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(1931 – 2008)


Obituary: Ray Apps, by Geoff Jones (from The Socialist, 7 May 2008)


March 1974: Make Bosses Pay for Their Crisis

June 1974: Labour Must Act Against Bosses!

October 1974: Bosses Blackmail Labour

November 1974: Socialist Programme Needed

January 1975: Work or Full Pay

September 1975: Fleet Streets Fear of Rank-and-File Control

April 1976: Southern Region LP Adopts Socialist Alternative

April 1976: South Region Labour Meeting

October 1976: Labour Says No More Cuts

October 1976: “An unbridgeable gap between government and party”

April 1977: Busmen Fight Fare Rises

July 1977: Labour Party Conference Resolutions Censored

September 1977: Labour’s ranks demand Socialist policies

September 1977: MPs Must Represent Labour Party Membership

October 1977: The Lib-Lab Pact – Who Gains?

December 1977: Crossman Diaries Reveal Labour Leaders in a Different World!

January 1978: No Backtracking on Re-selection Change

March 1978: Unite Labour on Socialist Policies

April 1978: Campaigning Policies Demanded

April 1978: Labour Party Democracy

May 1978: Reselection of MPs – Labour’s ranks must be vigilant

June 1978: Militant’s ‘Lip Service’ (exchange with Victor Schonfield)

June 1978: Unite Behind Minority Report

July 1978: Reselection Controversy

September 1978: Re-selection – Support the Minority Report!

October 1978: National Front Attacks

March 1979: One Law for the Rich, Another for the Poor

August 1979: Political ideas not vendettas

September 1979: What Labour Must Do

October 1979: Theory – a guide to action (letter)

April 1980: So Much for Lord Underhill!

September 1980: Fight for Party Democracy

March 1981: Answering Tory press smears

March 1981: Brighton – Rallying for Socialism

April 1981: Healey laments lost ‘friends’

September 1981: Build a Mass Socialist Labour Party

May 1997: Obituary – Rod Fitch

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