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ETOL Writers: Joseph Carter

Joseph Carter Internet Archive

Joseph Carter

(1910 – 1970)

Biography (not yet available)


June 1930: The C.I. and Two-Class Parties

January 1931: Doonping, or, the Stalin School Orientalist Speaks Up

March 1931: Youth Notes

September 1931: I.Y.D. – All Out!

September 1931: The League and Problems of the Youth

September 1931: Some Shortcomings of the Thesis

September 1931: Youth Notes

January 1932: Liebknecht and Luxemburg

February 1933: I.L.G.W.U. Leaders Seek to Corral Youth

March 1933: A Trade Union Balance Sheet in Germany

May 1933: With the “Left” Socialists – from the Top?

June 1933: The British I.L.P. Turns Leftward

July 1933: Moissaye Olgin as a “Historian”

August 1933: U.S. Anti-War Congress

September 1933: Youth Day Must Prepare for Real Anti-War Fight

December 1933: Books for Workers – Ten Years (book review)

February 1934: Hitler – One Year After

February 1934: Stalinism on Austria

March 1934: The Paris Commune

June 1934: Y.C.L. Convention

July 1934: American Socialist Quarterly (review)

August 1934: A Legal Marxist (book review)

January 1935: Apologetics (book review)

March 1935: The Paris Commune

July 1935: ‘Militants’ Capture YPSL Convention

August 1935: A Reply to Olgin (with John G. Wright) (book review)

August 1935: The Stalinist Congress of Social Patriotic Betrayal

September 1935: Challenge Lovestone Group to Debate

November 1935: Comintern Prepares Dissolution of Y.C.L.

November 1935: Y.C.L. Meet Converted into Forum Against Social Patriots

February 1936: Twilight of Capitalism (book review)

December 1937: Lovestoneites Change “Line” Under Impact of Recent Events in U.S.S.R.

February 1938: History of the CI (book review)

May 1938: A Meeting of Bankrupts

July 1938: A New Lenin Book (book review)

September 1939: C.P. Ordered to Work for Victory of Stalin-Hitler War Alliance

September 1939: During the Last World War a Few Individuals Bucked the Stream and Blazed the Trail to Revolution

October 1939: Question Box

October 1939: Stalinists Break with F.D.R. to Aid Stalin-Hitler Alliance

November 1939: No Job Is Too Dirty for the Stalinist Party

November 1939: The Problem of the People’s Militia

July 1940: Russia’s Occupation of Rumania Extends Hitler-Stalin Balkan Hold

July 1940: The Tradition of Jacobin France Will Not Die!

December 1940: The British I.L.P. Proves Itself a Very Confused Opposition

December 1940: From Zig the British CP Has Shifted to Zag

December 1940: Give a Gift for Christmas! ... (with Max Shachtman)

December 1940: Lord Halifax – Christian Gentleman, Imperialist Spokesman

May 1941: Stalinism and the War

September 1941: Bureaucratic Collectivism

April 1942: Aspects of Marxist Economics, A Reply to C.L.R James

December 1942: Financing Big Business (book review)

April 1943: Negroes and Whites Call Demonstration in Detroit Against Jim Crow, Apr. 11

May 1945: Letter on Yalta

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