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International Socialism, Summer 1994




From International Socialism 2:63, Summer 1994.
Copyright © International Socialism.
Copied with thanks from the International Socialism Archive.
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THE RISE of the neo-Nazis in Europe is only one side of the crisis which is gripping the continent. General strikes in France and Italy, metal workers’ strikes in Germany and the Air France strike all show a revival in working class struggle. But in which direction will events now unfold – towards greater workers’ resistance or deeper reaction?

ALEX CALLINICOS analyses the European crisis in its political, economic and social aspects. He goes on to map out the steps necessary for a revival of the struggle for socialism.

ANOTHER DIMENSION of the increasingly volatile international situation is examined by Duncan Blackie: the attempt by the major powers to use the United Nations to police an unruly globe. He shows why the United Nations’ operations in the Balkans, Somalia and Cambodia have made bad situations worse, not better.

TWO DISTINGUISHED Marxist historians contribute to this issue of International Socialism. Brian Manning reviews the latest book by American socialist historian Robert Brenner. Peter Linebaugh, author of the widely acclaimed The London Hanged, replies to the establishment critics of that book.

OUR BOOK reviews range over a wide territory. Dave Sherry looks at the final volume of Tony Cliff’s biography of Leon Trotsky. Lee Sustar looks at the history of struggle for multi-racial unity in America’s trade unions. Dave Beecham reviews the life and work of the socialist author Ignazio Silone, whose great work Fontamara has just been republished. Peter Morgan retells the story of Geronimo and the last Indian war, while Bookwatch reviews current literature about fascism.

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