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Jimmy Deane

(1921 – 2002)


Jimmy Deane: Pioneer of Trotskyism, by Keith Dickinson (from Socialist Party/CWI Archive, 16 September 2002)

Jimmy Deane: Proletarian revolutionary, heart and soul, by Rod Sewell (from In Defence of Marxism Webiste [sic!], 20 August 2002)

Jimmy Deane (1921–2002), by John McIlroy (From Revolutionary History, Vol. 8 No. 3, 2003)


July 1945: 150,000 Nigerians Strike for 2/6 a Day

August 1945: Dockers Want 25/– a Day

September 1945: Dockers Struggle – Undermined by T.U. Officials

September 1945: Dockers’ Struggles – Lessons of the First Defeat

October 1945: The Future of Common Wealth?

November 1945: The Stalinists and the Dock Strike

December 1945: Dockers Wage Demands – Bosses Stalling

January 1946: The T.U. Leaders Betray Dockers

February 1946: Shinwell’s Idea of Nationalisation

April 1948 Busmen Fight for a Living Wage

1949: Letter to the Members (with Ted Grant & G. Hanson)

June 1960: Newsletter Repeats Distortions – A Reply (as D.J.)

June 1961: New Repressions in Russia

February 1962: Death of Natalya Trotsky

June 1962: Hands Off Young Socialists

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