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(1939 – 2019)


Autumn 1963: African Rebels (book review)

Autumn 1963: Declining Health (book review)

Spring 1964: Britain – The Wages Struggle

Spring 1964: Cold War Pawns? (book review)

Spring 1964: Sweetness and Light (book review)

Winter 1964/5: Middling Dull (book review)

Spring 1965: Fog at Fawley (book review)

Spring 1965: Nice and Brutal (book review)

Summer 1965: One-Dimensional Book (book review)

Autumn 1965: Halflight (book review)

Autumn 1965: Rave for Bert (book review)

Autumn 1965: The Notebook – Unions

1966: Incomes Policy, Legislation and Shop Stewards (book) (with Tony Cliff)

Summer 1966: Comment [on Incomes Policy and Class Power]

Summer 1966: Lex v. Labour (book review)

Autumn 1966: The Notebook – Prices and Incomes Board

Winter 1966/67: The Notebook – AEU Reorganisation

Winter 1966/67: The Militants and Capitalism (extended review article)

Winter 1966/67: Cardboard Play (book review)

Winter 1966/67: Chinese Puzzles (book review)

Winter 1966/67: Ostrich Feathers (book review)

Spring 1967: The British Labour Movement – Aspects of Current Experience

Spring 1967: Bert’s Art (book review)

Spring 1967: Paper Riches (book review)

Spring 1967: Young Rebs (book review)

Summer 1967: Not a candle (book review)

Autumn 1967: The Notebook – Union Solidarity

Autumn 1967: A Popular Front? (book review)

Autumn 1967: The Real McCoy (book review)

Winter 1967/68: A Working-Class Defeat – The ENV Story (with Joyce Rosser)

July 1968: Donovan – the velvet glove stays on – bosses not ready for the knuckle duster

February 1969: Brutal Assault on Pickets – Stockport Police Pay Damages

April 1969: Rail bosses’ redundancy dodge

June 1969: Workers, Inc. (book review)

October 1969: Industrial Disputes (book review)

October 1969: Luddites, Chartists and Plug-Drawers (book review)

February 1970: Choose Your Weapons (book review)

February 1970: Sociology versus Reality (book review)

January 1973: Class and Society in Soviet Russia (book review)

February 1973: In Brief (book review)

February 1973: Striking Statistics

March 1973: In Brief (book review)

May 1973: In Brief (book review)

May 1973: In Red and Black (book review)

June 1973: In Brief (book review)

July 1973: Banner Bright (book review)

July 1973: In Brief (book review)

September 1973: In Brief (book review)

September 1973: Reflections on the Causes of Human Misery and upon Certain Proposals to Eliminate Them (book review)

October 1973: In Brief (book review)

October 1973: Working for Ford (book review)

December 1973: Consciousness and Action (book review)

December 1973: In Brief (book review)

March 1974: The Fine Tubes Strike (book review)

March 1974: In Brief (book review)

March 1974: Stalinism – Criticism from Yugoslavia (extended book review)

April 1974: In Brief (book review)

June 1974: In Brief (book review)

October 1974: In Brief (book review)

December 1974: The Death and Life of Malcolm X (book review)

December 1974: In Brief (book review)

January 1975: In Brief (book review)

February 1975: In Brief (book review)

March 1975: The Contemporary Marx (book review)

April 1975: Capitalism and Material Life (book review)

April 1975: In Brief (book review)

May 1975: Big Business and Government (book review)

May 1975: Lenin’s Last Struggle (book review)

June 1975: A Seventh Man (book review)

July 1975: The Inheritance of Joe Stalin (extended book review)

November 1975: In Brief (book review)

January 1976: Cutting the Welfare State (book review)

January 1976: In Brief (book review)

February 1976: Labour and Capital (extended book review)

June 1976: Industrial Relations (book review)

September 1976: In Brief (book review)

November 1976: Fascism (book review)

March 1977: Against Our Will (book review)

May 1977: Capital and Class (book review)

October 1977: Muscular Reformism (book review)

January 1978: Marxology (book review)

Spring 1978: A note on the theory of capitalist states

July 1978: The State as Capital

Spring 1979: A ‘New’ Reformism?

April 1979: Karl Marx’s Theory of Revolution (book review)

March 1980: Stuck in the State (book review)

Easter 1981: Theories of Russia

Winter 1982: Solidarność – From Gdansk to Military Repression (book) (with Kara Weber)

February 1982: Origins and Significance of the Meiji Restoration

April 1982: Solidarnosc – the missing link (review article)

March 1985: What do we mean by the state?

May 1985: Reply to editors and critics (letter)

June 1985: In Marx’s workshop (book review)

November 1986: When forces defied theory (book review)

Winter 1987: Comments on Base and Superstructure

June 1991: A rich legacy (review article)

October 1991: The Marx behind the myth

June 1994: Ralph Miliband (obituary)

February 2001: Passionate about socialism (obituary)

Winter 2003: In the middle way (review article)

May 2004: The rise of Solidarnosc

Autumn 2005: The rise of Solidarnosc

Autumn 2008: A study in African resistance (book review)

Summer 2012: Twenty five years of revolution

Spring 2014: Storming the ramparts of tyranny (book review

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