Against the Current

Against the Current is the publication of Solidarity, a socialist organization based in Detroit. Solidarity is a revolutionary socialist organization in the United States. It is an organizational descendant of International Socialists, a Trotskyist organization based on the proposition that the Soviet Union was not a "degenerate workers' state" (as in orthodox Trotskyism) but rather "bureaucratic collectivism", a new and especially repressive class society.

Solidarity describes itself as "a democratic, revolutionary socialist, feminist, anti-racist organization." It comes out of the Trotskyist tradition but has departed from many aspects of traditional Leninism and Trotskyism. It is more loosely organized than most "democratic centralist" groups, and it does not see itself as the vanguard of the working class or the nucleus of a vanguard. It was formed in 1986 from a fusion of the International Socialists, Workers' Power and Socialist Unity. The former two groups had recently been reunited in a single organization, while the last was a fragment of the Socialist Workers Party (SWP). Solidarity's name was originally in part an homage to the Polish Solidarność. Solidarność had been an independent labor union which in Solidarity's view had challenged the Soviet Union from the left. As of the 2011 convention, Solidarity is a sympathizing organization of the Fourth International.

Against the Current granted the Encyclopedia of Trotskyism On-Line the permission to copy these issues of the magazine here.

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Subject collections

Series I of ATC
The following editions are presented as complete PDFs of ATC

Vol. 1, No. 1, Fall, 1980

Against the Current by The Editors
A New Social Democracy by Robert Brenner
The New York Transit Strike of 1980: The Story of a Rank and File Disaster by Steve Burghardt
Women’s Self-Organization: A Marxist Justification by Johanna Brenner
TDU: Problems and Prospects by Dave Wolfinsohn
On the Theory of the Monopoly Stage of Capitalism by Steve Zeluck
Black Liberation or Black Separation by Joel Jordan

Vol. 1, No. 2, Winter, 1981

Poland 1980 by The Editors
A Tale of Two Cities: Gdansk and San Diego by Stan Weir
Inside the Lenin Shipyards by Eric Brenner and Cheryl Stanwood
Hotel Rank and File Battle in San Francisco by Vicent J. Palmer
Wartime Strikes Review by Frank Marquart
Reagan, the Right and the Working Class by Johanna Brenner and Robert Brenner
Why the American Working Class is Different by Mike Davis
Women’s Self-Organization by Susan Cahn

Vol. 1, No. 3, Summer, 1981

Revolution in El Salvador by The Editors
American Labor: The New Deal Legacy by Mike Davis
Reproductive Rights: Big Leap Forward by Barbara Zeluck
Has the Working Class Moved Right? by Michael Wunsch
A Third View on the Turn to the Right by Steve Zeluck
The Right Wing and the Working Class by Johanna Brenner and Robert Brenner
The Anatomy of the Los Angeles Police Review Board Campaign bu Joel Jordan and Anthony Thigpen
Affirmative Action and the EEOC by Steve Burghardt and jim Haughton
Theses on Auerbach by Seymour Kramer
China and the Crisis of Maoism by Richard Smith

Vol. 1, No. 4, Spring, 1982

Reform, Revolution and Repression in Poland by The Editors
OPEC: The Big Cartel that Couldn’t…by Bob Fitch
Mandel on Althusser by Party and Class
Women, the Right and the Family by Johanna Brenner
PATCO by The Editors
The TDU Convention — And the Fight Against Give-Backs by Steve Zeluck
On Being a Union Official by Stan Heller
In Memoriam: Murry Weiss
Informal Work Groups: Invisible Power in the Workplace by Sam Friedman and Stan Weir
The Crisis of Maoism Part II by Richard Smith
On Being a Union Official by Stan Heller

Vol. 2, No. 1, Winter 1982 [Not yet available]

Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear War: The Peace Movement and the Left by Frank Brodhead
Root Causes of PLO Defeat by Samira Abuel-Haj
The Promise of Gay Liberation by Peter Drucker
The Myth of the Japanese Worker by Steve Downs
Lula Speaks to the American Labor Movement
On Electoral Strategy by Stanley Aronowitz
Revolutionary Socialists and Independent Political Action by Eric Chester
Cracks in the Tube: How Socialists Can Break into TV by Fred Glass
“You Have an Historic Chance…” by Jacek Kuron
The Eve of Martial Law by Zbigniew Kowalewski
On Poland: A Reply

Vol. 2, No. 2, Spring, 1983

Bringing the War Home by Michael Wunsch
Israel: The Making of a Sub-Imperialism by Noam Chomsky
The Morality of Abortion by Nancy Holmstrom
On Third World Development by Steve Zeluck
Quality of Work Circles by Peter Downs
Again on Reform or Revolution in Poland by Robert Brenner
Co-Determination: The German Workplace Experience by Chris Scherrer
Marxism and Monopoly: Capital Theory — A Reply by John Bellamy Foster
Mad About Tootsie by Johanna Brenner
Round House — A Poem by Brad Rose

Vol. 2, No. 3, Fall, 1983

Telephone Strike: New Strategies Needed by The Editors
Opposition at the UAW Convention
What Mitterand Means to the U.S. Left by The Editors
The Sex Debate in the Women’s Movement: A Socialist-Feminist View by Ann Ferguson
Which Way for the Black Movement? by Manning Marable
The Theory of the Labor Aristocracy by Sam Friedman
“Peoples Power” in Cuba by Fred Denfert
Popular Power in Cuba: A Commentary by James F. Petras and Morris H. Morley
Cuba: Still Stuck in the ABC’s…by Samuel Farber
What Is This Thing Called Leninism? by Jim Devine

Vol. 2, No. 4, Winter, 1984

Aesthetics, Social Realism and Contemporary Life by Carl Weiss
Continental Airlines — Another PATCO?…And the Greyhound Strike by The Editors
Socialism and the Housing Movement by Kathy McAfee
Black Mayors: A Case Study by Steve Zeluck
The Chicago Teachers Strike by Dan Labotz
Workers Control in Nicaragua by Gary Ruchwanger
The Currents Within the FMLN by Robert Armstrong
Defending the Right to Abortion by Jeffrey H. Reiman
Response to Reiman by Nancy Holmstrom
A New Middle Class? by Charles Post
New Middle Class or Working Class? by Peter Meiksins
The New Class War — A Review by Steve Leigh

Vol. 3, No. 1, Fall, 1984

Can the Left Use The Democratic Party? by Robert Brenner
Fourteen Days — General Strike that Shook B.C. by Kevin Annett
Jesse Jackson and the Black Movement by Anthony Thigpenn
CISPES and the Anti-Intervention Movement by Michael Wunsch
Interview with City Life on Mel King Campaign
The Crisis of Grass Roots Organizing by Steve Burghardt
Harold Washington: The Hopes and The Realities by Dan LaBotz
Zionism in the Age of the Dictators by Michael Wunsch
A Marxist Approach to Ethics by Karsten J. Struhl
Power and Sexuality by Peter Drucker
How ATC by The Editors

Vol. 3, No. 2, Spring 1985

Plant Closures and Strategy by Norm Diamond
Winpisinger’s Road Ahead by Steve Zeluck
Hyatt Clark Industries by Rube Singer
Workers’ Councils in Revolutionary Iran by Val Moghadam
Four More Years — Reaganism, America and the Left by Bill Resnick
Thurow’s Zero Sum Society by Brad Rose
Inside the U.S. Military Today by Tod Ensign
The State of Fiscal Crisis by Jared Epstein
The Popular Front & the UAW by Eric Chester

Vol. 3, No. 3, Winter 1985

Columbia University “Blockade” by Aaron Brenner
The Evolution of Lenin’s Views by Steve Zeluck
Women Writers of the Left by Nora Wainer
A Machinist’s Semi-Automated Life by Samuel Friedman
Nuclear Imperialism & Extended Deterrence by Mike Davis
The Stagflation Crisis by Jim Devine
What the Campesinos Say by Tim Brennan
DSA and the Economic Crisis by Steve Downs
The New Middle Class & Socialist Politics by Bob Carter
Labor’s War at Home by Charles Post
The Odd Elation of Victor Serge by Jeff Goldthorpe
In Memoriam: Steve Zeluck

Series (new) II of ATC

[Issue Nos. 1 through 21 are in the process of being formatted for this site. We do present the tables of contents for each issue, however]

No. 22, September/October 1989

Defending Women's Lives by The Editors
Editor's Note by The Editors
Skinheads: The New Nazism by Christopher Phelps
LA Teachers Win in the Streets by Joel Jordan
The Pitfalls of "Family Policy" by Stephanie Coontz
Back in the USSR, Part I by Susan Weissman
The Soviet Working Class Enters the Stage by Susan Weissman
China After the Massacre:
Brief Chinese Chronology
What the Chinese Students Fought For by Sungur Savran interviews Jin Xiaochang
Counterrevolution and Crisis by Nigel Harris
Teng's Reforms, Neither Market Nor Socialism by Richard Smith
Proposals by the Beijing Independent Workers' Union by Provisional Committee of the Beijing Independent Workers' Union
The Old in the New--the New Through the Old by Adolfo Gilly
Letter: Blaming A Victim for Tiananmen? by Aleksei K. Zolotov, Washington, DC
The Empire and the Old Mole by Michael Fischer
Random Shots: A Kind and Gentler Ollie? by R.F. Kampfer

No. 23, November/December 1989

The Collapse of Socialism? by The Editors
A Salvadoran Fighter's Testimony by Kathryn Savoie interviews Margarita
Free Cuban Human Rights Activists! by ATC Editors
New Directions for Auto Workers by Peter Downs
Eastern: What Should Be Learned? by Steve Downs
Eastern Strikers Down, Not Out by Andy Pollack
Pro-Choice Agendas After Webster by Marlene Fried
Compulsory Heterosexuality & Lesbian Existence by Ann Menasche
Crisis & Control of Soviet Labor, Part II by Susan Weissman
Nicaragua: Observations on Economic Policy by Keith Griffin
Nicaragua: Observations or Fallacies? by John Weeks
Family Policy and Social Welfare by Julia Wrigley
Family Policy--A Brief Rejoinder by Stephanie Coontz
Random Shots: Kampfer's Consumer Guide by R.F. Kampfer
China: The Roots of Worker Revolt by Kim Moody
On a Revolutionary Agenda by Michael Löwy
C.L.R. James--1901-1989 by Kent Worcester

No. 24, January/February 1990

Where the Cold War Lives On by The Editors
New Stage in Salvadoran Struggle by Susan Weissman interviews Marc Cooper
Pittston: Class War in the Coalfields by Phil Kwik
Students Organize for Reproductive Rights by Karin Baker
From Abortion Rights to Feminism by Camille Colatosti
Marching with Beit Sahour by Betsy Esch
Solidarity with Michel Warshawsky
The Beginning of History by Noam Chomsky
Soviet Miners Stand Up by Susan Weissman interviews Boris Kagarlitsky
The Disintegration of Gorbachev? by Hillel Ticktin
What Glasnost Is--and Isn't by John Marot
The "Revolution from Above" Fallacy by John Marot
Common Interest or Class Politics? by Justin Schwartz
Wheelbarrow Socialism by Don Fitz
Nicaragua: An Economy Under Siege by Katherine Gonzalez
Random Shots: Ringing in the 1990s by R.F. Kampfer
"Roger and Me" by R.F. Kampfer
Revolution, War and Feminism by Janet Siskind

No. 25, March/April 1990

Eastern Europe and Ourselves by The Editors
Introduction to ATC 25, March-April 1990
Panama--After the Coup by Mike Fischer and Matt Schultz interview Eric Jackson
Panama, Not for Television by Eric Jackson
Whose Declaration of War? by Donald W. Bray and Marjorie Woodford Bray
"Protecting American Lives" by Donald W. Bray and Marjorie Woodford Bray
The Border, the Law and Peace by Michel Warshawski
On Being a Marxist in the Soviet Union by Boris Kagarlitsky
Radicalizing Earth Day's Managed Mobilization by Bill Resnick
Who Will Save the Forest? by Alexander Cockburn
Perspectives in the Twilight of the Cold War by The Editors
"the collapse of Stalinism means that capitalism must confront itself" by Paul Buhle
“three challenges to peace and disarmament activists in the U.S.” by Frank Brodhead
"...that's the opportunity: to engage in a struggle for the power to produce new cultural and political meanings" by Marcy Darnovsky
" class war will not only continue but increase ... future Invasions may be done by one well-dressed agent with a briefcase" by Shafik Abu Tahir
"...the global economic impact of cold war chill-out will put strong pressure on U.S. capital... [and] intensification of competition on a world scale" by Kim Moody
" openings will bring more rank-and-file activism and create opportunities for socialist-feminists" by Johanna Brenner
“… the left [will] see that the major contradiction In a market economy is the collision with the natural world" by Sandra Baird
"...there are two sorts of radical demands we should be raising: peace conversion and ecological industrial conversion" by Howard Hawkins
"... movements in the West, East and Third World [need] to make deep connections" by Jill Benderly
Socialism, Markets and Restoration by Aleksei K. Zolotov
Restoration & Revolutionary Transformation by James Petras
Nicaragua: from Revolution to Stabilization by Joseph Ricciardi
The First Follies of 1990 by R.F. Kampfer
Fabricating the Past by Ellen Poteet
Men and Women of Letters by Mary McGuire
The House that Montgomery Built by Martin Glaberman
In Memoriam--Hal Draper by Ernie Haberkern
Rube Singer Remembered by Archie Lieberman

