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James Burnham (1905-1987)

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December 1934: Non-Violence (book review) (as John West)

January 1935: Roosevelt and the New Congress (as John West)

January/February 1935: [The Revolutionary Fight Against War] (as John West)

March 1935: The Roosevelt “Security” Program (as John West)

July 1935: Anderson’s Dilemma (book review) (as J.W.) (published as In Search of Diana)

July 1935: The Bands Are Playing (as John West)

August 1935: The Comintern Goes Back to Kautsky (as John West)

October 1935: A Bolshevik Fugitive (with Max Shachtman, as John West)

October 1935: The Wagner Bill and the Working Class (as John West)

November 1935: Roosevelt Closes His Third Year with New Deal at Low Ebb (as John West)

December 1935: Max Eastman’s Straw Man (as John West)

December 1935: Where Is Roosevelt’s Relief Program Going? (as John West)

1936: War and the Workers (pamphlet) (as John West)

January 1936: Betrayal in the Present War Crisis (extract from pamphlet) (as John West)

January 1936: Neutrality Laws and War (as John West)

January 1936: The Supreme Court, the New Deal and the Class Struggle (as John West)

February 1936: Prize Novel (review) (as John West)

February 1936: The Question of Organic Unity (as John West)

February 1936: U.S. Imperialism at Work (as John West)

March 1936: After Five Months of Sanctions (as John West)

March 1936: Socialism in Words but Treacherous Patriotism in Action (as John West)

April 1936: Donkey and Elephant Gird for Election Spree (as John West)

April 1936: The Old Guard and the S.P. Primaries (as John West)

April 1936: Will Roosevelt Be Re-elected? (as John West)

May 1936: Day to Day Report of S.P. Convention at Cleveland, Ohio (as John West, with Max Shachtman)

May 1936: The Meaning of the French Elections (as John West)

September 1936: For a Revolutionary Socialist Party

1937: Analysis of the Theory of the Peoples’ Front

1937: A Study of the Radek-Piatakov Trial [Introduction only]

January 1937: His Excellency’s Loyal Opposition

August 1937: Who Is Back of F.H. LaGuardia?

September 1937: Nyon Meet Aids British War Plans

September 1937: When Will the New World War Begin

October 1937: Spain and the Coming World War

December 1937: Futile Debates in Capitol Reveal Coming Party Rifts

February 1938: 1. Browder Defends Imperialism

February 1938: 2. What Is Collective Security?

February 1938: 3. The Dream of Isolation

February 1938: 4. Marxism and Collective Security

February 1938: Roosevelt Faces The Future

March 1938: Aftermath of the Trials

March 1938: How to Fight War (pamphlet, PDF)

March 1938: Incompleat Angler (review)

March 1938: The Labor Party – 1938

June 1938: Max Eastman As Scientist

July 1938: America, I Love You (review)

July 1938: Fascism’s Dress Clothes

August 1938: “Explaining” the Republican ALP Coalition

August 1938: A Little Wool Pulling

August 1938: Political Refugees Face Hunger in All Europe

August 1938: The Question of a Labor Party – The Challenge and the Answer (with Max Shachtman)

September 1938: Attacks on NLRB Reflect Blows Suffered by Labor

September 1938: Company Unionism in New York Primaries

September 1938: New Deal Candidates Lose, but F.D.R. Holds Prestige

September 1938: Plea for Liberalism Is Roosevelt Hoax

October 1938: Progressives Merge with Fourth International

November 1938: Anti-Semitic Pogroms Are By-Product of Capitalism

December 1938: Burnham Sees Long Step Forward in Twice-Weekly

January 1939: Intellectuals in Retreat (with Max Shachtman)

February 1939: Correspondence with Charles Yale Harrison (with Max Shachtman)

10 February 1939: Their Government (column)

17 February 1939: Their Government (column)

24 February 1939: Their Government (column)

3 March 1939: Their Government (column)

10 March 1939: Their Government (column)

17 March 1939: Their Government (column)

24 March 1939: Their Government (column)

31 March 1939: Their Government (column)

7 April 1939: Their Government (column)

14 April 1939: Their Government (column)

21 April 1939: Their Government (column)

28 April 1939: Their Government (column)

5 May 1939: Their Government (column)

12 May 1939: Their Government (column)

19 May 1939: Their Government (column)

26 May 1939: Their Government (column)

2 June 1939: Their Government (column)

9 June 1939: Their Government (column)

16 June 1939: Their Government (column)

23 June 1939: Their Government (column)

30 June 1939: Their Government (column)

July 1939: Let the People Vote on War! (series)

7 July 1939: Their Government (column)

14 July 1939: Their Government (column)

21 July 1939: Their Government (column)

28 July 1939: Their Government (column)

4 August 1939: Their Government (column)

8 August 1939: Pros and Cons Not Far Apart in Congress Neutrality Act Dispute

11 August 1939: Their Government (column)

18 August 1939: Their Government (column)

25 August 1939: Their Government (column)

September 1939: The Future of Roosevelt

1 September 1939: Their Government (column)

9 September 1939: Their Government (column)

13 September 1939: Their Government (column)

18 September 1939: Their Government (column)

20 September 1939: Their Government (column)

29 September 1939: Their Government (column)

October 1939: Let the Readers Decide (with Martin Abern & Max Shachtman)

10 October 1939: The Declaration of Panama – Roosevelt Drives to War

13 October 1939: Their Government (column)

20 October 1939: Their Government (column)

27 October 1939: Their Government (column)

10 November 1939: Their Government (column)

17 November 1939: Their Government (column)

24 November 1939: Their Government (column)

1 December 1939: Their Government (column)

9 December 1939: Their Government (column)

16 December 1939: Their Government – The Annual ‘Congress of American Industry’ (column)

23 November 1939: Their Government – The 1940 Legislative Program of the CIO (column)

January 1940: The Politics of Desperation

7 January 1940: Their Government – Roosevelt’s War Moves Since the Last Congress

14 January 1940: Their Government – Roosevelt’s War Budget for Whose Defense?

14 January 1940: Their Government – Roosevelt’s Third Term – Who Supports It?

February 1940: Science and Style – A Reply to Comrade Trotsky

10 February 1940: Their Government – John L. Lewis and the Labor Party

17 February 1940: Their Government – FDR Is Thinking of Next November

24 February 1940: Their Government – Just What Happens on Election Day?

May 1940: Their Government

May 1940: Letter of Resignation from the Workers Party

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