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Gerry Foley

1939 – 2012


Gerry Foley became radicalized at the Indiana University’s Russian and East European Institute in 1960 under the impact of the Cuban Revolution. He joined the Fair Play for Cuba Committee and shortly therafter, the Young Socialist Alliance. Later he joined the Trotskyist Socialist Workers Party and joined the staff of Intercontinental Press, a journal published by the SWP for the Fourth International. Gerry spoke close to 80 languages including Gaelic, whose poetry he would avidely read. Gerry was known as a staunch defender of the Irish freedom struggle and was called upon to analysie and discuss with Irish revolutionaries fighting for an Irish workers republic.

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June 1972: Problems of the Irish Revolution [ PDF ] (pamphlet)

November 1973: The Test of Ireland [ PDF ] (internal polemic inside the United Secretariat of the Fourth International)

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