No. 26, May/June 1990

The 1990s: A Socialist Agenda by The Editors
How the Pittston Miners Won by Phill Kwik
New Hope for Guatemala? by Patti McSherry
Introduction to the Nicaraguan Elections--And Afterwards by The Editors
The Elections--And Afterwards by Dianne Feeley and David Finkel
Roots of the FSLN's Defeat by James Petras
Rejoinder: Why the FSLN's Policies Failed by Keith Griffin
Childcare: Unfinished Agenda by Dianne Feeley
NYC: Koch Goes but the Crisis Stays by Andy Pollack
For D.C., The Worst of Times by John Willoughby
Untitled Poem (for Bird) by Kim D. Hunter
A Fight for Treaty Rights by Zoltan Grossman
Racism Over Three Decades by Samuel Farber
The Soviet Crisis Today by Boris Kagarlitsky
New Socialist Voices in the USSR by Suzi Weissman interviews Boris Kagarlitsky
A Russian Socialist's Perspective
Economic Prospects for Paralysis by Nigel Harris
The Crisis in the Caucasus by Suzi Weissman interview Ronald Suny
KMU Working for Labor Unity by David Finkel interviews Ernesto Arellano
[Philippine] National Federation of Labor's Statement on China
New Statement on Beijing Incident by National Executive Committee, KMU
South Africa: New Stage of Struggle by Editors of the South African Labor Bulletin
Random Shots: Them Perrier Blues by R.F. Kampfer
Politics and Popular Culture by Annette T. Rubinstein
The Unnatural Fate of the Forest by Marsha Rummel

No. 27, July/August 1990

A Non-Peace Non-Dividend? by The Editors
Black Workers for Justice, an interview with Nathanette Mayo
Building from the Grassroots by Cynthia Bowens
U.S.C. Out of South Africa by Harry Brighouse, John Hayes and Michele Milner
Abortion Pill Is No Panacea by Joan Batista
RU 486 Is in the Spotlight by Joan Batista
Ford Battles Mexican Workers by Dianne Feeley
Soviet Jewish Immigration: Gift or a Time Bomb? by Michel Warshawski
The Cancer Epidemic, Part I by James Morton
Tracking the Rise of an Epidemic by James Morton
Drug Wars and the Empire by Peter Drucker
Mujahideen and Dealers by Peter Drucker
The Meaning of the Puerto Rican Plebiscite by The Taller de Formacion Politica (TFP)
Soviet Struggle: What is "Left" and "Right"? by Boris Kagarlitsky
Dialogue: The Third World After the Cold War by James Petras and Mike Fischer
The Afghans' Tragic Drama by Val Moghadam
Afghan: Socialism from Above and Outside by Samuel Farber
Random Shots: Summertime Musings by R.F. Kampfer

No. 28, September/October 1990

A Victory with Meaning by The Editors
Labor's Giant Step in Los Angeles by Dolores Trevizo and Warren Montag
Failure to Disperse: The L.A. Police Riot by Mike Davis
How Century City Was Won by Rocío Sáenz
Nicaraguan Women Under Attack by Marie De Santis
Nicaraguan Strike--Victory, Coming Showdown by David Finkel
Social Democracy's Paradox, an interview with Tony Benn
Socialism's Legacy, Socialism's Future by Tony Benn
Spanish Socialism, Neither Social Nor Democratic by James Petras
Why Soviet Workers Resist by David Mandel
The Cancer Epidemic--Part 2 by James Morton
The Cancer Epidemic: Fiction or Reality? by James Morton
Hungary: Intellectuals in Power? by Ivan Szelenyi
After the Cold War by The Editors
A New Space for Politics? by David Finkel
A Retreat . . . and a Fresh Start by James Petras and Mike Fischer
Perestroika as Africans See It by John Pape
The Third World Under Western Eyes by Gregory Elliott
Random Shots: That Old Time Religion by R.F. Kampfer
Reproducing the Television Family by Tim Dayton
Socialist Politics and the Peace Dividend by Bill Resnick

No. 29, November/December 1990

Oil Wars--The Empire Strikes Back by The Editors
Capital Gains Cut: Your Loss by Erik Melander
Is Operation Rescue Over? by Marie Laberge
Nefarious Aggression by Noam Chomsky
Statement on the Gulf Crisis by Palestine Solidarity Committee
The Peace Movement Responds by Peter Drucker
A Palestinian Perspective, an interview with Anan Ameri
Ba'ath Regime's Bloody Background, an interview with Samira Haj
Anti-communism Reaps the Islamic Whirlwind by Shahrzad Azad
Introduction to Socialism and Individual Rights by The Editors
Socialism, Justice and Rights by Harry Brighouse
Is Democracy Enough? by Milton Fisk
The Sandinistas: What Next? by Midge Quandt
Organizing in the Face of Murder, an interview with Julio Garcia Prieto
Medicine for Democracy, an interview with Benito Vivar
Quebec: the Mohawks' Revolt by Richard Poulin, translated by Joanna Misnik
The Politics of Terminology by Richard Poulin
Radical Feminism's Birth by Joan Cocks
Random Shots: The Great Gulf Oil War Follies by R.F. Kampfer
Letter to the Editors by Peter Drucker

No. 30, January/February 1991

Bring the Troops Home Now! by The Editors
Lynch Mobs in Jerusalem by Wilold Jedlicki and Israel Shahak
Eyewitness to a Massacre by Betsy Esch
A Latino Response to the Gulf Crisis by Carlos Muñoz, Jr.
Palestine in the Gulf Crisis by Salim Tamari
What the Gulf War Is All About by Peter Drucker
This Gun's for Hire by Justin Schwartz
Fighting the War on Drugs by Janice Haaken and Larry Bowlden
The Soviet Union & Eastern Europe, Part I by Robert Brenner
The New-Old Rulers of Poland by Milka Tyszkiewicz
What Happened to Solidarity? by Ernie Haberkern
Labor & Politics in Hungary: Toward a Left Alternative by John Barzman interviews Tamas Krausz
Retrospective: Jack Conroy, Worker, Writer by Douglas Wixson
Louis Sinclair (1909-1990) by Wang Fanxi
Random Shots: Oil & Other Slicks by R.F. Kampfer
Letter Dialogue About "The Peace Movement Responds" by Michael Hahn; Peter Drucker

March/April 1991, No. 31

Bring the Troops Home Now! by The Editors
What a Friend We Have in Dinkins by Bob Fitch
International Women's Day--1991
The Rebel Girl: The Rapping Rebel by Catherine Sameh
Toward a Socialist-Feminist Strategy by Johanna Brenner
Women's Blood at the Root by Mechthild Nagel
Toward a New Imperium?, an interview with Janice Terry
Palestine's Difficult Prospects, an interview with Ana Ameri
Gulf War: An Iranian Perspective, an interview with Ali Javadi
A Community Under Siege, an interview with Jessica Daher
The Intifada and Women's Struggle
Chemical War Against Civilians by Israel Shahak
Missiles, Masculinity and Metaphors by Anne Finger
The Media and the War Drive by Nabeel Abraham
Eco-Apocalypse Now by Richard Latker
A Hard Rain's Goin' to Fall by John M. Miller
Emergence of Iranian Workers by Ali J
Citizenship and Civil Rights in Kuwait, an interview with Mahmood Ibrahim
Tikkun and the Gulf War by Justin Schwartz
The Soviet Union and Iraq by Hillel Ticktin
Iraq: The Republic of Fear by Joseph A. Massad
Nature of the Transition by Robert Brenner
Sexist and Misguided by Sabiyha Robin Graham
Another Commy Plot? by John Vandermeer
Random Shots: The Gulf War Miseries by R.F. Kampfer

May/June 1991, No. 32

Dedication by The Editors
From the Ashes of Victory by The Editors
Black Workers Organize for Justice by Camille Colatosti
Defend Ina Mae Best! by Phil Kwik
White Supremacy on Trial by Christopher Phelps
Rebel Girl: Who's in Control Here? by Catherine Sameh
Gorbachev's Authoritarian Turn by David Mandel
Nicaragua Solidarity Now by Midge Quandt
Guatemala at the Crossroads? by Deborah J. Yashar
Immediate Response & Long-term Transformation by Alan Wald
Racism Vs. Academic Freedom by Elizabeth Anderson
Defeat Racism, Don't Censor It by John R. Salter, Jr.
Eurocentrism and Its Discontents by Ellen Poteet
The Patriot by Hasan S. Newash
Was the Red Flag Flying? by Janice J. Terry
East Timor: On Principals & Pretexts by Alexander George
Iran: The Oil Workers' Strike by Ali Javadi
Lech Peron? Polish Politics Today by Samuel Farber
A Brief Rejoinder to Polish Politics Today by Ernie Haberkern
Poland: An International Appeal by Josef Pinior
Socialism and Individual Rights by Ernest Mandel
The Ethics of Socialist Praxis by Tom Smith
Leninism Revisited by Tom Twiss
Random Shots: Of Politics, Religion & War by R.F. Kampfer
We're Winning--Don't Ask Where! by Foss Tighe
George Rawick, Socialist & Historian by Martin Glaberman

July/August 1991, No. 33

Budget Chainsaw Massacres by The Editors
Anishinabe Continue Rights Fight by Oscar F. Hernandez
The Kurdish Tragedy by Joseph A. Massad
The Gulf War in the Arab World by Salah Jaber
Gulf War: An African-American Perspective by Elombe Brath
Lessons from the Antiwar Struggle by Leslie Cagan
U.S. Strategy After the Gulf War by Richard Hutchinson
Problems of Everyday Life by Maureen Sheahan
Rebel Girl: Our Bodies, Our Jobs by Catherine Sameh
Free Trade, Promise or Menace? by Kim Moody
Free Trade, Canadian Style by Francois Moreau
The New Multinational Proletariat by Dolores Trevizo
The Crisis of Mexican Unionism by Alejandro Toledo Patiño
The Case of the Missing List by R.F. Kampfer
Rights in a Socialist Society by Harry Brighouse
Why Social Context Is Crucial by Milton Fisk
The Fate of Iraq's Jews by Israel Shahak
A Response to Israel Shahak by Joseph Massad
Roots of Chicano Power by Alan Wald
Forging A Union of Steel by Dianne Feeley
Why There Is No Liberalism by Howard Brick
Chronicles of Radicalism by Michael Steven Smith

September/October 1991, No. 34

Abort the Court by The Editors
Leonard Peltier: New Try for Justice by Bob Robideau
Update on Peltier's Case
Peru Hovering at the Edge by Peter Drucker interviews Javier Diez Caseco Cisneros
The Work That Kills--"Karoshi" by Ben Watanabe
Dominican Workers' General Strike by ATC interviews Barbara Harvey
Pregnancy, Drugs & the State by Iris Young
Rebel Girl: The Sows of Summer (1991) by Catherine Sameh
A Festival of the Oppressors by David Finkel
Challenge for the Left by James Petras
Politics Under Socialism by David Edelstein
ACLU Policy Statement
Theorizing Anti-Racist Struggle by E. San Juan, Jr.
Stanford's Policy on "Hate" Speech
Profiling Bechtel Group, Inc. by Patti McSherry
Random Shots: When We Were Young by R.F. Kampfer
An Attack on Entitlements by James Rytting
A Reply to James Rytting by Johanna Brenner
Letter from Hartford by Richard Greeman
Forgetting Race in New York by Samuel Farber
Oscar Wilde: Rediscovered Radical by Peter Drucker

November/December 1991, No. 35

PC-Bashing: A Vicious Frame-up by The Editors
The New Russian Revolution? by The Editors
The Crisis of the Campuses by The Editors
Multiculturalism As It Really Is by The U-T Writing Group
CUNY's Springtime of Struggle by Anthony Marcus
Multiculturalism in Brooklyn College by Nancy Romer
Campus Unionism at Twenty Five by Milton Fisk
PC: A New McCarthyism? by Ellen Schrecker
Wasted Minds and Wasted Lives by Jake Ryan and Charles Sackrey
Review: The Right's PC Frameup by Mike Fischer
Viewing "Berkeley in the '60s" by Mike Parker
Three Views of the University
Russia: Toward a Party of Labor by David Finkel
Russia: A Fast Walk to Nowhere by I. Malyarov
Poland's Crisis and Solidarity Today by Mark M. Hager
Jan Josef Lipski by David Finkel
Puerto Rico's Albizu Campos Centenary by Héctor Meléndez
C.L.R. James: Intellectual Legacies by Kent Worcester
Random Shots: The East Is Read by R.F. Kampfer
The Rebel Girl: Women, Sex and Desire by Catherine Sameh
Anita Hill--and Ourselves by Dianne Feeley

January/February 1992, No. 36

1992: Seize the Time! by The Editors
Old Nazi in a New Suit by Scott McLemee
The Future of Reproductive Freedom by Angela Hubler
Women Under Chamorro's Regime by Barbara Seitz
Rebel Girl: Women, Sex and Disease--II by Catherine Sameh
End the Blockade of Cuba!
Cornucopia Isn't Consumerism by Jesse Lemisch and Naomi Weisstein
Random Shots: Thoughts on Rivethead by R.F. Kampfer
Campus in Crisis Introduction by The Editors
Labor and the Fight for Diversity by Andy Pollack
From Campus to the Unions by Nicholas Davidson
Higher Education on Auction Block by Phil Cox
A Proposal to Organize Non-Tenured Faculty by Tom Johnson
How to Read Cultural Literacy by Richard Ohmann
Introduction to Before Stalinism by The Editors
The Onus of Historical Impossibility by Susan Weissman
Between the Hammer and the Anvil by Boris Kagarlitsky
In The Grip of Leninism by Tim Wohlforth
Dialogue: On the Soviet Upheaval by Ellen Poteet
On the End of Stalinism by David Finkel
Bette Midler's "For the Boys" by Nora Ruth Roberts

