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A selection of historical materials from the socialist discussion journal, What Next

The History of British Trotskyism to 1949 by Martin Upham

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Revolutionary History is a magazine dealing with the history of the revolutionary socialist movement, from a mainly Trotskyist viewpoint. It does not belong to, or support any trend within the Trotskyist movement. Non-Trotskyist opinions are included in our Editorial Board. All socialist tendencies and individuals are welcome to support its work and to send a representative to the Editorial Board.

Our main activity is the publication of the original documents and materials of revolutionary movements and struggles, making them available for study by new generations of revolutionaries and scholars. We publish thematic issues of our magazine, usually dealing with particular countries or topics (see our back issues list for examples).

On this web page we present information about Revolutionary History and its activity, how to order issues and information on other ventures that are working in the same area as us that we think you might be interested in. We also use the page to make available articles, which we have never had the space to publish in our magazine. We welcome the opportunity presented by the web to make this material available to revolutionaries and scholars. In addition we have a section of other documents of interest to our readers.

Revolutionary History maintains an archive and library. If you have material that is not available elsewhere, or if you want to discuss researching and publishing the history of the revolutionary movement, please contact us.

Revolutionary History was set up by Socialist Platform Ltd, an independent, socialist publishing venture.

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