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Also translations of documents from the
Organisation communiste internationaliste (OCI) in France and its descendent organizations.

John Archer's own writings

John Archer Autobiography [pdf]

As to how “Militant” developed [Revolutionary History Magazine]

A Valuable New Historical Work [Revolutionary History Magazine]

Sources on French Trotskyism [Revolutionary History Magazine]

Blue Union, a review of John Archer's The Struggle for an Independent Trade Union by the Dockers in Merseyside and Hull During 1954–55 [Revolutionary History Magazine]

Marxist Forum March 1990 Trotskyism in Britain

Trotskyism in Britain 1931-1937. [John Archer's Doctoral Thesis]

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6

Translations of other writers, groups, and documents

The General Strike May June 1968, by François de Massot, first published in French in Information Ourveires No. 427

The Dictatorship of the Proletariat and the Kremlin Bureaucracy by Michel Lancray Translated from "La Verlto,rr, Organ of tho Central Comrelttoo of the Organisation communiste internationaliste (OCI) (For tho Re-Constructlon of the Fourth International), for November and December 1977, issues 578 and 579

The History of Argentine Trotskyism, Its Origin and Early Growth by Osvaldo Coggiola, 27 May, 1980

Notes on the history of the oppositions and of the trotskyist movement in India by Pierre Broué [translated in 1985 by John Archer]

The Bolshevik-Leninists in the U.S.S.R. 1927-1929 by Pierre Broué 1988 [translated in 1989 by John Archer]

The Monouchian Affair [translation 1988] Behind the Manouchian Affairs – A Generation Midles and The Former “Trotskyist” in the Manouchian Group

Lessons Of Our History from La Verite 548 May 1970 Major post-1968 document of the OCI, supplement from La Verite No. 548 May, 1970 [52MB]

Revolution and Counter Revolution in Greece, The events of December 1944 and what led up to them by Dimitri Asteriou, first published in French, in "La Verite" no 12/619, February 1995

KPD and Nazism 1930 - 1933 Translated by John Archer in 1988. By Gilles Vergnon.

Those Who Opposed Stalin: The Birth of the International Left Opposition 1929-1930 by Damien Durand, 1987 and translated by John Archer in 1990. [108MB]


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