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As Lindsey German is still alive, this index is not an attempt to make a complete archive of her work. Its purpose is to provide an index of works by Lindsey German included in various parts of the MIA and ETOL.


September 1979: Picking up the pieces

Spring 1981: Theories of Patriarchy

October 1984: The United Front – March Separately Strike Together

July 1985: Women and the Marxist tradition

April 1986: No Platform – Free speech for all?

Summer 1986: Oppression, individuals and classes – A rejoinder to John Molyneux

October 1988: What’s wrong with patriarchy theory?

Winter 1988: Rise and fall of the women’s movement

June 1989: One step forward (book review)

November 1989: Which way to liberation? (debate with Sheila Rowbotham)


Summer 1992: The prospects for socialists – An interview with Tony Cliff (with Peter Morgan)

October 1993: The crisis of British politics

October 1993: Dead souls (book review)

October 1993: Hammer and thistle (theatre review)

Winter 1993: Before the flood?

December 1993: Hidden secrets of Victorian sexuality (book review)

February 1994: The sleaze factor

March 1994: Will women always be oppressed?

April 1994: Friends at the top (extended book review)

April 1994: God’s chosen people (book review)

November 1994: Cracking up or cracking down (TV review)

November 1994: Not long to reign over us? (with Judith Orr)

Winter 1994: Frederick Engels – life of a revolutionary

January 1995: Italy – Falling idol

February 1995: Can the right let rip?

April 1995: Babes, Barbie and the battle of the sexes

April 1995: Whose heritage? (book review)

May 1995: Prophet of doom (theatre review)

May 1995: What were they fighting for?

Winter 1995: The Balkan war – can there be peace?

July 1998: Reflections on The Communist Manifesto

Winter 1998: In a Class of Its Own (extended book review)

March 1999: The Blair project cracks

Spring 2000: The Balkans’ imperial problem (extended book review)

Summer 2000: How Labour lost its roots

Winter 2000: Serbia’s spring in October

Winter 2003: Women’s liberation today

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