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Books, Pamphlets, and Other Works:

Max Eastman’s Address to the Jury in the Second Masses Trial: In Defence of the Socialist Position and the Right of Free Speech, 1918
John Reed, Bolshevik Envoy to the United States – A Character Sketch, 1918
Since Lenin Died, 1925
Leon Trotsky: The Portrait of a Youth, 1925
Introduction to Capital, The Communist Manifesto and Other Writings, 1932
The End of Socialism in Russia, 1938



Leon Trotsky’s – The History of the Russian Revolution, 1930
Leon Trotsky’s – Revolution Betrayed, 1937.


Articles in The Masses:

The Nice People of Trinidad, 1914
The Associated Press libel suit, 1914
Confession of a Suffrage Orator, 1915
The Uninteresting War, 1915
Censorship and The Masses, 1916
A Passionate Magazine, 1917
The Religion of Patriotism, 1917


Articles in The Liberator:

Wilson and the World’s Future, 1918
The Clarté Movement, 1920
Hillquit Excommunicates the Soviet, 1920
Hillquit Repeats His Error, 1921
Bill Haywood, Communist, 1921
Foster, 1921


Articles in The Militant:

Hypocrisy for Art's Sake in the New Masses. Correspondence between Max Eastman, Walt Carmon, Mike Gold, 1914


Articles in New International:

Marxism: Science or Philosophy?, 1935
A Letter to Corliss Lamont, 1938
Burnham Dodges My Views, 1938



Letter to Robert Minor in Paris from Max Eastman in New York City, 2 June 1919
Letter to Miss Mendham, 30 March 1938
Letter to Mr Simon (On death penalty in the USSR), 15 November 1941
Letter to Josephine, 25 November 1945



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