Some other documents of interest

Here we are taking the opportunity to provide access to some other documents that did not originate with Revolutionary History, but which we think our readers will be interested in.

  1. Bill Hunter: The Nuremberg Trial, from the Socialist Appeal of October 1946.
  2. W.T. Goode: Interview with Lenin from The Manchester Guardian, October 21, 1919
  3. John Percy: Obituary for Nick Origlass, veteran Australian Trotskyist, from Greenleft Weekly 2 June 1996
  4. J.J. Plant: A note on material by Kollontai
  5. Jim Monaghan: A note on Tomas O’Flaherta
  6. Marilyn Vogt-Downey & Geoff Barr: Report on the 1995 conference on the legacy of Leon Trotsky
  7. Simon Pirani: Report on the 1996 conference to mark 60 years since the publication of Revolution Betrayed
  8. J.J. Plant (ed.): Documents about the Tibet question
  9. Frederick Engels: Beer Riots in Bavaria An article from The Northern Star, 25 May 1884. This article is J.J. Plant’s favourite among all of Engels’s writing and is uploaded here in a spirit of uninhibited self indulgence.
  10. Hillel Ticktin & Terry Brotherstone: Statement on the Committee for the Study of Trotsky and his Legacy
  11. What Next: A selection of historical materials from the socialist discussion journal (This is a submenu)
  12. Ian Birchall, “The Smallest Mass Party In The World”: Socialist Workers Party 1951-1979. In three parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
  13. Clarification letter from Mike Jones on Danish Trotskyism.
  14. Supplementary Balkan material – a selection of material that wasn’t included in Revolutionary History, Vol.8, No.3, on the Balkans.
  15. Extract from Memoirs: A revolutionary in 20th century Greece, by A. Stinas


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