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Albert Goldman

Albert Goldman

(1897 – 1960)

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July 1933: C.P. Expels A. Goldman

December 1933: Statement on Joining Communist League

December 1933: With Whom and How Shall We Build the New Communist Party

May 1934: The Left Face of the Socialist Party

December 1934: From Communism to Socialism (pamphlet) [PDF]

February 1935: Two Resolutions

March 1935: A Socialist Election Campaign

May 1935: Should Socialists Favor a Labor Party?

June 1935: Harry Lang and Criticism of the Soviet Union

August 1935: The Workers’ Amendment as an Immediate Demand

November 1935: Socialists and Attack of Italy upon Ethiopia (partial text)

November 1935: Toward Socialist Clarity (partial text)

January 1936: Toward Socialist Clarity

April 1936: Labor Party Confusion

August 1936: Communists Play “Follow the Leader”

September 1936: A Campaign for Socialism

December 1936: Toward Socialist Clarity

January 1937: Toward Socialist Clarity

February 1937: Toward Socialist Clarity

March 1937: The Appeal Institute

August 1937: Left Wing Will Not Allow Itself to Be Gagged by the Party Bureaucracy!

1938: What is Socialism? [for a pdf of the original pamphlet, Click here]

February 1938: House Defeats Ludlow Amendment 209 to 188

February 1938: Anti-Lynch Bill

August 1938: Franco’s Refusal to Withdraw Foreign Troops Ends Non-Intervention Farce

August 1938: Spotlight on Capitalist Justice in Harlan

August 1938: S.P. Spurns United Front for GPU Victims in Spain

September 1938: Labor Party and Progress

November 1938: Illinois Poll Shows Need for Labor Party

December 1938: Martov’s Mysticism

December 1938: Yankee Imperialism Plays for Big Stakes at Lima

April 1939: General Johnson Cooks Up New Scheme to Avoid Popular Referendum on War

May 1939: What Do the Amendments to the Wagner Act Mean for the American Working Class?

July 1939: Bolshevism and Democracy – Reply to A. Alper

August 1939: The Congress of the PSOP (writing as Fauchois)

February/March 1940: Why We Should Defend the Soviet Union (series)

March 1940: Congress Swings Axe at the Wagner Act

March 1940: Stalin in Finland – Why He Invaded It and Why He Made Peace

May 1940: FDR’s War Drive Makes Twice-Weekly Even More Urgent!

May 1940: Supreme Court Dons New Face but Its Purpose Is Still to Serve Capitalist Rule

June 1940: How Are Workers to Fight Against Hitlerism?

June 1940: Workers Must Intervene in War – But How?

June 1940: Would Revolution Let the Enemy Invade U.S.?

July 1940: Big Business Openly Backs GOP Candidate

July 1940: Rumania Move May Herald Stalin’s Policy Switch

July 1940: Sovietization of the Baltic Step Forward

July 1940: Willkie Belongs to Inner Circle of Wall Street

July 1940: Will Stalin Try to Seize the Dardanelles?

July 1940: Workers Cannot Be Isolationist with Regard to War

July 1940: Yes, the French Popular Front Was Responsible

August 1940: Against Capitalist Military Training Conscription Bills

August 1940: Answering a Query on Our Draft Stand

August 1940: Do Men Enlist in the Army Voluntarily?

August 1940: Difference Between Imperialisms? Yes, But Not Decisive

August 1940: Funeral Address

October 1940: The Assassination of Leon Trotsky – The Proof of Stalin’s Guilt (pamphlet)

October 1940: Attorney for Trotsky’s Widow Blasts Story of GPU Assassin

November 1940: Leon Trotsky and the Anniversary of October

December 1940: Why We Defend the Soviet Union (pamphlet)

1941: Speech on the Minneapolis Trial of the 28

8 March 1941: Why Roosevelt and Churchill Can’t State War Aims

15 March 1941: Why We Supported the A.L.P.

22 March 1941: Where We Stand (column)

29 March 1941: Where We Stand (column)

5 April 1941: Where We Stand (column)

12 April 1941: Where We Stand (column)

19 April 1941: Where We Stand (column)

26 April 1941: Where We Stand (column)

3 May 1941: Where We Stand (column)

10 May 1941: Where We Stand (column)

17 May 1941: Where We Stand (column)

24 May 1941: Where We Stand (column)

31 May 1941: Where We Stand (column)

7 June 1941: Where We Stand (column)

14 June 1941: Where We Stand (column)

21 June 1941: Where We Stand (column)

28 June 1941: Where We Stand (column)

July 1941: Socialist Workers Party Telegram to Attorney General Biddle (with James P. Cannon)

