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February 1935: Of What Importance an Election?

March 1935: Can the Road to Power Be a Legal One?

June 1935: The Significance of the Struggle Between the Yipsels and the Old Guard in New York

August 1935: The YIPSEL Convention

August 1936: The YPSL and the AYC

March 1937: Statement on Ethics

August 1937: Erber Hits Plan to Steal YPSL Convention (letter)

September 1937: Erber Greets Youth Convention

September 1937: Erber Surveys YPSL Progress in Five Years of Development

March 1938: Paris Commune (book review)

April 1938: History of Polish C.P. Undergoes Refurbishing

May 1938: Felix Morrow Writes a Marxist Study of the Events in Spain (book review)

October 1938: From Left Socialism to Bolshevism

February 1940: The American Youth Congress – A Masquerade

June 1940: Marxism and National Defense

June 1941: Basis for Defensism in Russia (as Ernest Lund)

July 1941: Statement on PC Position on the Russo-Nazi War (as Ernest Lund)

March 1942: Protect Labor’s 40 Hour Week! (as Ernest Lund)

January 1943: Wallace Debunked – His World Will Be Hunting Ground for $ Diplomacy (as Ernest Lund)

April 1943: “Letters of Release” – A New Runaway Slave Law (as E. Lund)

June 1943: Sun Shipyard Guards Shoot Seven Negro Workers (as E. Lund)

July 1943: The Coming Invasion of Europe (as Ernest Lund)

August 1943: Why the Capitalist System Won’t Work (as Ernest Lund)

August 1943: WLB Rejects Ship Workers Pay Rise (as Ernest Lund)

September 1943: Fascism Is a Product of Capitalism (as Ernest Lund)

March 1944: Parade of Milkmen (as Ernest Lund)

28 May 1944: Straight Talk (column) (as Ernest Lund)

5 June 1944: The SP – A Party of Confusion (as Ernest Lund)

5 June 1944: Straight Talk (column) (as Ernest Lund)

19 June 1944: Straight Talk (column) (as Ernest Lund)

26 June 1944: Straight Talk (column) (as Ernest Lund)

3 July 1944: Straight Talk – Reading That Really Matters (column) (as Ernest Lund)

10 July 1944: A Five Foot Shelf for Workers (reading list) (as Ernest Lund)

September 1944: Power Politics of the Big Three (as Ernest Lund)

October 1944: AMG Will Not Purge Italian Fascists (as Ernest Lund)

October 1944: Behind the Shipbuilders’ Fight (as Ernest Lund)

October 1944: Progressives in Stiff Fight at Ship Convention (as Ernest Lund)

October 1944: The Shipbuilding Workers Convention – An Analysis (as Ernest Lund)

October 1944: What Labor Action Means to Shipyard Workers of America (as Ernest Lund)

April 1945: Cutbacks Threaten Philadelphia Labor (as Ernest Lund)

May 1945: Stalin as Lenin’s Heir (book review) (as Ernest Lund)

July 1945: Socialism and World Peace (as Ernest Lund)

August 1945: Atomic Power – What Is the Future of Man? (as Ernest Lund)

August 1945: In Memory of Leon Trotsky (as Ernest Lund)

August 1945: The Labor Party Victory (as Ernest Lund)

August 1945: The Layoff Is the Payoff! (as Ernest Lund)

September 1945: How They Lied About Pearl Harbor (as Ernest Lund)

October 1945: World Politics (as Ernest Lund)

November 1945: A Socialist Analysis – GM and Theory of Wages (as Ernest Lund)

November 1945: An Analysis of GM’s Proposal – Long Hours Depress Wages (as Ernest Lund)

December 1945: Answering GM’s Argument – More Output, More Wages? (as Ernest Lund)

March 1946: Eight-Pager Needed for Socialist Education!

April 1946: ‘Factory Committees’ and Labor Today

April 1946: Open the Books – Towards Workers Control of Production

July 1946: The False Position of the SWP on the Question of Prices and Wages

August 1946: How Has Labor Action Affected Your Political Ideas?

August 1946: “Who Is Behind the Workers Party?”

September 1946: Leon Trotsky and the Workers Party

October 1946: The Prospects for a Small Revolutionary Party

October 1946: Stalin Gave Hitler Green Light to Start the Second World War

October 1946: What Are the Prospects for American Capitalism?

November 1946: Building Up of NI Circulation Is a Political Necessity

November 1946: Historical Development and Modern Socialism

January 1947: Is Capitalism Worth Saving? (series)

January 1947: Trotsky’s Role in 1920–23

10 March 1947: Closed Shop – Two Conceptions of Democracy ...

24 March 1947: The Closed Shop Is a Step Towards Real Workers’ Democracy

31 March 1947: A Discussion of Workers’ Control in a Workers’ State

April 1947: Anti-Semitism and the Polish People

7 April 1947: Seven Years of the Workers Party

28 April 1947: In Commemoration of Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

July 1947: The Class Nature of the Polish State

August 1947: The Class Nature of the Polish State – II

February 1948: Flashback on “Russian Question”

March 1948: Note on Sources

March 1948: Stalinism in Czechoslovakia

April 1948: How the Czech CP Took Power

May 1948: Mr. Churchill Throws Bouquet to Vyshinsky in His Memoirs – 1

May 1948: Mr. Churchill Throws Bouquet to Vyshinsky in His Memoirs – 2

June 1948: World Situation and Marxist Policy

July 1948: On the Czechoslovakian Coup (with Emanuel Garret & Henry Judd)

July 1948: Sees Tito Striving to Head Balkan Federation Inside the Stalin Bloc

July 1948: What Do the Stalin-Tito Charges REALLY Say?

September 1948: Should We Defend the 12 Indicted CP Leaders?

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