March/April 1992, No. 37

Democrats: Road to Nowhere by The Editors
Politics of Health Care Reform: Market Magic, Bad Medicine by Colin Gordon
Funding the Right: Rhetoric Vs. Reality in Nicaragua by Midge Quandt
Politicization in the Nicaraguan Schools by Michael Friedman interviews Mario Quintana
Carlos Menem & the Peronists: From Populism to Neoliberalism by James Petras and Pablo Pozzi
The New Teamsters by Phil Kwik
Rank-and-File Strategy Is Vindicated by Dan La Botz
Who Reformed the Teamsters? by Kim Moody
Political Economy and "P.C." by Christopher Phelps
For International Women's Day
A Feminist Views New Reproductive Technologies, an interview with Varda Burstyn
Random Shots: Goodbye Old World Order by R.F. Kampfer
The Rebel Girl: Implants, Identities and Death by Catherine Sameh
For International Women's Day
A Notes on Reproductive Technology Terms by Varda Burstyn
Indigenous Women 1992 by Ingrid Washinawatok
Latina Garment Workers Organizing on the Border by Pam Galpern
Campuses Out of the Closet by Peter Drucker interview Felice Yeskel
Surrealist Arsenal by Michael Löwy
Sisterhood and Solidarity by Marian Swerdlow
The Rise & Fall of Soviet Democracy by David Mandel
On "Leninism" and Reformism by Ernest Haberkern
C.L.R. James' Collected Works by Martin Glaberman

May/June 1992, No. 38

The Crime of the Centuries by The Editors
The Democrats' Wasteland by Peter Drucker
1992: A Palestinian View by Yasmin Adib
Reproductive Justice for All by Ron Daniels
Why I'm Supporting Ron Daniels by Sabrina Virgo
The Rebel Girl: Dow Bows, FDA Applauds by Catherine Sameh
South Africa: Towards Grassroots Socialism by Patrick Bond
Letter to the Editor by Val Moghadam, Helsinki, Finland
Letter to the Editor by Dave Linn, Berkeley, CA
Globalization and Resistance
Peru: A People Under Siege by Socialist Challenge
Our Roots, Our Revolution by Hugo Blanco
Random Shots: The Revolution Looks Forward by R.F. Kampfer
Globalization and Resistance
A Hawaiian Activist's Fight by Nancy Holmstrom interviews Haunani-Kay Trask
Guatemalan Women: Organizing Under the Gun by Deborah J. Yashar
Native American Struggles Today by Jennifer Viereck
Reflections on Socialism After the USSR
Nationalism at the End-of-Century by Michael Löwy
The Future of Marxism by The Editors
Privatization and Russian Workers by Milton Fisk
Socialism Is Not Stalinism by Suzi Weissman interviews Mansoor Hekmat
Worker-Communist Party of Iran by Iraj Azarin, Mansoor Hekmat, Kooroosh Modarresi, Reza Moqaddam
End of Stalinism, Beginning of Marxism by Hillel H. Ticktin
Before Stalinism (a continuing symposium) by The Editors
Rejoinder: Revolutionary as Conservative by Tim Wohlforth
Of Lenin and Leninism by Bernard Rosen
The Politics of Affirmative Action by Aaron Brenner

July/August 1992, No. 39

...No Peace! by The Editors
Race, Class and Rage by Dolores Trevizo
Crips and Bloods Speak for Themselves by Voices from South Central
Korean Perspectives, an interview with Roy Hong
A Diversity of Viewpoints and Generations, an interview with Julie Noh
Koreans Weren't Special Targets, an interview with Kyung Kyu Lim
Without Larger Programs, There Are No Solutions, an interview with Kye Young Park
Police Riot in San Francisco by Cheryl Christensen
Realities of the Rebellion by Mike Davis
Class and the Glass Fortress by Don Sherman
Time for a New Party by Ron Daniels
Beyond '92: For a Labor Party by Tony Mazzocchi
UAW and the "Cat" Defeat by Earl Silber and Steven Ashby
UAW Announces In-Plant Strategy
Women in the ex-USSR Today by Anastasia Posadskaya
Bernard Chidzero: Portrait of a Comprador by Patrick Bond and Tendai Biti
Background on Zimbabwe by David Finkel
The Rebel Girl: Fitness or Exploitation? by Catherine Sameh
Random Shots: In the Year of the Perot by R.F. Kampfer
The Austin Hormel Strike Revisited by Roger Horowitz
Movements of the Unemployed by Dianne Feeley
In Memoriam
Celia Stodola Wald 1946-1992 by Patrick M. Quinn

September/October 1992, No. 40

No More Compromise! by The Editors
The Great Lesser-Evil Illusion by Justin Schwartz
Ross Perot for ...? Never Mind by Steven Ashby
Committee of Correspondence Looking Ahead by Joanna Misnik
LA After the Explosion: Rebellion and Beyond by Joe Hicks, Antonio Villaralgosa & Angela Oh
Gender & Re/Production in British West Indian Slave Societies, Part I by Cecilia Green
Greece Under the Conservatives by James Petras and Chronis Polychroniou
Panama: Crackdown Follows Anti-Bush Protests by The Empowerment Project
Israeli Elections: Who Won? by Marcello Wechsler
Palestine: Of War and Shadows by Josie Wallenius
Gender in the Revolution by Ann Ferguson
The Rebel Girl: The Pussy's Revenge by Catherine Sameh
A Brief Historical Background by Stan Weir
1956: The Fading Revolution by Stan Weir
Poverty Amidst Plenty in 1992 by Robert Hornstein and Daniel Atkins
Oh for the Good Old Days by R.F. Kampfer
The Sixties Remembered by Patrick M. Quinn
Women of the Klan by David Futrelle
Reform and Revolution by Samuel Farber
In Memoriam
Phil Clark, 1921-1992 by Patrick M. Quinn

November-December 1992, No. 41

In Defense of Bosnia by The Editors
Rebellion in "La Colonia" by Joaquín Solano & César Ayala
Family Values--For Real? by Stephanie Coontz
NAFTA: Storm Warning for Labor by Mary McGinn
Background on "Free Trade" by The Editors
A Party for the 21st Century by Dianne Feeley
The Dissolution of Yugoslavia by Manuela Dobos
NYC Transit Workers' Fight: "No Contract--No Peace!" by Steve Downs
The Contest of Class and Patriarchy, Part II by Cecilia Green
The Rebel Girl: Love & Hate in Time of War by Catherine Sameh
Random Shots: Some Thoughts to Live By by R.F. Kampfer
Notes to Our Readers by The Editors
Perspectives on Revolution by The Editors
Opening of a New Century by Joanna Misnik
Lessons from Latin America by Manuel Aguilar Mora
Before Stalinism: A Response to Critics by Samuel Farber
Working America: Going Backwards by William Meadows
A Memory of George Novack by Michael Steven Smith

January-February 1993, No. 42

The New-Old Political Order by The Editors

Imagine The Possibilities by Samuel Farber
The Rebel Girl: Measure 9 Dies; OCA Vampire Lives by Catherine Sameh
Bill Clinton in the World by Mike Zielinski
Slave Women, Family and Property, Part 3 by Cecilia Green
Revolution and Justice by Justin Schwartz
Random Shots: Campaign and Other Leftovers by R.F. Kampfer
Report from New Orleans by Rick Wadsworth
What Is Environmental Racism? by Kathryn Savoie interviews Bunyan Bryant
Retrospective on Rio by Maby Velez
Stop the Poisoning of Peru by Hugo Blanco
The Environmentalism of the People by Hugo Blanco
Radiation: A New Smallpox Blanket by Jennifer Viereck
Why We Need a Political Ecology by Chris Gaal
Ecology and Radical Economics by Chris Gaal
The Fiery Furnace of Neb-u-chad-nez-zar by Don Fitz
Who's Got the News? by E. San Juan, Jr.
Elinor Ferry (1916-1992) by Nora Ruth Roberts

March-April 1993, No. 43

"Humanitarian" Intervention? by The Editors
Dedication to Audre Lorde (1934-1992)
Labor Under Clinton by Kim Moody
TDU Faces Major Challenges Ahead by Nick Davidson
Somalia: Operation Restore Hegemony, Part I by Andy Pollack
The Problem of Reformism by Robert Brenner
The Features of German Racism by Gerd-Rainer Horn
Israel: Demand International Sanctions, an interview with Lea Tsemel
Random Shots: Kampfer Goes Hollyweird by R.F. Kampfer
Is Feminism Out of Fashion? by Elissa Karg
Hollywood and the Backlash by Betsy Esch
Beauty and the Backlash by Sharon Feldman
Backlash in the Workplace by Jane Slaughter and Dianne Feeley
The Rebel Girl: Our Proud Legacy of Struggle by Catherin Sameh
The Philippines: The Making of a Feminist Physician by Delia D. Aguilar interviews Dr. de la Paz
The Roots of Gabriela
Beyond Mothers and Colleens by Allison Rolls
What Is Queer Nationalism? by Peter Drucker
Lesbian Organizing in the '90s by Ann Menasche
ACT-UP and the AIDS Crisis by Kimberly Smith
Keep Up the Good Works by David Linn
Dialogue: Drifting with the Current by E. Haberkern
Dialogue: The Issues in Bosnia by David Finkel
Family Values? by Ravi Malhotra, response from Stephanie Coontz

May-June 1993, No. 44

The Great Shrinking Stimulus by The Editors
Single-Payer Health Care, A Matter of Survival by Rick Wadsworth
A Physician Looks at the Health Care Struggle, an interview with Susan Steigerwalt
Review Essay: Cuba's Precarious Revolution by Christopher Phelps
Che Guevara Economics and Politics in the Transition to Socialism by Carlos Tablada
Ramyah: Arabs in Israel Resist Bulldozers by Maxine Kaufman Nunn
Why Somalia Is Starving by Andy Pollack
Haiti, Clinton and the Movement, an interview with Cecilia Green
Haiti: Living Under State Terror by Ethan Casey
The Rebel Girl: Pro-Choice Vs. Terrorism by Catherine Sameh
Random Shots: Words of Wisdom for 1993 by R.F. Kampfer
Women Under Post-Communism by Nanette Funk
Hungary: The New Repression by László Andor
Czechoslovakia: The Crisis of Imagination by Peter Hudis
The Westerners' Imaginings by Ellen Poteet
Religious Rebels Then and Now by Paul Buhle
Zolton Ferency, 1922-1993 by Reggie McNulty

July-August 1993, No. 45

The Disintegration of Clinton? by The Editors
At Staley, Labor Fights Back by David Simcha
The Rebel Girl: RU-486, Some Hard Questions by Catherine Sameh
Chris Thembisile Hani Remembered by Langa Zita
Murder Most Horrible by Searchlight South Africa editorial
In Memory of Cesar Chavez by Gonzalo Santos
Central America After Reaganism by Dianne Feeley
Amanaka'a Amazon Network , an interview with Christine Halvorson
PT Leader Speaks on the Amazon
Yugoslavia: The Rise and Fall of Vance-Owen by Branka Magas
Yugoslavia: Behind the Fragmentation by Kit Adam Wainer
Crisis in the Caucasus: Independence & Its Discontents by Ronald Suny
Postmodernism: Theory and Politics by Tony Smith
Postmodernism Vs. World History by Loren Goldner
Random Shots: A Celebration of the Market by R.F. Kampfer
Cuba and the Left Today by Samuel Farber
Peru: Caught in the Crossfire by Mauricio Tuesta
Three Radicals Remembered by Mark Pittenger
Carl Feingold: A Life Worth Living by Tod Ensign
Kendra Alexander 1945-1993

September/October 1993, No. 46

Letting Bosnia Die by The Editors
Haiti: Democracy for Whom?, an interview with Cecilia Green
University of California vs. People's Park by Nancy Delaney and David Linn
The Environment & Free Trade by Chris Gaal
Energy, Especially Oil and NAFTA by Don Fitz
Failing to Bring the State Back In by Robert Brenner
Stealth Reforms and Its Limits by Bill Resnick
Clifford Dann, Shoshone Prisoner of War by Jennifer Viereck
Guatemala: Politics and Possibilities by Deborah Billings
Mexico Oil Workers Protest
The Rebel Girl: The Limits of the Law by Catherine Sameh
Random Shots: The Wars of the World by R.F. Kampfer
A Response on Che, Cuba and Revolution by Jeanette Habel
"Dynamic" vs. "Superior" by Paul Buhle
African-American Communist Roots by Alan Wald
Work: Alienating or Transforming? by Douglas Wixson
The Free Press and Thought Control by Ethan Casey

November/December 1993, No. 47

Moscow: The Fire This Time by The Editors
Israel-PLO Accords: Peace or Apartheid? by David Finkel
Clinton's Failing Health Plan by Milton Fisk
Statement from Russian Democratic Intellectuals
"Order Reigns in Moscow" by Justin Schwartz
Bloody Moscow, October 1993 by Susan Weissman
Whose Coup? Whose Democracy? by David Finkel
Russia: A Bureaucracy That Can't Die by Kit Adam Wainer
The Jogering of Nicaragua by John Vandermeer
Nicaraguan Feminists: "No Political Daddy Needed" by Midge Quandt
Gendering Socialism by Ann Ferguson
Background: Malaysia in Brief by Carol McAllister
Malaysia: Women's Work & Resistance by Carol McAllister
The Rebel Girl: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall.... by Catherine Sameh
Jazz Vs. New York's Caberet Laws by Michael Steven Smith
Random Shots: Pixilated Political Paradoxes by R.F. Kampfer
U.S. Cuba: Defeating the Blockade by John Daniel
Europe & Freedom: A Response by Loren Goldner
A Popular Regime, Not Stalinism by Marc Viglielmo
Samuel Farber Responds by Samuel Farber

January/February 1994, No. 48

Those Giant Sucking Sounds by The Editors
Voucher Mania: Will It Spread? by Joel Jordan
The Unmaking of Mayor Dinkins by Andy Pollack
The Illusion of Middle East Peace by Nabeel Abraham
An Information Center for the Russian Workers' Movement by Alex Chis and Susan Weissman
Defend Human Rights in Russia!
On Mythology and Genocide by Branka Magas
Behind the Turmoil in Italy by Jack Ceder
The Rebel Girl: Having A Bobbitt Sort of Day? by Catherine Sameh
Random Shots: The Spirits of the Season by R.F. Kampfer
Chronic Fatigue Demonstration
Working-Class Vanguards in U.S. History by Paul Le Blanc
Puerto Rico's Plebiscite by Rafael Bernabe
Section 936: A Corporate License to Steal by Working Group on Section 936
Confronting Anti-Choice Forces in Puerto Rico by Ruth Arroyp, Rafael Bernabe and Nancy Herzig
Al Norte by Ruben Auger
Latinos: One Group or Many? by Samuel Farber
Latina Writers Defying Borders by Norine Gutekanst
Socialism as Self-Emancipation by Justin Schwartz
E.P. Thompson: 1924-1973 by Michael Löwy
E.P. Thompson as Historian, Teacher and Political Activist by Barbara Winslow

