and liberty

April 1994: Many lost worlds (book review)

May 1994: Global warning (book review)

January 1995: Mexico – Free trade troubles

May 1995: Too long in exile (film review)

March 1997: No More Heroes – Nicaragua 1996

December 1997: The Resurrections of Che Guevara

Autumn 1999: The return of Italian Communism? (interview with Tom Behan)

Winter 1999: Is Modernism dead? (book review)

Winter 2000: The Zapatistas – The challenges of revolution in a new millennium

Summer 2001: Zapatistas after the Great March – a postscript

Winter 2001: The poisoned embrace – Plan Colombia and the expansion of imperial power

Spring 2003: Brazil in the eye of the storm

Spring 2003: Crying out for revolution (extended book review)

Autumn 2004: Venezuela – many steps to come

Spring 2005: Looking for an alternative

Autumn 2005: Bolivia – the rising of the people

Autumn 2006: The split in the Scottish Socialist Party

Summer 2007: José Carlos Mariátegui: Latin America’s forgotten Marxist

Autumn 2007: Venezuela – tensions within the process (interview)

Autumn 2008: Latin America and the future of the Farc

Spring 2009: Chavez ten years on

Winter 2010: Honduras is not just another banana republic

November 2012: Latin America – The tide is turning

Summer 2014: The reckoning – the future of the Venezuelan Revolution

June 2016: Venezuela – A Revolution That Lost Its Way

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