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Albert Goldman

Final Argument to the Jury

(27 November 1941)

From The Militant, Vol. V No. 51, 20 December 1941, pp. 3–5, Vol. V No. 52, 27 December 1941, pp. 3–5, Vol 6 No. 1, 3 January 1942, p. 2, Vol 6 No. 2, 10 January 1943, p. 2, Vol 6 No. 3, 17 January 1942, p. 2 & Vol 6 No. 4, 24 January 1942, p. 2.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for the Encyclopaedia of Trotskyism On-Line (ETOL).

The Issues in the Trial

[Introductory Remarks]

A Warning on the Dangers of Prejudice

The Issues in This Case Are Crystal Clear

Documents versus Verbal Testimony

Prosecution Emphasizes Certain Pamphlets

What Socialism Can Do for Humanity

Our Aim Is to Establish a Socialist Society

What Is the Marxist Conception of Social Laws?

The Class Struggle in Society Today

Capitalism in Decline Throughout the World

We Seek to Organize “the Immense Majority
in the Interest of the Immense Majority”

What We Mean by Majority

What the Seeking of a Majority Means

Reactionaries Will Instigate Violence Against Majority

Historic Examples of Violence by Reactionaries

Why We Are Revolutionary Socialists

Our Anti-War Opinions Are Being Prosecuted

Our Attitude Toward Imperialist War

Fascism Is the Product of Decaying Capitalism

The Proletarian Military Policy of Our Party

Military Training Under Trade Union Control

Albert Goldman Explains to the Jury the Conditions
Under Which the Unionists Organized Defense Guard


Why Local 544 Formed a Union Defense Guard

What Is Our Stand on the Russian Revolution?

The Prosecution on Leon Trotsky

“The Party and the Trade Union Movement”


The Party and the Trade Unions

Every Party Seeks Influence in Unions

What Are Our Aims in the Trade Unions

How the Party Helped the Unions

What We Believe About Strikes

Albert Goldman Discusses the Government Witnesses


Witness for Prosecution Proved a Perjurer

The One Thing That All the Witnesses Remembered

Goldman Shows Real Motives of the Witnesses

The Defendants Built the Union

Why the Government Witnesses Joined the Party

Goldman Analyzes Real Aim of the Prosecution


SWP Members Denied Rights of Ordinary Citizens

Defendants Seek Better Society, Not Personal Gain

Strength of Ideas Lies in Our Belief in Socialism

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