March/April 1994, No. 49

Chiapas, A Call for Solidarity by The Editors
Stain and Pain at United Parcel by David Hyland
The Rebel Girl: "Victim" Vs. "Power" Feminism? by Catherine Sameh
Police Murder, Community Outrage by Claire Cohen
Organizing for Our Lives by Barbara Zeluck
January General Strike Closes Spain by Dan Fitz
Random Shots: Oh, Those Good Old Days by R.F. Kampfer
The Atmosphere of Repression in Chiapas, an interview
Abuse of Rights: A Documentary Record by Coordinated Body of the Non-Governmental Organizations for Peace of San Cristobal de las Casas
"Our Struggle Is for the Land", an interview with Luis, a Zapatista
The Irish Struggle Today by Bernadette Devlin McAliskey
An Interview with Bernadette Devlin McAliskey
Modelling Union Democracy by J. David Edelstein
1994: Women and Internationalism by The Editors
Evaluating Technologies: Women, Medicine and Choice by Varda Burstyn
Zionism: A Pariarchal-Colonial Nexus by Tikva Honig-Parnass
Lesbian Activism in the Czech Republic by Susanna Trnka
Conquest and Courage by Deborah L. Billings
A Working-Class Jokester by David Roediger

May/June 1994, No. 50

Stonewall at Twenty-Five by The Editors
Updating the Health Care Fight by Rick Wadsworth
Understanding the AIDS Crisis by Corey S. Dubin
Racism, Bigotry and the Origin of AIDS by Corey S. Dubin
Lesbians Fight Against Attack in Mississippi by Ann E. Menasche
Exxon Mine Menaces Wisconsin by Al Gedicks and Zoltan Grossman
Workers in Haiti's Holocaust by Cecilia Green interviews Cajuste Lexiuste & Porcenel Joachim
Lessons of the Hebron Massacre by Editors of Challenge
A German Socialist Feminist's Agenda by Mary Janzen interviews Petra Blaess
Abortion Rights in Unified Germany by Mary Janzen
United Germany Disunited by Ken Todd
The Uncertain Shape of Post-Apartheid South Africa by Patrick Bond
The March 28 Battle of Johannesburg by Langa Zita
After Chiapas and Colosio, Mexico's Difficult Futures by Olivia Gall
Impressions from A Photojournalist by Dennis Dunleavy
The AFL-CIO's Mission to Moscow by Renfrey Clarke
The Refounding of Russian Labour Review by Renfrey Clark
The Rebel Girl: Not the Hallmark Version by Catherine Sameh
Random Shots: Springtime in Michigan by R.F. Kampfer
Cornel West's Race Matters by Malik Miah
New Studies of U.S. Communism by Robbie Lieberman
Generational Conflicts by Ernie Haberkern
The Final Goal and the Movements by Justin Schwartz

July/August 1994, No. 51

Bill Clinton and Genocide by The Editors
Geronimo Pratt, Political Prisoner by Karin Baker
The Rebel Girl: Is Population the Problem? by Catherine Sameh
WE! Confronting Violence by Chani Beeman
"La Causa" on the Road by Dennis Dunleavy
Chinatown Lockout Defeated by John C. Antush
UAW: Death of a Union? by Peter Downs
The Future of Socialism by Daniel Singer
On the French Students' Demonstrations, an interview with Daniel Singer
Sweden: A Welfare State in Crisis by Eva Nikell
Random Shots: Cholesterol for the Masses by R.F. Kampfer
Capital, State, Socialism: Lessons of Zimbabwe by Tom Meisenheider
Introduction to South African Statements by David Finkel, for the Editors
Taking RDP to the Streets by Moses Mayekiso
Towards Unity of the Left by Langa Zita
The Malcolmized Moment by John Woodford
Recovering Women's Writing by Constance Coiner

September/October 1994, No. 52

Why Health Care Is A Sick Mess by The Editors
California's Single-Payer Referendum by Mike Rubin
Haiti: Invasion No!
Building Unity to Resist "SOS", an interview with Gilbert Cedillo
Feminism: Its Promises and Contradictions by Delia D. Aguilar
State Killers & "Public" Radio Censors by David Finkel
The War on the Poor by Mumia Abu-Jamal
French Political Paradoxes by Patrick le Tréhondat & Patrick Silberstein
How Milosevic's Serbia Became A Fascist State by Branka Magas
Rebel Girl: Drawing the Line on Bigotry by Catherine Sameh
Random Shots: Time to Face the Music by R.F. Kampfer
The Rise & Fall of Broadcast Reform by Richard Campbell
New Works of Michael Löwy by Alan Wald
On Revolution and Utopia by Terry Murphy interviews Michael Löwy
Bertell Ollman's Dialectical Investigations by Tony Smith
Women of The Masses by Nora Ruth Roberts
Vito Marcantonio, Ethnic Populist by Dan Georgakas
Was Trotsky's Defeat inevitable? by John Marot
Alex Callinicos on State and Capital by Kim Moody
No Fire, No Fight, No Feminism by Ann Menasche
Northern Ireland: An Exchange by Justin O'Hagan
A Response by Stuart Ross
Ralph Miliband, 1924-1994 by Tariq Ali
Sarah Lovell, 1922-1994 by Randal L. Hepner
Lenore Holyon 1947-1994 by Bill Breihan

November/December 1994, No. 53

Clinton's Best-Laid Plans by The Editors
The Firing of Ben Chavis by Malik Miah
Decatur Labor Fights On by C.J. Hawking & Steven Ashby
Mexico: Zedillo Wins, the Struggle Continues by Dan La Botz
Gays & Lesbians in Chile Fight Back by Emily Bono
Rebel Girl: Family Planning Without Women?? by Catherine Sameh
Random Shots: Family Values for Beginners by R.F. Kampfer
The FMLN After El Salvador's Election by Mike Zielinski
El Salvador: A Political Scorecard by Mike Zielinski
Sandinismo's Tenuous Unity by Midge Quandt
Keeping the Dream Alive, an interview with Miguel D'Escoto
Debates on the Philippine Left by John Gershman
The End of American Trotskyism? (Part 1) by Alan Wald
Massacre in the Guatemalan Jungle by Dianne Feeley
John Beverly's Against Literature by Tim Brennan
Jack Conroy, Worker-Writer in America by Carla Cappetti
What Genovese Knew, And When by Christopher Phelps
On the PDS: An Exchange by Eric Canepa
On the PDS: A Reply by Ken Todd
Peter Dawidowicz, 1943-1994 by Nancy Holmstrom
Clarence Davis, Gulf War Resister by David Finkel
Earning the Title by Clarence Davis
Desert on Detroit River (To Laurie) by Hasan Newash

January/February 1995, No. 54

The Gingreening of America? by The Editors
The Disneyfication of Orlando by Michael Hoover and Lisa Stokes
Striking Against Overtime in Flint by Peter Downs
A Critical Perspective After Mexico's Election: The Left vs. the Party-State by Olivia Gall
A Solidarity Without Borders by Mike Zielinski
Anti-Semitism in Argentina by James Petras
A Bosnian Activist's View by David Finkel interviews Nada Selimovic
How Washington "Aids" Haiti by Dianne Feeley
Radical Rhythms: The Pres Blows by Terry Lindsey
Problems in History & Theory: The End of "American Trotskyism"? – Part 2 by Alan Wald
The Rebel Girl: A Victory, But Only Just by Catherine Sameh
Random Shots: Post-election Punditry by R.F. Kampfer
Playing by the Rules in California by Tim Marshall and Rachel Quinn
Take Their Law and Shove It by Jim Lauderdale
Students Against 187 by Angel R. Cervantes
Assessing the California Single-Payer Fight by Alan Hanger
Earth in the Balance Sheet by John Bellamy Foster
Reframing the Welfare "Reform" Debate by Johanna Brenner
Black Politics Under Clinton by Chris Phelps interviews Ron Daniels
Urban Crisis and Black Politics by James Jennings
The Many Crises of Clinton by A.J. Julius and Harry Brighouse
Clinton and the Left by Harry Brighouse
The Bell Curve: Rekindling A Dead Debate by John Vandermeer
The Bell Curve Scam by Robert McChesney interviews Noam Chomsky
Theater of the People by Buzz Alexander
A Look at The Bell Curve's Mainstream Commentators by Mike O'Neill
"Arm Bosnia, Abolish NATO"? by Eric Hamell
Response: Half Right by The Editors

March/April 1995, No. 55

Defending Women's Lives by The Editors
Resisting Proposition 187, an interview with Angel Cervantes
Orange County: Who Pays the Price? by Mike Davis
Media, Politics and the Left by Robert McChesney interviews Noam Chomsky
Yeltsin's War of Genocide by Boris Kagarlitsky
Russia's New and Old System by John Marot interviews Boris Kagarlitsky
Russia's New Fascists by Kirill Buketov
Brazil After the Elections by Antonio Martins
Problems in History & Theory: The End of "American Trotskyism"? – Part 3 by Alan Wald
Radical Rhythms: Jazz Currents in Conflict by Kim Hunter
The Rebel Girl: Breast Cancer – No Accident? by Catherine Sameh
Random Shots: Politically (Un)Kosher Recipes by R.F. Kampfer
Gender, Race & Class in Zora Neale Hurston's Politics by Susan Meisenhelder
Frances E.W. Harper & the Evolution of Radical Culture by Melba Joyce Boyd
Bury Me in A Free Land by Frances E.W. Harper
Aunt Chloe's Politics by Frances E.W. Harper
A Double Standard by Frances E.W. Harper
Speaking Out for Themselves by Deborah Billings
Lesbian & Gay Activism During the Reagan/Bush Era by Julie R. Enszer
On the UAW: Death of a Union? by Peter Downs
On Dislando by J. Quinn Brisben
Small Inaccuracies on Trotskyism Series by Frank Fried
Broadcast Reform by Eric Hamell
IQ, Genes, Race, American Society by Steve Bloom
Remembering Jerry Rubin by Robert Fitch

May/June 1995, No. 56

Affirming Affirmative Action by The Editors
Smithsonian Exhibit of the Enola Gay: The Incineration of History by Christopher Phelps
Was Hiroshima Necessary? by Christopher Phelps
Mobilizing to Save New York State by Tom Reifer
The Chemical Soup in Your Cup by Dr. Pauline Furth
Mounting Accidents in Russia by Renfrey Clarke
Books for Russia: An Appeal by Richard Greeman
Constructing the Past in Contemporary India by Brian K. Smith
What Chiapas & Mexico Need: Democracy, Not War! by Olivia Gall
Zedillo's Financial Package
Clinton's Failure & the Politics of U.S. Decline by Robert Brenner
The Media, Politics & Ourselves (Part 2) by Robert McChesney interviews Noam Chomsky
Reflections on the Life & Work of Derek Jarman by Bob Nowlan
Kahlo As Artist, Woman, Rebel by Mary Motian-Meadows
Radical Rhythms: The Merle Haggard Blues by Terry Lindsey
The Rebel Girl: Taking It to the Hoop by Catherine Sameh
Random Shots: Icons of Our Times by R.F. Kampfer
Mapping Solzhenitsyn's Decline by Alan Wald
Perspectives on the ex-Soviet Union by John Marot
Misunderstanding Capitalism by Alex Callinicos
A Reply to Callinicos on the State & Capital by Kim Moody

July/August 1995, No. 57

What Is the Main Danger? by The Editors
The Explosive Rise of an Armed Far Right by Christopher Phelps
Fighting the Far Right, an interview with Jonathan Mozzochi
Why Is the Far Right Growing? by Christopher Phelps
Closing the Courthouse Doors by Michael Steven Smith
Robert Wilcox and the Revolution of 1895: Hawaiian Revolutionary Honored by David Starr
Gender & Post-Communist Economic Restructuring: How Women Pay the Price by Val Moghadam
Race, Class and Sandino's Politics by Katherine Hoyt
Finance & Industrial Capital in the Current Crisis by Mary Malloy
Open Letter to an Israeli Settler: I Will Not be Your Guard! by Sergio Yahni
On Bosnia and the Left by Attila Hoare
Radical Rhythms: In Honor of Two Musical Titans by Kim Hunter
Rebel Girl: Sports Equality, Where Money Talks by Catherine Sameh
Random Shots: PROgress and CONgress by R.F. Kampfer
Power, Money, Marxist Theory by Charlie Post
Shachtman and His Legacy by David Finkel
American Trotskyism: A Response by Frank Lovell
The Lessons of Working-Class History by Archie Lieberman
John Evans by David Finkel

September/October 1995, No. 58

Save Mumia Abu-Jamal by The Editors
The Right's New Dynamism by Christopher Phelps
The Pseudo-Science: Creationism by Christopher Phelps
The Gulf War Syndrome Mystery by Pauline Furth, M.D.
Britain: Conservatives Collapse & Labor Lurches Right by Harry Brighouse
Can Bosnia Resist? by Attila Hoare
Radical Rhythms: "Dancing on John Wayne's Head" by John Greenbaum
Rebel Girl: Murder, the Double Standard by Catherine Sameh
Random Shots: Kampfer, Eat Like Him by R.F. Kampfer
June 25th in Decatur by Steve Ashby
Staley Workers Vote to Fight On by Steve Ashby
Why the Industrial Working Class Still Matters by Kim Moody
The New American Workplace by Jane Slaughter
Review: Working Smart by Laura McClure
Review: The CIO 1935-1955 by Dan La Botz
A Note of Introduction by The Editors
Year One of the Transition by John Pape
What's Left of the Grassroots Left? by Dan Connell
Serbia's Flawed Liberal Opposition by Attila Hoare
A Reply to Alan Wald by Steve Bloom
Our Legacy: A Reply to Critics by Alan Wald
On "Closing the Courthouse Doors" by Barbara Zeluck