5 July 1941: Where We Stand (column)

12 July 1941: Where We Stand (column)

19 July 1941: Roosevelt Ordered FBI to Aid Tobin Against CIO, Says Goldman

19 July 1941: Shall We Campaign for U.S. Government Aid to the USSR?

19 July 1941: Where We Stand (column)

2 August 1941: Where We Stand (column)

9 August 1941: Where We Stand (column)

16 August 1941: Where We Stand (column)

23 August 1941: CP Tells FDR How to Frame SWP

23 August 1941: Where We Stand (column)

30 August 1941: Where We Stand (column)

6 September 1941: The Marxist Attitude on Iran Invasion

6 September 1941: Where We Stand (column)

13 September 1941: Where We Stand (column)

October 1941: The Case for the Defense

November 1941: False Light on the Moscow Trials (book review)

November 1941: Final Argument to the Jury (series)

November 1941: In Defense of Socialism (pamphlet)

31 January 1942: Trotsky’s Book – ‘Edited’, Then Suppressed

24 April 1942: Goldman Speaks Over Radio for Grace Carlson

January 1943: The Central Slogan for Occupied Europe (writing as M. Morrison)

July 1943: Sidney Hook’s Attack on Trotskyism (writing as M. Morrison)

December 1943: Was There A Revolution In Italy?

February 1945: Speech at New York Rally for Released Minneapolis Prisoners

February 1945: Why We Supported ‘EAM-ELAS’ Struggles

March 1945: Anglo-American Masters Grant a “Concession”

March 1945: “Legal” Intervention in Latin America

March 1945: The Reparations Issue and a Socialist Europe

March 1945: The Road to Freedom for People of Poland

April 1945: The Allied Conference at San Francisco

April 1945: Social-Democrats Back Imperialists in Greece

April 1945: Stalin’s Denunciation of Soviet-Japan Pact

April 1945: What Is Holding Back the German Revolution?

May 1945: Capitalist System Is Responsible for Atrocities

May 1945: Elections Show French People Want Socialism

May 1945: On Italian Slogan – “For the Republic”

May 1945: Reply to Cannon on Intellectuals & the Party

May 1945: Stalinist Repression of Masses in Poland

May 1945: The Unity Question in the Socialist Workers Party (with Felix Morrow & R. Williams)

June 1945: Stalinists, Socialists Conduct Sham Fight Against Monarchy

October 1945: Replies to Questions: A Discussion at the SWP Plenum

December 1945: The Answer of the SWP Minority to the Letter from the PCR of Belgium (with Felix Morrow)

May 1946: Goldman Asks to Be Heard at Nuremberg (from Labor Action)

May 1946: Goldman Asks to Question Nazi Defendants (from The Militant)

May 1946: SWP Minority Statement on WP Unity (with Lydia Bennett)

June 1946: Minority Statement

August 1946: A Fighting Voice of Freedom!

August 1946: A Tribute to a Fine Socialist Spirit – Antoinette Konikow (obituary)

August/September 1946: Trotskyist Unity and the Nature of the Party (series)

September 1946: Palestine – Socialist Policy and SWP Duplicity

September 1946: Why Revolutionary Socialists Can’t Support Russia

October 1946: A Note on the Defense and Nature of Stalinist Russia

October 1946: Shadow of Stalinism Covers First Meeting of Progressives

December 1946: The Basis of Workers’ Democracy

February 1947: An Exchange on the Socialist Attitude to the Bilbo Problem (letter)

March 1947: The Housing Problem Can Be Solved! (speech)

March 1947: Note on Bureaucratic Collectivism (letter)

March 1947: A Vote for Socialism Is a Vote Cast for Peace and Security (speech)

April 1947: Unity – Will It Work? Problems of WP-SWP Fusion

April 1947: The Vindication of Leon Trotsky

August 1947: SWP Unity Line Changes Again

September 1947: Russia – What Is This Monstrosity?

February 1948: Partition One Thing; Aid to Jews Another (letter)

April 1948: On the Marshall Plan (letter)

May 1948: On Utilizing Aid Despite U.S. Motives (letter)

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