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Ian Burge

(???? – 1980)


Ian Burge – Obituary (from Militant, 23 May 1980)

Ian Burge – A Personal Appreciation, by Myrna Shaw (from Militant, 6 June 1980)


August 1974: Hospital Technicians (letter)

August 1975: Crisis in Health Service

November 1975: Birthday Drink (letter)

January 1976: Health Cuts Put Workers Under Pressure (with Stephen Edwards)

Late 1976: Hospital Workers – Stop Cuts Save Jobs

November 1976: Health Workers Defend NHS

November 1976: “How Militant Helps Me Fight Cuts”

March 1977: Good health! – depends on which class you are

June 1977: London Hospital Strike

January 1978: The Danger of Toxic Waste

February 1978: Keep Bethnal Green Open Say Staff, Patients and Local Workers

April 1978: Our Life in Their Hands

May 1978: Workers Defend Health Service

June 1978: NHS – Vital Service Threatened

September 1978: Another Hospital Under Threat

September 1978: Bethnal Green Hospital – Government Policy Must Be Changed

December 1978: Bethnal Green Hospital – Management forced to negotiate

March 1979: Contractors – Use Direct Labour

June 1979: Health Cuts – Unions Must Lead the Fight Back

September 1979: Battle Against Health Cuts Begins

February 1980: ‘Democracy Is Interference’ Say Tories

February 1980: Health Service Budget Slashed

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