November/December 1995, No. 59

Labor Wars, from Top to Bottom by The Editors
The Detroit Newspaper Labor War by David Finkel
Potrait of a Strikebreaker by Roger Horowitz
Bosnia's Triumph and Western Treachery by Attila Hoare
Radical Rhythms: World Music—What in the World Is It? by Kim Hunter
Letter to the Editor—and Reply by Michael Funke; Archie Lieberman
The Rebel Girl: The Complexities of Inclusion by Catherine Sameh
Random Shots: Bad Cop! No Donut! by R.F. Kampfer
Introduction by The Editors
The Shape of Today's Imperialism by Kim Moody
Myths of "Humanitarian" Intervention by Michael Parenti
Imperialism with a Human Face? by Paul Le Blanc
Haiti: The Elections and After by Dianne Feeley
Chile: The Human Rights Challenge by Emily Bono
Land Occupation and Struggle in Brazil by Michael Shellenberger
Amazon Peasant Massacred by Michael Shellenberger
Forced Labor in Brazil: An interview with James Cavallaro by Marcelo Irajá de Araújo Hoffman
Indigenous Organizing in Colombia and Ecuador by Jorge Leon and Joanne Rappaport
Uncracking Crack Coverage by Janice Peck
Ernest Mandel: A Passionate Optimistic Marxist by Anwar Shaikh
Ernest Mandel: Internationalist and Dear Comrade by Rosario Ibarra de Piedra
In Tribute to Ernest Mandel by Andre Gunder Frank
Ernest Mandel: Revolutionary of the 20th Century by Manuel Aguilar Mora
Ernest Mandel: A Revolutionary Heroic Life by Jacob Moneta
Hedda Garza, 1929-1995 by Patrick M. Quinn
William Kunstler, 1919-1995 by Michael Steven Smith

January/February 1996, No. 60

Budget Wrestlemania by The Editors
Labor's Wars by The Editors
Quebec After the Referendum by Michel Lafitte
Lessons of the Chiapas Uprising by James Petras and Steve Vieux
Radical Rhythms: Andrew Hill's Blue Note Sessions by W. Kim Heron
Rebel Girl: Booksellers—Endangered Species? by Catherine Sameh
Random Shots: Notes for the Holidays by R.F. Kampfer
Introduction by The Editors
Whither Capitalist Militarism? by Ellen Meiksins Wood
The Not-So-New Imperialism by Harry Magdoff
Defining Imperialism Today by Mel Rothenberg
The Politics of Anti-Intervention by Darrel Moellendorf
Forging Our Political Agenda, an interview with Claire Cohen
Letter to Che by Melba Joyce Boyd
A Word of Introduction by The Editors
An Historic Turning Point?, an interview with Ron Daniels
Going Beyond Self-Help by Robin D. G. Kelley
An Affirmation of Humanity by James Jennings
Victim Blaming and Patriarchy by Adolph Reed
Potential and Contradiction by Tim Schermerhorn
African-American Resistance to Jim Crow in the South by Paul Ortiz
The Marxism of C.L.R. James by Paul Le Blanc
Two Perspectives by The Editors
Biocentrism and Revolutionary Ecology by Judi Bari
Toward Ecological Socialism by Chris Gaal
Noam Chomsky: Classic Libertarian by Peter Stone
Beyond Liberal Multiculturalism by Tim Libretti
Witold Jedlicki, 1929-1995 by Samuel Farber
The Unrelenting Genora Dollinger by Sol Dollinger

March/April 1996, No. 61

NATO's Squalid Police Action by The Editors
Staley's Legacy of Struggle, Lessons of Defeat by C.J. Hawking
Detroit Newspaper Strike: A Bitter Winter by David Finkel
In France, A Glimpse of Labor's Power by Mia Butzbaugh
Reflecting on the Cuban Revolution by John Vandermeer
Cuba: The Party, the Market by Milton Fisk
An Irish Revolutionary's Challenge by Peter Downs
Democracy or Hibernianism? by Bernadette Devlin McAliskey
Structures of Discrimination, an interview with Bernadette Devlin McAliskey
The MacBride Principles
Why the Ceasefire Ended by Jim Dee
Romanticism in the English Social Sciences: E.P. Thompson & Raymond Williams by Michael Löwy and Robert Sayre
Radical Rhythms: The Relevance of Rap by Tyrone Williams
The Rebel Girl: Blowing the Whistle on Sexism by Catherine Sameh
Random Shots: Kampfer's Modest Suggestions by R.F. Kampfer
On Imperialism by The Editors
Imperialism and the Left by Catherine Samary
The Empire and Left Illusions by Thomas Harrison
Servants to the Global Masters by Delia D. Aguilar
Guatemalan Women's New World of Struggle by Jane Slaughter
Main Courts, Not Just Desserts by Jane Slaughter
A Unionist's Life by Jane Slaughter
Michigan's "Welfare Reform", an interview with Kathleen Gmeiner
Fighting for Our Families' Lives, an interview with Sylvia Mitchell
Welfare Reform, Then and Now by Amy Hanauer
A Radical Alternative in 1996 by Eric Chester
Christopher Columbus Alston: Organizer, Fighter and Historian by Robin D. G. Kelley
Alma Strowiss, Organizer-Activist by Andrea Houtman

May/June 1996, No. 62

Ten Years of Against the Current by The Editors
How Labor Loses When it "Wins" by Peter Downs
Yale Workers Fight the Power by Gordon Lafer
Brazil's Workers Party Redefining Itself by Michael Shellenberger
Modern "Gunboat" Diplomacy in the Caribbean, an interview with Cecilia Green
"Burn the Haystack!" by The Editors, News From Within
The Clinton-Helms-Burton Travesty by The ATC Editors
The IMF Restructures Sri Lanka by D.A. Jawardana
Chandrika's "Great Victory" by Vickramabahu Karunarathne
Getting It Right About Now by Claudette Begin and Caryn Brooks
Fight the Right by Claudette Begin
Ruth Hubbard's Feminist Critique of Science by Rene L. Arakawa
Reclaiming Utopia: The Legacy of Ernst Bloch by Tim Dayton
Policing Morality: Underground Rap in Puerto Rico by Raquel Z. Rivera
Answering Camille Paglia by Nora Ruth Roberts
On Being Ten, Greetings from Our Friends
Letters to the Editors by Peter Drucker; Linda Gordon
Introduction: The Flint Sitdown for Beginners by Charlie Post
The Rebel Girl: The Real Threat to Life by Catherine Sameh
Random Shots: Politics, Religion and Mad Cows by R.F. Kampfer
Flint and the Rewriting of History by Sol Dollinger
Politics and Memory in the Flint Sitdown Strikes by Nelson Lichtenstein
McNamara's Vietnam by Lillian S. Robinson
Ken Saro-Wiwa's Antiwar Masterpiece by Dianne Feeley
Statement to the Court by Ken Saro-Wiwa
Marxist Art Historian: Meyer Schapiro, 1904-1996 by Alan Wallach

July/August 1996, No. 63

Israel's Poisoned Fruits of Oslo by The Editors
Founding the Labor Party by Dan La Botz
Detroit Newspaper Unions' Year of War, an interview with Rebecca Cook
The Yale Grad Student Strike, an interview with Cynthia Young
A New Campus Union at University of California by Claudia Horning interviews Margy Wilkinson
The "Team Bill," A Poison Bill by Ellis Boal
Class and the African-American Leadership Crisis by Malik Miah
South African Labor Marching Again by Mathew Ginsburg
More on "Imperialism Today" by Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak
The Comintern, CPUSA & Activities of Rank-and-File CPers by Charlie Post
The Popular Front: Rethinking CPUSA History by Charlie Post
Queer Vows, Pros and Cons by Catherine Sameh
Radical Rhythms: "Global Divas" by Kim Hunter
Letter to the Editors by Paul LeBlanc
Random Shots: Wages and Other Minima by R.F. Kampfer
Pornography and the Sex Censor by Cathy Crosson
Reading Red Women Writers by Renny Christopher
The Uses of Dmitri Volkogonov by Samuel Farber
Trotsky Assassinated Again by Susan Weissman

September/October 1996, No. 64

Who Gets To Choose? by The Editors
Nicaragua: The Mischief of Senator Helms by Chuck Kaufman and Lisa Zimmerman
Ralph Nader and the Greens by Walt Contreras Sheasby
New Teamsters vs. The Old Guard by Martha Gruelle
The End of the Hogan Family Dynasty by Martha Gruelle
How Oakland Teachers Fought Back by Bill Balderston
The Black Panthers Reconsidered by Samuel Farber
The Rebel Girl: Is There Life After Olympics? by Catherine Sameh
Random Shots: Kampfer's Kreative Krossword by R.F. Kampfer
New York's Latino Workers Center by David Levin
Promoting Unity and Solidarity by Milton Fisk
Unity Begins Somewhere by Kim Moody
The Most Dangerous Man in Detroit by Jane Slaughter
A Note on the Mainstream Reviews by Jane Slaughter
From Marx to Gramsci: A Reader by Lisa Frank
Always Running, Never A Radical by Christopher Phelps
Yugoslavia Dismembered by Kit Adam Wainer
Building Working-Class Opposition to Stalin's Dictatorship? by John Marot
Evidence from the Archives by John Marot

November/December 1996, No. 65

The Gulf Slaughter Revisited by The Editors
The Poisoned Fruits of Oslo (II) by The Editors
For Iraqi Children, Death by Sanctions by Stanley Heller
Jerusalem's Inevitable Explosion by David Finkel
The Vulnerable Are 70% of the Population, an interview with Professor Peter Lellett
The Strike at McDonnell Douglas by Peter Downs
HMOs, A Pox on Our Houses by Pauline Furth, M.D.
Toward 21st Century Democracy, an interview with Steven Hill
Proportional Representation: The Urgency of Real Reform by Gerald Meyer
Can Repression Save Indonesia's Suharto? by Dianne Feeley
Congratulations! by The Editors
Mexico: Insurrection and Disintegration by Dan La Botz
Towards A Red Feminism by Teresa Ebert
The Rebel Girl: The Transgendered Outlaw by Catherine Sameh
Detroit Newspaper Strike Update by The Editors
Random Shots: Notes from a Smoker's Diary by R.F. Kampfer
Standing for Children, or Clinton? by Susan Dorazio
Standing for All Our Children by Sasha Roberts
A Response to Cathy Crosson by Anne E. Menasche
Marxism and the Fate of the European Jews by Peter Drucker
A Rejoinder by Cathy Crosson
On the Trotskyist Opposition by Paul Le Blanc
A Rejoinder by John Marot
Michel Mill 1944-1996 by Patrick M. Quinn
In Memory of Constance Coiner by Alan Wald
Friend, Scholar and Fighter by James Petras
In Memory of Steve Zeluck by Lew Friedman
Steve Zeluck: Revolutionary Marxist by Charlie Post

January/February 1997, No. 66

The Center-Center Coalition by The Editors
The Civic Movement in South Africa: Popular Politics, Then and Now by Mzwanele Mayekiso
Serbia's Democratic Uprising by Suzi Weissman interviews Borka Pavicevic
The U.S. and Canadian Auto Contracts by Caroline Lund
The '96 Nicaraguan Elections: How Aleman "Won" by Dianne Feeley
Mexico's Deepening Crisis (Part 2) by Dan La Botz
Introduction to Queer Internationalism by The Editors
On Queer Internationalism by Rafael Bernabe
Radical Rhythms: Hip Hop, Jazz and the Future by Kim Hunter
A Tribute to Mario Savio and the FSM by Mike Parker
The Rebel Girl: Hoops Without Rodman, Anyone? by Catherine Sameh
Random Shots: The Life of the Party by R.F. Kampfer
Letter to the Editors by Martin Glaberman
Pittsburgh's Police Brutality and Hot Autumn, an interview with Dr. Clare Cohen
Robert F. Williams, Modern Abolitionist by Charles Simmons
Time for A Strategic Agenda by Anthony Thigpen
Jazz—Its Meaning, Its Future by Melba Joyce Boyd and Donald Walden
The Writings of David Roediger by Roger Horowitz
Mzwanele Mayekiso's Township Politics by Julie Klinker
Socialist Reformism and "Evolutionary" Debate by Michael Löwy
Stanley Crouch, Neocon or Ellisonian? by Greg Robinson

March/April 1997, No. 67

Lies, Damn Lies and "Reforms" by The Editors
Defying Washington's Embargo by Phyllis Ponvert
Behind Peru's Hostage Crisis, an interview with Coletta Youngers
Class Struggle in Andalucia by Loren Goldner
Another View of the Nicaraguan Election by Cesar J. Ayala
Chronology of the Revolution
Random Shots: The Sexual Is the Political by R.F. Kampfer
In Honor of the Left Opposition by Paul Le Blanc
John Sweeney's New-Old AFL-CIO by Jane Slaughter
Teamster Reformers 2, Old Guard 0 by Henry Phillips
Arab Women Writers' Problems and Prospects by Amal Amireh
The Export of Philippine Women by Delia D. Aguilar
Further Dialogue on Pornography by Nancy Herzig and Rafael Bernabe
The Rebel Girl: Violence Against Choice by Catherine Sameh
On Lichtenstein's Biography of Walter Reuther
On Walter Reuther: Legends and Lessons by Michael Goldfield
Where Studes Lonigan Came From by Patrick M. Quinn
Joan Mandell's Tales from Arab Detroit by Janice J. Terry
Recovering the Sandinista Murals by Dianne Feeley
The Memoirs of Nadezhda Joffe by Morris Slavin

