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Biography [biography from from their Bio-bibliographical sketches of selected Trotskyists page]


October 1929: The Strike in K.C. (letter)

January 1930: The Communist Fight against Imperialist War

April 1930: “Services No Longer Required”

June 1930: The Misery of India’s Youthful Toilers

February 1931: Father Manuel and Comrade Epstein

March 1931: Two Philly Oppositionists Held for Sedition

April 1931: Los Angeles’ “Radical” S.P.

October 1931: A Ferment in the Chicago Y.C.L.

October 1931: The N.T.W.I.U. at Work in Boston

October 1931: Serious Unemployment Problems Suffer Because of Stalinist Maneuvers

October 1932: Highlights at Gillespie

October 1932: Illinois Conference Opens

March 1933: First Mass Meeting in Los Angeles

May 1933: Opposition and Unemployed in Los Angeles

July 1933: Militant Strikes on West Coast

August 1933: Labor Shows Militancy in Los Angeles Conflicts

September 1933: Strike Lessons on Pacific Coast

February 1934: The Movement in Mexico

April 1934: America vs. Japan in Latin America

June 1934: Mexican Nazis Attack Trotsky

August 1935: Armed Vigilantes Terrorize Calif. Agricultural Workers

August 1935: Stalinists Launch New Phoney Labor Party in San Francisco

December 1935: Class Struggle Issues Arouse West Coast Maritime Unions

January 1936: Conflict Looms on West Coast

November 1939: A Paper Where Workers Will Feel at Home

May 1940: California Agriculture (book review)

July 1940: The American Telephone and Telegraph Co. (book review)

July 1940: The Death of Frank Halstead (as Charles Curtiss) (letter)

November 1940: America’s Productive Capacity (as C. Charles) (book review)

August 1941: Priorities Joblessness Faces 2 Million Workers (as C. Charles)

September 1941: Unions Offer Own Plans for Handling ‘Priorities’ (as C. Charles)

October 1941: Plenum Greetings Sent to Natalia Trotsky (signed as C. Charles)

November 1941: The Stalinist Theory of “Socialism in One Country” (as C. Charles)

January 1942: On the 18th Anniversary of Lenin’s Death (as C. Charles)

January 1942: Partial Victory for U.S. Won at Rio Conference (as C. Charles)

January 1942: Welles Tries to Line Up So. American Countries (as C. Charles)

March 1942: British Labor Party Leaders Betray Masses of Both India and England (as C. Charles)

March 1942: Commune Charted Way to Workers’ Freedom (as C. Charles)

March 1942: Why Philippine Masses Have Not Been Rallied to Support of War (as C. Charles)

1943: Your Standard of Living ... What’s Happening to it? (as C. Charles) [PDF]

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