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International Socialism, Spring 2001




From International Socialism 2:90, Spring 2001.
Copyright © International Socialism.
Copied with thanks from the International Socialism Archive.
Marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for ETOL.


PROSPECTS FOR SOCIALISTS are looking brighter than for many years. The growing anti-capitalist radicalisation across the world is having an impact in Britain, where it is fusing with discontent towards the New Labour government and beginning to refuel the industrial struggle. International Socialism editor John Rees examines the effect of the anti-capitalist movement, the crisis of reformism and the state of industrial struggle. Anticipating a revival in struggle, he calls for a vital reorientation of socialist activity in an article intended as a rallying call for a new interventionism.

THE AMERICAN BOOM appears to be running out of steam. Chris Harman, author of Economics of the Madhouse, looks at the causes of the boom, and at the reasons for the slowdown which is now encompassing the world’s largest economy. He examines the inability of establishment economists to explain the return of the boom-slump cycle, the relationship between finance capital and the real economy, and the likely political effects of an economic crisis.

WALDEN BELLO, executive director of Focus on the Global South and professor at the University of the Philippines, has emerged as one of the key figures in the anti-capitalist movement. Here he gives his assessment of the global wave of demonstrations against the neo-liberal corporate agenda that have dominated the last 12 months.

LABOUR’S ELECTION platform seems to be even more right wing than the manifesto on which it fought the 1997 election. In a special briefing International Socialism has brought together a number of writers who provide a clear digest of what Labour has said and done in key policy areas such as education, poverty and racism.

BOOK REVIEWS include Brian Manning on the biography of historian E.H. Carr, and Peter Morgan on George Monbiot’s bestseller, Captive State.

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