May/June 1997, No. 68

Mobilize for Action! Motown by The Editors
How Our Lives Have Been Changed, an interview with Kate DeSmet
A Critical Stage in Mumia Abu-Jamal's Case by Steve Bloom
Violence and the Newspaper Strike by Thomas Bernick
Freedom Coming for Geronimo Pratt? by Karin Baker
The War Goes On by Daymon Hartley
The Pentagon's Secrecy Syndrome by Pauline Furth, M.D.
On Strike Without A Strategy, an interview with a union organizer
Indonesia's Tainted Election by Carolus Irawan Saptono
Rank-and-File Initiatives by Neil Chacker
Random Shots: The Truth About Scientology by R.F. Kampfer
The Rebel Girl: Snapshots About the Sex Debate by Catherine Sameh
Radical Rhythms: In Praise of "Honor" by Kim D. Hunter
Introduction: Towards Understanding Sidney Hook
Towards an Understanding of Sidney Hook by Christopher Phelps
Renewing Historical Materialism by Nancy Holmstrom
Gays and the Left by Peter Drucker
On the Labor Bureaucracy by Charlie Post
On the CP-USA and the Unions by Ernie Haberkern

July/August 1997, No. 69

The Republicrats' Phony Budget War by The Editors
The Los Angeles Bus Riders Union by Scott Miller
The Consumer Price Index "Reform" by James Petras
Britain's "New Labour" by Harry Brighouse
Woman-Centered, Activist Agendas by Deborah L. Billings
The Remaking of the Congo by B. Skanthakumar
The Roots of the Rebellion by B. Skanthakumar
Kabila's Friends by B. Skanthakumar
Mobutu's Loot and the Congo's Debt by B. Skanthakumar
Humanitarian Intervention by B. Skanthakumar
The AFDL and Its Program by B. Skanthakumar
Mining Congo's Wealth by B. Skanthakumar
Pornography, Violence and Women-Hating by Anne E. Menasche interviews Diana Russell
The Rebel Girl: Looking at the Gender Grid by Catherine Sameh
Random Shots: Fables of Bill and the Newt by R.F. Kampfer
Global Sweatshops' Media Spin Doctors by Charles Fairchild
Socialism or Nike by Bill Resnick
Indonesia's New Social Upsurge by Togi Simanjuntak
Fellow Workers, Fight On!, an interview with Muchtar Pakpahan
Asian American Incorporation or Insurgency? by Tim Libretti
A Response to Reviewers by Nelson Lichtenstein
Albert Shanker, Image and Reality by Mirian Swerdlow and Kit Adam Wainer

September/October 1997, No. 70

The Lean, Mean University by The Editors
What's on the Line in the UPS Strike? by Martha Gruelle
Court Ruling Hits Detroit Newspaper Workers by Dianne Feeley
Twenty-Five Years Later, Justice for Geronimo! by Ray Paquette and Karin Baker
After the French Election: Hopes and Dangers by Susan Weissman interviews Daniel Singer
Detroiters Remember the 1967 Rebellion by Kim D. Hunter interviews Ed Vaughn
John Sayles and Working-Class History by Nora Ruth Roberts
The Rebel Girl: Women's Space, Contested Terrain by Catherine Sameh
Random Shots: Kampfer's Summer of Love by R.F. Kampfer
Students, Labor Getting Together by Sara Marcus
The University of Nike by A student activist
Faculty—Overseers or Slaves? by Donald W. Bray
Anthroplogy and the Machine by Martin Ruane
Review: A Radical's Call for Justice by Andrew Lee
Cheddi Jagan's Politics and Legacy, an interview with Clive Y. Thomas
Remembering Michael Manley by Brian Meeks
Caribbean Politics and the 1930s Revolt by Cecilia Green
A Reply to Nelson Lichtenstein: Assessing Union Leaderships by Michael Goldfield

November/December 1997, No. 71

The UPS Victory and Beyond by The Editors
Puerto Rico's Strike Against Privatization by Rafael Bernabe
The Post-Oslo Malaise by John Dixon
Revolutionary Prospects for Indonesia by Malik Miah
Human Rights in Serbia Today by Suzi Weissman interviews Nicola Barovic
For a Critical Marxism by Michael Löwy
Random Shots: A Festival of Bad Taste by R.F. Kampfer
The Rebel Girl: Nike's Global Swooshploitation by Catherine Sameh
Radical Rhythms by A Hell Raiser and A Choir Boy
Lessons of the York University Strike by David McNally
Grad Union Demands Recognition at U-Illinois by Dennis Grammenos
McUC Riverside on the Move by Mark Brenner
The Abolition of Affirmative Action at UC Berkeley by Harmony Goldberg
High-Tech Damnation at RIT by A.S. Zaidi
The Value of Faculty and Tenure by Susan Weissman interviews Mary Burgan
Learning for the Revolution by Michael D. James
Raymond Williams and the Moral Project of the New Left by Terry Murphy
A Lifetime for Socialism by Karin Baker and Patrick M. Quinn
Remembering Milt Zaslow by Mike Davis
Myra Tanner Weiss (1917-1997) by Theodore Edwards

January/February 1998, No. 72

The Gulf Crisis, Again and Again by The Editors
Teamster Rank and Filers Look Forward by Henry Phillips
A View of the Teamster Tragedy by Robert Brenner, Samuel Farber, Christopher Phelps and Susan Wesissman
Carol Miller for Congress: New Mexico Greens Play for Keeps by Rick Lass, Tammy Davis & Cris Moore
The Rebel Girl: Choice, Access and Our Lives by Catherine Sameh
Repression and Revival: Revolutionary Prospects for Indonesia, Part 2 by Malik Miah
Why Southeast Asia Burned by Dianne Feeley
Random Shots: Kampfer's Armageddon Now by R.F. Kampfer
Letters to the Editors by Justin O'Hagan, Markar Melkonian, Laurence G. Wolf and Paul Lowinger, M.D
Revisiting the Communist Manifesto by Christopher Phelps
Politics and the Communist Manifesto—Part 1 by Ellen Meiksins Wood
Politics of the Communist Manifesto—Part 2 by Johanna Brenner and Bill Resnick
Politics and the Communist Manifesto—Part 3 by David Finkel
Politics and the Communist Manifesto—Part 4 by Nancy Holmstrom
History, Culture and the Communist Manifesto—Part 1 by Staughton Lynd
History, Culture and the Communist Manifesto—Part 2 by Eleni Varikas
History, Culture and the Communist Manifesto—Part 3 by Howard Brick
Economics and the Communist Manifesto—Part 1 by Anwar Shaikh
Economics and the Communist Manifesto—Part 2 by Jane Slaughter
Gender and the Communist Manifesto by Stephanie Coontz
Nature and the Communist Manifesto by John Bellamy Foster
Race and the Communist Manifesto by Robin D.G. Kelley
Convict Labor in America by Paul Ortiz
Before the White Race Was Invented by Jonathan Scott
Remembering C.L.R. James by Martin Glaberman
On Dudley Randall, The Black Unicorn by Bill Mullen
Ernie Goodman, Fighter for Justice by Elissa Karg

March/April 1998, No. 73

The IMF's Imperial "Reform" by The Editors
Random Shots: The NASA Seniors Tour by R.F. Kampfer
"I Don't Want To Wait Twenty-six Years for Justice" Roisin McAliskey in Limbo by Stuart Ross
Political Prisoner Dita Sari by Emily Citkowski
The Jericho `98 March: Amnesty and Freedom for All Political Prisoners by Steve Bloom
The Struggles of Women in Brazil by Dianne Feeley interviews Tatau Gadinho
Poverty & Oregon's Welfare Reform by Johanna Brenner
Activists Speak Out: The Poverty of Welfare Reform, an interview with Theresa el-Amin
Activists Speak Out: The Poverty of Welfare Reform, an interview with Amy Hanauer
LA Sweatshops: Common Threads In Struggle by Edna Bonacich
Activists Speak Out: The Poverty of Welfare Reform, an interview with Heidi Dorow
The Family As It Really Is by Stephanie Coontz
The Rebel Girl: We Shoot, We Score — At Last! by Catherine Sameh
Causes and Consequences: Inside The Asian Crisis by Martin Hart-Landsberg
Suharto's Days Are Numbered: Protests, Riots Rise as Clinton and IMF Back Dictator's Regime by Malik Miah
The World Bank's The State In A Changing World: The Global Politics of TQM by Gerard Greenfield
Transnational Capital and the State in China: Partners in Exploitation by Gerard Greenfield
The Destiny of A Revolution by Donald Filtzer

May/June 1998, No. 74

New Gulf War? Just Say No! by The Editors
Keeping the Rich Invisible: How Census Bureau Hides the Super-rich by Michael Parenti
English, Vanguard of the Fast-Food University by Cary Nelson
Despite Defeat, CAT Workers "Vote Solidarity" by Kim Moody
Transit Workers Try a "New Direction" by Marian Swerdlow
Australia: War on the Docks by The Editors
Confronting America's Military Today: A Lethal Behemoth by Tod Ensign
The Rebel Girl: Girl Power—The Best, the Worst by Catherine Sameh
Random Shots: Skating on Thin Ice by R. F. Kampfer
The Context for Autonomy by Dan La Botz
Autonomy vs. the Mexican Party-State by Hector Diaz-Polanco
A Youth Media Project for Chiapas by Phyllis Ponvert
Apocalypse Now by Edward Said
Contradictions of Empire by David Finkel
When the U.S. Rescued Saddam by Stanley Heller
The Media, The War, The Bottom Line by Michael Betzold
What About Palestine? A Statement on "Israel At Fifty" by The Michigan Committee on Jerusalem
Reflections of A Daughter of the "'48 Generation" by Tikva Honig-Parnass
On Literature and Resistance by Betsy Esch and Nancy Coffin Interview Barbara Harlow
Who Said Detroit Died? by Eddie Hejka
History Does Matter by Heather Ann Thompson
Letters to the Editor: Postmodernism and History; Prison Labor by Tyrone Williams and Alex Lichtenstein
Natie Gould, As I Knew Him by Morris Slavin

July/August 1998, No. 75

The Spirit of Revolution by The Editors
Australia's Labor War on the Docks by Barry Sheppard
Cambodia: Labor and the Coup by Joshua E.S. Phillips and Ian Robinson
Indonesia's Unfolding Democratic Revolution by Malik Miah
An Update on Indonesian Political Prisoners by Emily Citkowski
The Rebel Girl: The Potency Power Pill by Catherine Sameh
Random Shots: In Praise of Viagra Mania by R.F. Kampfer
Radical Rhythms: Artistry For All of Us by Kim Hunter
The Anti-Nuclear Movement in Review: Defeat from the Jaws of Victory by Wayne Hall
The Russian Revolution Revisited by Susan Weissman
Social Democracy and the Paradox of the Vanguard: Rudolf Hilferding's Odyssey by William Smaldone
Michael Goldfield's Color of Politics by Mel Rothenberg
Du Bois: A Provocative Homage by Clarence Lang
Jesse Lemisch's Jack Tar vs. John Bull by Kit Adam Wainer
Pessimism of the Spirit and Contemporary Socialism: Recovering Louis Fraina's Time by James D. Young
The Dance of Pragmatism and Marxism by Michael Denning
The Selling of Culture, and Our Souls: From Pears' Soap to Bud-Weis-Er by Jack Weston
Frank Lovell, Socialist and Labor Activist by Paul Le Blanc

September/October 1998, No. 76

The Signs of Resistance by The Editors
Never Be A Soldier by Eugene Victor Debs (1915)
Puerto Rico's La Huelga del Pueblo by Rafael Bernabe
At General Motors, "What Means This Strike?" by Kim Moody
New York Transit Between Old and New Directions by Steve Downs
Living Wage Campaigns: Part I by Stephanie Luce
Social Security—Why It's Under Attack by Hayden Perry
The Rebel Girl: Our Books, Ourselves by Catherine Sameh
Random Shots: Red Flags Over Motor City by R.F. Kampfer
Indonesia Update: An Economic Titanic by Malik Miah
Northern Ireland's Marching Season Crisis by Stuart Ross
The Danish General Strike by Eric Chester
The Politics of South Africa: The Transition to Democracy by John Hinshaw
Red Ink: The Charles H. Kerr Story by Tim Dayton
Leslie Reagan's "When Abortion Was A Crime" by Dianne Feeley
Trotskyism: Wheat and Chaff by Peter Drucker
Marat: Champion of the Urban Poor by Morris Slavin
On Marxism and Method by Martin Glaberman
Deeply Re-examining Marxism by Cyril Smith
On Criticizing Marx by Ernest Haberkern
A Response on "Critical Marxism" by Michael Löwy
Democratic Revolution and Socialist Revolution: A Reply to Malik Miah by Steve Bloom
Rejoinder: The Dynamics of Revolution by Malik Miah

November/December 1998, No. 77

Politics of Terror and Scandal by The Editors
Adelphi Recovers "The Long View" by A.S. Zaidi
Mumia Abu-Jamal: Awaiting the Decision by Steve Bloom
Race and Politics: A Color-Blind America? by Malik Miah
The Rebel Girl: The New Sex Police by Catherine Sameh
Saga of the Neptune Jade by Hayden Perry
Worker Resistance in Telecommunications by Kim Moody
Living Wage Campaigns, Part 2: Challenges Facing the Movement by Stephanie Luce
Russia's Crisis: Capitalism in Question by Hillel Ticktin and Susan Weissman
Ethnic Conflicts in Nicaragua by John Vandermeer and David Bradford
The Looming Crisis of World Capitalism by Robert Brenner
An Introduction to E. San Juan: What is Postcolonial Theory? by Alan Wald
The Limits of Postcolonial Criticism: The Discourse of Edward Said by E. San Juan, Jr.
Random Shots: Great World Leaders on Parade by R.F. Kampfer
A Century of Meatpacking Unionism by Lisa M. Fine
How British Labor Declined: Cowley from the Inside by Sheila Cohen
Recording the Face of Daily Life by Alex Chis
Artistry, Life and Revolution: The Best of What We Are by Joseph E. Mulligan
Eileen Gersh, 1913-1998 by Dianne Feeley
In Memory of A Chinese Revolutionary: Zheng Chaolin, 1901-1998 by Wang Fanxi

