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International Socialism, Autumn 2000




From International Socialism 2:88, Autumn 2000.
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Copied with thanks from the International Socialism Archive.
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ANTI-CAPITALISM has now firmly entered the language as the unavoidable term that most accurately captures the mood of global resistance which has exploded on the streets of Seattle, Washington and Millau, and which is set to erupt again in Prague. Chris Harman looks at the movement and its most prominent thinkers – Susan George, Pierre Bourdieu and Naomi Klein. He gives a lucid account of the practical and theoretical issues facing the new activists. Which of the disparate forces that have joined together to form the new movement has the best chance of forming a stable and successful basis for the ongoing struggle? Can the World Trade Organisation, the International Monetary Fund, and the corporations and governments which stand behind them be pressured into reform, or is more fundamental change required?

ENVIRONMENTALISM is one essential strand of the new anti-capitalism. Paul McGarr weighs the evidence for the link between global warming, genetically modified organisms and the capitalist system. He sets the discussion in the framework provided by Marx and Engels’ attitude towards the natural world.

NEW LEFT REVIEW has long been recognised as one of the leading socialist journals both in Britain and internationally. It recently relaunched itself with a position paper written by Perry Anderson, one of its founders and now back in the editor’s chair. Widely regarded as a pessimistic assessment of the contemporary possibilities for socialists, Anderson’s prognosis is subjected to criticism by Russian socialist Boris Kagarlitsky and French Trotskyist Gilbert Achcar.

THE LABOUR PARTY’s early years were analysed in our last issue by Mark O’Brien. Here both Keith Flett and Dave Renton add their voices to the discussion of how Labour built its base.

CHINA MIÉVILLE’s fantasy novel Perdido Street Station has met with wide acclaim. He is interviewed by John Newsinger.

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