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Raymond Challinor

Ray Challinor (1929-2011)



A Labour Historian of the Old School
by John McIlroy

Ray Challinor (1929–2011)
by John Charlton


June 1948: State Capitalism – a New Order

March 1951: The Balance Sheet of the Labour Government

May 1953: Workers Must Work Harder

November 1954: Would Gaitskell Ban the Labour Party?

May 1957: Remember Lansbury

May 1958: H Bomb Front – Now Black the Bomb!

October 1958: Hiroshima - who's to blame?

Summer 1958: Literature and Revolution (book review)

Spring 1960: In Memory of G.D.H. Cole (book review)

Autumn 1960: Economics ... (book review)

Winter 1960/61: The customer is always right (book review)

Winter 1960/61: Zigzag – The Communist Party and the Bomb

April 1961: Tory Attack on National Health Service

Autumn 1961: Marxism (book review)

September 1961: Charity is not enough

Winter 1961: The Partners (book review)

Autumn 1962: Old Tortoise (book review)

Autumn 1962: Socialism at the Parish Pump

Autumn 1963: Fair Shares (book review)

Summer 1964: A Friend in Need (book review)

Winter 1964/5: The Greatest Since Keir Hardie (book review)

Autumn 1965: Grass Roots (book review)

Autumn 1965: Sects Life (book review)

Spring 1966: Click (book review)

Autumn 1966: Ban! Ban! (book review)

Autumn 1966: Out of Focus (review)

Winter 1966/67: Incomes Policy and the Left

1967: Alexander MacDonald and the miners

Spring 1967: Harold’s Forbear (book review)

Spring 1967: State or Public (book review)

Summer 1967: Free Bombs (book review)

Summer 1967: Reply to John Hughes on Incomes Policy

Summer 1967: Three Steps to the Right (book review)

Summer 1967: Trappings Trapped (book review)

Summer 1967: Vive Harold! (book review)

Winter 1967/68: From Yalta to Vietnam (book review)

Winter 1967/68: South Wales Miners (book review)

Summer 1968: Lancashire Tenants (notebook)

July 1968: TUC centenary – happy birthday to who?

21 September 1968: ‘Made in Britain’ means death for the Biafrans

Winter 1968/69: Sleep Easy (book review)

1 February 1969: Not answered (letter)

1 March 1969: [It is extremely gracious ...] (letter)

15 March 1969: Challinor’s Choice (column)

22 March 1969: Challinor’s Choice (column)

29 March 1969: Challinor’s Choice (column)

5 April 1969: Challinor’s Choice (column)

12 April 1969: Challinor’s Choice (column)

18 April 1969: Challinor’s Choice (column)

26 April 1969: Challinor’s Choice (column)

1 May 1969: Challinor’s Choice (column)

15 May 1969: Challinor’s Choice (column)

22 May 1969: Strike Breaks 40 Years’ Peace at Leyland ‘Hong Kong’ Plants

29 May 1969: Challinor’s Choice (column)

29 May 1969: Leyland Strike Call Against Union Laws

June 1969: Workers’ Control Conference

19 June 1969: ‘No Concessions’ Say Stewards as Leyland Pay Talks Begin

October 1969: Workers’ Control Conference – Reply

July 1970: The Origins of the Cold War (extended book review)

June 1971: The Rise of the Bureaucracy

July 1972: Labour and the Parliamentary Road

April 1973: From Labourism to Socialism (book review)

June 1974: ‘I’ve Lived Through It All’ (book review)

March 1975: Useful Toil (book review)

April 1975: The State – Its Origin and Function (book review)

June 1975: The Labour Party (book review)

January 1976: Flawed Heroes (extended book review)

November 1976: The General Strike (book review)

June 1980: Looking Backwards

Spring 1981: Peter Murray McDouall and ‘Physical Force Chartism’

March 1982: The unpopular war (book review)

July 1982: The other war (book review)

July 1983: Utopian Feminism (extended book review)

Autumn 1983: Harry McShane (letter)

October 1983: Women Miners (letter)

February 1985: Uplifting thoughts for the downturn

June 1985: The War – A lovely day tomorrow?

July 1986: Senile socialism

November 1986: Best of the bunch! (letter)

December 1987: MI5 – The Hidden Hand

January 1991: Wrong on Roberts (letter)

December 1991: Pearl Harbour – Hostile brothers

November 1993: No Stalinist (letter)

July 1994: Nonsense on Stilts (letter)

February 1995: Class war in the Blitz

March 1995: Out of Time (letter)

May 1995: The perspective of the long haul

Summer 1996: Bernard Dix (letter)

Summer 1996: Rocking the Boat (book review)

May 1997: Hidden States (letter)

Summer 1997: Review of Haberkern & Lipow, Neither Capitalism nor Socialism, and Hal Draper, War and Revolution

December 1999: The Underdog Comes Out on Top (letter)

2000: Military Discipline and Working Class Resistance in World War II

December 2000: Hitler’s Backbone was German Big Business

2001: Labour – Yesterday and Today

February 2001: The Red Mole of History

2002: Frank Maitland (letter)

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