January/February 1999, No. 78

The Cynicism and the Slaughter by The Editors
The Labor Party's Pittsburgh Convention by John Hinshaw
The Labor Party in the Big Picture by Jane Slaughter and Rodney Ward
Hurricane Mitch and Disaster Relief: The Politics of Catastrophe by Anne Schenk
Remembering Pinochet's Coup: A Taste of Justice for Chile by Marc Cooper
El Salvador's New War: Lesbian/Gay Activism Confronts “Social Cleansing” by Anne Schenk
The CIA and the "Peace Process" by Harry Clark interviews Professor Israel Shahak
PA Supreme Court Rejects New Trial for Mumia by Steve Bloom
An Introduction: Capital's Global Turbulence by Richard Walker
Capital's Global Turbulence by Richard Walker
Random Shots: Notes From Starr's Chamber by R.F. Kampfer
The Rebel Girl: Barbara Kingsolver's Triumph by Catherine Sameh
Radical Rhythms: A Band Whose Time Has Come by Daniel L. Widener
In Honor of Assata Shakur by Daniel L. Widener
Race and Politics by Malik Miah
Race from the 20th to the 21st Century: Multiculturalism or Emancipation? by E. San Juan, Jr.
Review: Moving Beyond Black and White? by Tim Libretti
Labor Organizing in a Lean World: Workers of the World Unite? by Ralph Armbruster-Sandoval
The Cocaine-Contra-CIA Complex by Larry Gabriel
Halting British Fascism by Gerd-Rainer Horn
An Experiment in Democracy by Dan La Botz
Surrealism Against Racism by Michael Löwy
Capital on CD-Rom, Cat Optional by Joel R. Finkel
Black Liberation, Working-Class Unity, and the Popular Front: A Reply to Mel Rothenberg by Michael Goldfield
After Stalinism: An Exchange by Dave Linn and Susan Weissman
A Rejoinder: Strategy or Doctrine? by Mel Rothenberg
A Farewell and Tribute: Rose Lesnik, 1924-1998 by Estar Baur

March/April 1999, No. 79

Women Rising, Then and Now by The Editors
Movement Grows to Save Mumia Abu-Jamal by Steve Bloom
Race and Politics: Blacks in Corporate America by Malik Miah
Putting the Fox in Charge: What's Fair About the Fair Labor Association? by Medea Benjamin
The Future of Israel and Palestine by Harry Clark interviews Professor Israel Shahak
Hugo Chávez and the Crisis of the Dependent Countries: Nationalism, Populism & Democracy by Guillermo Almeyra
Random Shots: Sic Transit Gloria Bunny by R.F. Kampfer
Why Junior Won-and What Next? by Henry Phillips
The Election's Broader Impact by Mike Parker
The Misogyny of Welfare "Reform" by Stephanie Luce interviews Randy Albelda
NYC's Workfare Shell Game: An Interview with Heidi Dorow by The Editors
Claudia Clark's "Radium Girls" by Dr. Sherry Baron
Review: Memoirs of An Underground Woman by Rachel White
Josephine Herbst's "Pity is not Enough" by Angela Hubler
Review: Recovering Surrealist Women by Bertha Husband
The Rebel Girl: Death of Our Hoop Dreams by Catherine Sameh
A Reply to Robert Brenner by Mary C. Malloy and Charlie Post
Accumulation and Control of Labor by Hillel Ticktin
Joyce Maupin, 1921-1998 by Barri Boone

May/June 1999, No. 80

NATO's Road to War and Ruin by The Editors
Waiting to Inhale: Culture Wars or Unfinished Gratification? by David Roediger
The Fight for Leonard Peltier by Hayden Perry
CPE: Demystifying Economics—Interview with Elissa Braunstein by Stephanie Luce
Race and Politics: Indonesia's Ethnic Conflicts by Malik Miah
A Profile of East Timor's Jose Ramos-Horta by Conan Elphicke
Rigoberta Menchú: A Witness Discredited? by Cindy Forster
A Revolutionary Woman in Mind and Spirit: The Passions of Rosa Luxemburg by Paul Le Blanc
Random Shots: Weird Sex and Boiled Bacon by R.F. Kampfer
The Rebel Girl: A Question of Rape by Catherine Sameh
"Total Capital" Rigor and International Liquidity: A Reply to Robert Brenner by Loren Goldner
The Great Bull Market vs. Looming Crisis: On Brenner's Theory of Crisis by Peter Camejo
On Workers in A Lean World by Kim Moody
A Rejoinder by Ralph Armbruster-Sandoval
Glaberman and Faber's Working for Wages by Sheila Cohen
The Availability of Utopian Thought by Terry Murphy
Letter and Response on Mumia Abu-Jamal by Sidney Gendin and Steve Bloom
Comrade and Friend: Bob Strowiss 1919-1999 by Edmund Kovacs

July/August 1999, No. 81

The State's Capital Crimes by The Editors
Largest Outpouring Ever for Mumia by Steve Bloom
Final Victory for Geronimo by Karin Baker
Race and Politics: Profiling and DWB by Malik Miah
Silvia Baraldini Wins Return Home by Maria Ornella Marotti
The Sixteenth Puerto Rican Political Prisoner: The Case of José Solís by Carmelo Ruiz
Stop the Bombing of Puerto Rico! by Puerto Rico Libre
Hurricane Relief and Debt Cancellation for Nicaragua: Visiting the Casa Materna by Phyllis Ponvert
Stop Sweatshops-Linking Workers' Struggles by Marion Traub-Werner
Notes on the Millenium by Jane Slaughter interviews Daniel Singer
Trying to Arrest Madeleine Albright by Stanley Heller
The Pittsburgh Reds, 1911-1914: Revolutionary Socialists in Allegheny County by Mark Hudson
Labor Politics in Action, 1901-1911: The Union Labor Party of San Francisco by Hayden Perry
Alexandra Kollontai and Red Love by Teresa L. Ebert
Radical Rhythms: Ellington and his Centenary by Kim Hunter
Death of a Sacred Place by Michael Betzold
Random Shots: Balkan Wars, Now and Then by R.F. Kampfer
The Rebel Girl: For A Celebration Excluding No One by Catherine Sameh
Introduction to the Dialogue by The Editors
Along NATO's Road to War/Ruin by Branka Magas
Against the Holy Alliance by Daniel Singer
The NATO War and Its Aims by Mel Rothenberg
A Response on NATO and Kosovo by Catherine Samary
Whose Stupid War Was This? by Peter Gowan
Eric R. Wolf, Scholar-Activist by Anthony Marcus

September/October 1999, No. 82

Congress' Phony Health Care War by The Editors
Random Shots: That Was the War That Was by R.F. Kampfer
A Big Win for the Green Party by Mike Rubin
Attacks in Philadelphia, Lies in VANITY FAIR: A New Campaign Against Mumia by Steve Bloom
No Classes for Torture! Protests Escalate Against “School of the Americas” by Anne Schenk
Indonesia's Fraud-Riddled Election by Emily Citkowski
A Freed Political Prisoner Looks Ahead by Emily Citkowski interviews Dita Sari
Rebel Girl: What's Behind the Applause? by Catherine Sameh
Race and Class: Busing and Integration, 1975-99 by Malik Miah
Peer Review and the New Teacher Unionism: Mutual Support or Policing? by Joel Jordan
Destruction and Resistance at SUNY by Ali Zaidi
The Realities of Chicago School Reform by Edith Organizer
University of California Victory: 10,000 Academic Student Employees Win Union Election by Carolina Bank
False Promises of Higher Education: More Graduates, Fewer Jobs by Harry Brill
Assaulting Public Education in Canada: Privatization Plague Spreads by Eugene Plawiuk
Affirmative Distraction: Elimination of Affirmative Action at U-Massachusetts by Marie Sarita Gaytán
March of the Vouchers - What Should the Left Learn from School Choice Debates? by Harry Brighouse
T-Shirts and Sweatshops by Barry Carr
Daniel Singer's Whose Millennium? by Samuel Farber
Portrait of A Jazz Genius by Connie Crothers

November/December 1999, No. 83

November 2000: Can We Do Better? by The Editors
Puerto Rico: The Real Bombers by César Ayala
Update: Mumia Abu-Jamal's Federal Appeal by Steve Bloom
Organizing to Stop Police Brutality in Riverside, California: Organizing for Accountability, an interview with Chani Beeman
Big Three Win A Modular Future: Contract Hype and Reality by Kim Moody
East Timor and Indonesia's Political Explosion by Malik Miah and Emily Citkowski
Asia: Realities of "Recovery" by Gerard Greenfield
Iran: Youth Protests and the Regime's Crisis, an interview with Ali Javadi
The Rebel Girl: Whose Population Bomb? by Catherine Sameh
Random Shots: Go And Do Likewise by R.F. Kampfer
Student-Labor Activism Advances by Eli Naduris-Weissman
USAS Makes Kathie Lee Cry Again by Peter Romer-Friedman
Claiming What is Ours by Maria Cordero and Genevieve Gonzáles
The twLF Hunger Strike: A Critical View—On Tactics and a Broader Mission by Jared Sexton and Frank B. Wilderson III
Education for Change: Henry Giroux and Transformative Critical Pedagogy by Mark Hudson
Michael Sprinker (1950-1999) by Alan Wald

January/February 2000, No. 84

A War on Black Children? by The Editors
Seattle: "What Democracy Looks Like" by Susan Weissman interviews Dana Frank, Leone Hankey and Lisa Fithian
The Rebel Girl: Feminism and the WTO by Catherine Sameh
Russia's Chechnya Syndrome by Susan Weissman
The War is a Double Terror: Stop the New Stage of the Chechen War! by Scholars for Democracy and Socialism
The Battle of Iowa Beef: IBP Teamsters Lose a Strike But Build a Union by Henry Phillips
Grassroots Power vs. Police Brutality, an interview with Claire Cohen
Racial Capitalism and the "Digital Divide" by Malik Miah
The King Years Chronicled by Mark Higbee
fires had seed in the flowers by Kim Hunter
Review: African Americans, Culture and Communism by Alan Wald
Review: Penny Von Eschen's Race Against Empire by Clarence Lang
Still Got the News by Betsy Esch
The Anatomy of A Rebellion by Paul Ortiz
Travails of U.S. Labor by Sheila Cohen
Facing Fascism in Europe by Bill Smaldone
Dialogue: "The War of Gods": Marxism and Christianity by Michael Löwy and Terry Murphy
Baruch Hirson, 1921-1999 by Paul Flewers

March/April 2000, No. 85

Women and Global Capitalism by The Editors
Elections in the Southern Cone by Francisco T. Sobrino
The Second Chechnya War by Boris Kagarlitsky
From Yeltsin to Putin: Modern Democrat Gives Way to Modern Nationalist by Hillel Ticktin and Susan Weissman
A Travesty of Justice: Why Peltier Remains in Prison by Jack Breseé
Behind the Confederate Flag Controversy: The Unfinished Civil War by Malik Miah
Grassroots Power, Women and Transformation: An Interview with George Friday by Stephanie Luce
Privatization by Stealth: Canadian Health Care in Crisis by Milton Fisk
The Rebel Girl: The State of Gay Marriage by Catherine Sameh
Random Shots: New and Old Millenia by R. F. Kampfer
The WTO's Nude World Order by Bill Resnick
The Clouds Clear: Labor, Seattle and Beyond by Frank Borgers
Antiwar Activism and Emerging Feminism in the Late 1960s: The Times They Were A'Changing by Barbara L. Tischler
Camera Lucida: Women on Film at Century's End by Arlene Keizer
The Costs of McCarthyism by Alan Wald
A Classic Novel Revived: The Big Boxcar by Alfred Maund by Jessica Kimball Printz
Political Persecution in Puerto Rico: Uncovering Secret Files by César Ayala
Lessons of Life and Death from Henry Spira: By Any Compromise Necessary? by Kim Hunter
`Natural Laws' of Economy by Eric Hammel

May/June 2000, No. 86

Behind Murder With Impunity by The Editors
Race and Class: What Counts in the Census? by Malik Miah
Will the Evidence Be Heard in Mumia's Appeal? by Steve Bloom
Behind the Death of Amadou Diallo by Elimisha K. Marubuci
Youth Confront California's Prop 21 by Louise Cooper
Chicago's Public Housing: Willful Neglect by Jamie Owen Daniel
A System of War Against Youth by Henry A. Giroux
Madison: Sitting Down for Justice by Rae Vogeler and Harry Richardson
The Year One of Hoffa Junior by Henry Phillips
African Americans, Culture and Communism (Part 2) by Alan Wald
Stop the Destruction of Chechnya! by the editors of Chelovechnost
Putin's Contribution to Democracy by Suzi Weissman and Hillel Ticktin
The Rebel Girl: Mattel vs. Seal Press by Catherine Sameh
Random Shots: These Trading Times by R.F. Kampfer
Letter to the Editors by Martin Glaberman
The Long March of A Rebel by Bill Mullen
Phillip Bonosky's Burning Valley by Laura Hapke
An All-American Police State by Louise Cooper
"The West Wing": America's Finest Hour? by Joe Auciello
On Political Leadership by The Editors
Rejecting the "Vanguard" Party by Fred Bustillo
Leadership and Democracy by Samuel Farber

