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Biography/Bibliography (PDF) [provided by from their Bio-bibliographical sketches of selected Trotskyists page]


October 1928: For The Russian Opposition! Against Opportunism and Bureaucracy in the Workers (Communist) Party (with James P. Cannon & Max Shachtman)

December 1928: The “Ideological” Campaign

January 1929: Vindicating the Trotsky Platform

February 1929: Platform of the Communist Opposition (with James P. Cannon, Max Shachtman & Arne Swabeck)

April 1929: Industrialization and the Peasantry

June 1929: The Building Trades Situation

December 1929: Hoover’s Building Plan Swindle

February 1930: For an International Conference of the Left

March 1930: Mass Unemployment Continues

March 1930: The Proletarian Revolution and the Shooting of Blumkin

March 1930: Unite for the Unemployed!

April 1930: Five Communists Framed

April 1930: Relieve Unemployment – Demand Large-Scale Credits to Soviet Union

June 1930: Back to Lenin! Manifesto to the Rank and File and Seventh National Convention of the C.P.U.S.A. (with James P. Cannon & 5 others)

October 1931: The Government Civil Service Applies Hooverism to the White Collar Slave

October 1931: A Syndicalist Voyage to the Ranks of Stalinism

October 1931: Youth Will Issue Young Spartacus as Organ

November 1931: Build Communist Youth Movement

November 1931: Chinese Masses Develop Struggle Against Exploiters

November 1931: Hail 14 Years of Soviet Rule!

November 1931: Japanese Imperialists Press On

November 1931: Jap War in Manchuria Menaces Soviet & World Proletariat

November 1931: The Meaning of the Elections

November 1931: The Slogan for Long Term Credits

December 1931: Cantonese Continue Capitalist Policy

December 1931: Hoover’s Message to Congress Demonstrates Capitalist Bankruptcy

December 1931: Japanese Achieving Objectives

December 1931: Japanese Intrenched in Manchuria

December 1931: Railroads in Wage Cut Drive

January 1932: The Geneva Disarmament Bluff

January 1932: On the Question of the State

February 1932: The Glass-Steagall Bill – A Measure to Aid the Bankers (as H. Stone)

February 1932: “Reconstruction Finance Commission” Ruse (as H. Stone)

March 1932: The Economic Month (as H. Stone)

January 1933: Help!

February 1933: The Elections and Labor’s Struggle

February 1933: Shall the Revolutionary Students Be Organized into Separate Movements

June 1933: China Receives New U.S. Loan (as H.S.)

June 1933: Industrial Recovery Bill Hits at Workers’ Standards (as H. Stone)

June 1933: The Jobless Movement and Political Parties

November 1933: The Bolshevik Heritage Must Be Preserved in the Struggle Against the Stalinist Revisionists

January 1934: Phila. Food Workers Strike (as Harry Allen)

May 1934: Foundations of a Communist Youth League

October 1938: Ten Year Record of Struggle and Progress

December 1938: Our Press, Organizer and Educator; Twice Weekly!

November 1938: The Appeal Needs Your Aid!

April 1941: One Year of the Workers Party (as Harry Allen)

June 1942: Pearl Buck’s Theory of a “Racial War” (as H. Allen)

June–August 1942: World War I in Retrospect (as H. Allen, series with R. Stone)

July 1942: The “Labor-Management Committees” – A Menace for Labor (as H. Allen)

July 1942: Southern Scab Shops Must Be Organized! (as H. Allen)

July 1942: Which Way for Britain? (as H. Allen)

August 1942: Aircraft Workers Want a Wage Raise! (as H. Allen)

August 1942: Answers Jacoby on Needle Trades (as H. Allen) (letter)

August 1942: Bosses and WLB Deny Western Electric Workers 10¢ Increase (as H. Allen)

August 1942: Scab Contracts and Priorities Swell Jobless (as H. Allen)

August 1942: Tomorrow in America ... If U.S. Imperialism Wins (as H. Allen)

August 1942: WLB Leaves Labor Holding the Bag (as H. Allen)

September 1942: The Black Market – A Disease of the Profit System (as Harry Allen)

September 1942: Make Your Union Leaders Serve Labor, Not the Bosses! (as Harry Allen)

September 1942: Strike Figures Prove That Labor in U.S. Is Ready to Fight for Its Union Rights (as Harry Allen)

October 1942: The Middle Class in Crisis (as Harry Allen)

October 1942: What Is Happening to Civil Liberties in the United States? (as Harry Allen)

October 1942: War Labor Board Devises New Strike-Breaking Scheme (as Harry Allen)

November 1942: Growth of Administration’s Anti-Labor Policy – 1. From Agreement to Decree (as Harry Allen)

November 1942: Growth of Administration’s Anti-Labor Policy – 2. Putting the Handcuffs on Labor (as Harry Allen)

November 1942: Municipal Ownership of Utilities – What Should Labor’s Attitude Be? (as Harry Allen)

November 1942: The American Legion – It Was Organized to Preserve Capitalism (as H. Allen)

December 1942: The American Legion – As Labor-Baiters, They Are 100 Per-Centers (as Harry Allen)

December 1942: The American Legion – It Is an Anti-Labor, Reactionary Organization (as Harry Allen)

December 1942: FEPC Accomplishes Little (as Harry Allen)

December 1942: Railroad Profits Climb High (as Harry Allen)

January 1943: FEPC Hearings Scuttled (as Harry Allen)

January 1943: Job Freezing Order Double Menace for Negro Workers (as Harry Allen)

January 1943: Negroes Sick of Words – and Promises (as Harry Allen)

January 1943: Negro’s Road to Freedom Linked with Labor’s Fight (as Harry Allen)

February 1943: Jim Crow Still Rules Industry (as Harry Allen)

February 1943: Negroes Seek New Paths in Fight Against Jim Crow (as Harry Allen)

February 1943: Railway Labor Gets Run-Around (as H.A.)

May 1943: Chicago CIO Maps Fight Against Wage Freezing (as Harry Allen)

July 1943: Unity with Labor – The Only Hope for MOW (as Harry Allen)

August 1943: Labor Legionnaires Unite in Chicago (as Harry Allen)

August 1943: A Union Program for Worker Ex-Servicemen (as Harry Allen)

December 1943: The European Socialist Revolution (as Harry Allen, with J.R. Johnson [C.L.R. James] & Tom Brown)

January 1944: Take Politics Out of Relief (as Harry Allen)

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