IS Journal Writers: Ken Coates

Ken Coates



Spring 1960: Community and Communication (book review)

November 1960: Cuba: The Facts

Spring 1961: Spluttering Taper (book review)

Summer 1961: In the woodpile (book review)

Summer 1961: O’Casey (book review)

Summer 1961: Socialism and the division of labour – Some notes on the views of Paul Cardan

Autumn 1961: Caribbean Pilgrim

Autumn 1961: The unions (book review)

Spring 1962: The Mines (book review)

Spring 1962: Reform and Revolution – Rejoinder 1

Summer 1962: Zweigism (book review)

Autumn 1962: The Miners Again (book review)

Spring 1963: Our Great Dreamer (book review)

September-December 1965: Labour's First Year

December 1965: Che Guevara's Socialism

Autumn 1966: Incomes Policy and Class Power

October 1969: Workers’ Control Conference (letter)

Autumn 1969: A Reply to Raymond Challinor

1960s: The Dirty War in Mr. Wilson

1970: The Crisis in the Czechoslovak Communist Party (A discussion between a Czechoslovak Communist, Ken Coates and Chris Farley)

1972: The Quality of Life and Workers' Control

1974: Introduction to Why They Invaded Czechoslovakia by Ernest Mandel

March-April 1979: Debate on boycotting the Soviet Union (letter)

Spring 1995: Creating a European Left (interview)

Autumn 1999: After the War in Yugoslavia: What Next for the European Left

Winter 1999: Benign imperialism versus United Nations

Spring 2000: Will This be the Short Millenium?

2008: Peter Fryer (1929–2006) (obituary)

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