ETOL Writers: Russell Blackwell (Rosalio Negrete)

Russell Blackwell (Rosalio Negrete) Archive

Russell Blackwell (Rosalio Negrete)

Russell Blackwell
(Rosalio Negrete)


Biography (not yet available)


February 1930: The Stalinization of the Mexican Party (as Rosalio Negrete)

May 1930: The Breakdown of the Mexican League

November 1930: The Civil War in Brazil

January 1931: Julio A. Mella (obituary)

April 1931: The Agrarian Congress in Puebla

February 1933: Uprising Threatens Machado

February 1933: War On for Control of Leticia

May 1933: Revolt Gathers Against Machado Regime in Cuba

August 1933: Civil War Shakes Cuba; U.S. Ready to Intervene

August 1933: The Overflow of the Cuban Revolt

September 1933: Alignment of Forces in Mexico

October/November 1933: Agrarian Question in Mexico

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