July/August 2000, No. 87

Bush-Gore 2000: No Thanks! by The Editors
The War on the People by Susan Wesissman interviews Christian Parenti
Labor Speaks Up for Mumia by Randy Christensen
Korea's New Revolutionaries by Barry Sheppard
Korea: The Elections and Sexual Violence by Terry Murphy
Where Is Indonesia Going? by Malik Miah
Vieques After A Year of Struggle by César Ayala
Crisis and Coup in Ecuador by Lynn A. Meisch
South Africa Windows on Washington by Patrick Bond
Five Steps from D.C. to Jo'burg by Trevor Ngwane
Time for Reparations Now by Molly Dhlamini
World Bank: It's the Pits for the Poor by Patrick Bond
Camera Lucida: Hollywood's Racial Double Standard by Arlene Keizer
The Rebel Girl: Lesbian Nation's Landscape by Catherine Sameh
Random Shots: Stranger Than Cinema by R.F. Kampfer
A Painful Struggle for Renewal by Dianne Feeley
The Deep Crisis of Sandinismo by Vilma Núnez de Escorcia
Battle in Nicaragua's Maquiladoras by Dianne Feeley
Fighting China or the WTO? by Sze Pang Cheung
Students and Labor Together by Molly McGrath
Protectionism or Solidarity? (Part I) by Kim Moody
Abraham Polonsky's The World Above by Leone Sandra Hankey

September/October 2000, No. 88

To the Spoilers the Victory? by The Editors
Race and Class: The Wealth Gap by Malik Miah
Courts Back Detroit Scab Papers by Ellis Boal
Why Detroit Needs Justice and CPR by Charles Simmons
IPPN Standing Strong in the Storm by José Manuel Sentmanat
Ralph Nader and the Legacy of Revolt by Walt Contreras Sheasby
Global Capital and Economic Nationalism (Part 2) by Kim Moody
The New Movement for Global Justice by Dan La Botz
Viewpoint: Transnationals After Seattle by Loren Goldner
Rebel Girl: Feminism vs. the Evil Lessers by Catherine Sameh
Random Shots: People and Other Animals by R.F. Kampfer
From PRI to Foxismo by Guillermo Almeyra
The Great Strike at UNAM by Christian Castillo
How Ultraleftism Divided UNAM Strike by Phil Hearse
The Protectionist Trap by Caroline Lund
Lessons of an Ambiguous Struggle by Mel Rothenberg
Varda Burstyn's The Rites of Men by Barbara L. Tischler
James D Young's The World of C.L.R. James by David Camfield
Tony Cliff, 1917-2000 by David McNally
Memories of Tony Cliff by R.F. Kampfer

November/December 2000, No. 89

Apartheid "Peace" Explodes by The Editors
The New AFL-CIO's Five-Year Record by Jane Slaughter
Labor Scores at Verizon by Rachel Douglas
Indonesia: Reformasi Betrayed by Kurt Biddle
Taplok Press, A New FLame by Kurt Biddle and Rivani Noor
Can I At Least Have My Scarf? by Anan Ameri
French Jews for Palestinian Rights by Daniel Bensaïd, Marcel-Francis Kahn, Stanislas Tomkiewicz & Pierre Vidal-Naquet
Queer in a Lean World by Alan Sears
Transgender Activism After Falls City by Donna Cartwright
West Bengal Women Oppose Giant Dam by Maitree
Patrick Buchanan's Ezola Virus by Carina Bandhauer
Ralph Nader and the Legacy of Revolt (Part 2) by Walt Contreras Sheasby
The Rebel Girl: Ballot Queer-Bashing by Catherine Sameh
Going to the Dogs (and Babies) by R.F. Kampfer
Prague: Reflections on S26 by Peter Olson
Melbourne: WEF Meets Real World by B. Skanthakumar
Los Angeles: Assessing D2K Protests by Louise Cooper
After the "Special Period" by U.S. activists interview Cuban student
Cuba, the United States and the Left by Guillermo Almeyra
Iraq Under Siege by Stanley Heller
The Case for Reparations by Malik Miah
On Sport and Hypermasculinism by Varda Burstyn
Hayden Perry 1914-2000 by Edmund Kovacs

January/February 2001, No. 90

Stolen Vote, Wasted Votes by The Editors
Race and Class: The Stolen Vote by Malik Miah
Showdown for Mumia Abu-Jamal by Steve Bloom
Labor for Mumia vs. Reno's Justice by Randy Christensen
School Vouchers Scam Goes Down by Louise Cooper
Confronting the School of Assassins by Peter Olson
Living Wage Movement: An Update by Stephanie Luce
South Africa's Political Change by Patrick Bond
Idaho, Mountain Lions and a Rattlesnake Friend by Hunter Gray
Ralph Nader and the Legacy of Revolt (Part 3) by Walt Contreras Sheasby
The Rebel Girl: Supremes in the Bush by Catherine Sameh
Random Shots: Annals of Combat by R.F. Kampfer
Letter to the Editors by Sidney J. Gluck
Remembering Dudley Randall by Melba Joyce Boyd
Gwendolyn Brooks 1917-2000 by Tyrone Williams
C.L.R. James and Anti-/Postcolonialism by Grant Farred
Honoring Our Gulf War Resisters by Betsy Esch
Remembering the War and the Movement by Peter Drucker
Metalclad vs. Mexico, Toxic Waste and NAFTA by Gerard Greenfield
FTAA, The Hydra's New Head by Martin Hart-Landsberg
Daniel Singer by Tariq Ali; David Finkel

March/April 2001, No. 91

Dirty Done Deals by The Editors
Energy: The Fleecing of California by Barry Sheppard
Fourthwrite for Irish Freedom by Stuart Ross interviews Tommy McKearney
Republican Dissidents Targeted
Yugoslavia's Post-Milosevic Paradox by Catherine Samary
Canada: Activists Face the Future by Toby Moorsom
Random Shots: Daimler and Dubya Chronicles by R.F. Kampfer
Thieving Sons of Bushes by Malik Miah
Asian American Activism Stirring by Scott Kurashige
Ashcroft? The Road to Theocracy? by Jack Breseé
The Rebel Girl: Broaden the Challenge by Catherine Sameh
Nader, Greens and Socialists by Howie Hawkins
Training for Freedom in Senegal by Mark Brenner interviews Amsatou Sow Sidibe
The Struggle to Stop Female Genital Mutilation by Mark Brenner
India's Communalist Violence Against Women by Soma Marik
Philippines Organizing and Repression by Delia Aguilar interviews Vicvic Justiniani
Iraq's Torture by Sanctions, an interview with Kathy Kelly
A Decade of Gulf War Illness by Tod Ensign
Depleted Uranium: Scandal Update by Tod Ensign
U.S. Bombing: Murder as Usual by Voices in the Wilderness
Sherrie Tucker's "Swing Shift" by Connie Crothers
Ann Menasche's "Leaving the Life" by Karin Baker
In Memoriam: Daniel Singer by Michael Löwy

May/June 2001, No. 92

"This Changes Everything ..." by The Editors
Quebec City: Gas Against Democracy by Betsy Esch
Cincinnati After the Uprising by Dan La Botz
Responding to David Horowitz by Douglas Taylor
A System of Criminal Injustice by Ahmad Rahman
Actions for Mumia May 11-13 by Steve Bloom
Palestine Up Against the Empire, an interview with Noam Chomsky
Vieques and U.S. "Democracy" by César Ayala
Colombia: Options from the Grassroots by Joanne Rappaport
Indonesia: Confronting Military Violence by Kurt Biddle
The Struggle for Genuine Unions in Mexico by David Bacon, Joan Axthelm, and Daisy Pitkin
Mexico's New Political Era Begins by Dan La Botz
Stop the Murders! by SOS Initiative
Global Justice, What We Eat, Who We Are by Sara Abraham interviews Harriet Friedmann
Leaving Most Children Behind by Henry A. Giroux
Eurocentric Anti-Eurocentrism by Ellen Meiksins Wood
The Rebel Girl: Salute OUR Final Four! by Catherine Sameh
Random Shots: Tender Loving Care by R.F. Kampfer
Radical Rhythms: On Ken Burns' "Jazz" by Kim D. Hunter
Letters to the Editors, on C.L.R. James by Marty Glaberman; Alex LoCascio
20th Century Black Nationalism by Clarence Lang
The Politics of Islam, Indonesia's Ruling Elite and Democracy by Malik Miah

July/August 2001, No. 93

The Fast Track Attack by The Editors
Mumia Abu-Jamal's Case for Innocence by Steve Bloom
Duke Students Stand Against Bigotry, an interview with Sarah Wigfall
Cincinnati March for Justice by statements by the organizers
Asian Americans and "Pearl Harbor" by Malik Miah
The U.S. Movement Against Sanctions on Iraq by Rae Vogeler
The Kaloran Incident and Indonesia's Red Scare by Sylvia Tiwon
Women's Power for East Timor by Mano Micato
Russia's Education for the Market by Boris Kagarlitsky
The Second Intifada: An End and a Beginning by Naseer Aruri
Schooling Fear: Bush's Education Reform (Part 2) by Henry Giroux
The Photographic Art of Charles "Teenie" Harris by Kathleen Newman
The Rebel Girl: Women Rule the Waves by Catherine Sameh
Camera Lucida by Arlene Keizer
Random Shots: The Prices of Progress by R.F. Kampfer
From Populism Toward Anti-Capitalism by Gerard Greenfield
One No, Many Grassroots Yeses by Mike Prokosch
Labor's Change of the Century by Stephanie Luce
Karl Marx Backward and Forward by Joe Auciello
Ernest Mandel's Legacy by Kit Adam Wainer
Ibrahim Abu Lughod 1929-2001 by Salim Tamari

September/October 2001, No. 94

A Season to Mobilize by The Editors
Washington's Capital Crimes in Puerto Rico by Rafael Bernabe
East Timor's Struggle to be Born by Ben Terrall
Britain's Socialist Left in the Election by B. Skanthakumar
Race and Class: Israel's Apartheid Reality by Malik Miah
How Hoffa Betrayed Detroit Newspaper Workers by Tom Bernick
Labor Activists Discuss Quebec City by Stephanie Luce
Support Builds for the Charleston Five by Dianne Feeley
George W. Bush's Fossil Energy Policies by Joel Kovel
It Takes A Village to Challenge Penn State by Cedrick May
How to Defend Affirmative Action? by Elizabeth Anderson
Capital's Border Disorder by José Palafox
The Rebel Girl: The Right's Already-Born Victims by Catherine Sameh
Random Shots: Teens and Other Freaks by R.F. Kampfer
A Comment on Capitalist Origins by Christopher McAuley
Socialism, Democracy and Cuba Today by Francisco Sobrino
Lessons of Theory and History by Barry Sheppard
After Vietnam: Resistance Continues by Tod Ensign
Israel Shahak (1933-2001) by Norton Mezvinsky

November/December 2001, No. 95

Social Justice or War by The Editors
Indonesia: The Old Order Reviving by Malik Miah
Colombia: Closing the Circle of Violence by Cecilia Zárate-Laun
Paramilitaries, Multinationals and Colombian Labor by Dianne Feeley
Random Shots: Notes for Life Under Siege by R.F. Kampfer
Fortress America: Are We Safe? by Michael Ratner
Airline Workers: The Thanks We Got by Rodney Ward
U.S. Labor as Collateral Damage by Malik Miah
Statement: NYC Labor Against War
The Rebel Girl: The War, the Women, the West by Catherine Sameh
Arab Americans' Double Jeopardy, an interview with Anan Ameri
Pakistan's Politics of Polarization by Farooq Tariq
Looking Over the Edge by David Finkel
Poem: certain inalienable rights by Kim D. Hunter
Dialogue: Why Did Capitalism Win? by Peter Drucker
Samuel Farber's Social Decay and Transformation by Charlie Post
Johanna Brenner's Women and the Politics of Class by Angela Hubler
Global Labor: Socialist Register 2001 by Bill Fletcher, Jr.
In Memoriam: Stan Weir, 1921-2001 by Norman Diamond

January/February 2002, No. 96

Whose Rights Are Sacrificed? by The Editors
Police Riot, Drama Builds in Mumia Case by Steve Bloom
The New Politics of Argentina by Francisco Sobrino
Peru from Fujimori to Toledo by Al Twiss
Martin Luther King: Christian Core, Socialist Bedrock by Paul Le Blanc
Random Shots: Pirates, Gladiators and Assassins by R.F. Kampfer
Introducing Arne Swabeck by Christopher Phelps
Why Did the Socialist Party Decline? by Arne Swabeck
Women for Freedom by Tahmeena Faryal
Afghanistan's 25-Year Tragedy, an interview with Tahmeena Faryal
Give Us Back Afghanistan! by Sharifa Sharif
U.S.-Israel Sow the Wind, a Statement by the ATC Editors
Our Enemy Is at Home by Malik Miah
The Rebel Girl: Liberated for Real? by Catherine Sameh
A War or A Lynching? by Edward Whitfield
Milton Fisk's Toward A Healthy Society by Jeff Melton
Transforming Teacher Unions by Joel Jordan
Different Rainbows, Third World Queer Liberation by Gary Kinsman

March/April 2002, No. 97

On Lessons of Enron and War by The Editors
Accuride: A UAW Local's Lonely Strugge by Dianne Feeley
Why Mumia Should Just Go Free Now by Steve Bloom
Race and Class: Why Black Patriotism? by Malik Miah
Palestine-Israel: "One Minute to Midnight" by David Finkel
Pakistani from Pariah State to Partner by Tariq Amin
Argentina's Explosion by Daniel Ximenez
Nicaragua's Elections Under the Eagle's Talons by Phyllis Ponvert
What's Happening in France? by Sophie Béroud, Pierre Cours-Salies, Patrick Le Tréhondat and Patrick Silberstein
Random Shots: Dubya's Many Axes of Evil by R.F. Kampfer
Gender and Identity in Pakistan by Shahnaz Rouse
Feminism in the New Gender Order by Johanna Brenner
Review: Women in a Sweatshop World by Mary McGinn
The Rebel Girl: Celebrate Women and Global Justice! by Catherine Sameh
Fred Halliday and Pax Americana by Phil Hearse
A Response to Critics on Capitalist Origins by Ellen Meiksins Wood
A Critical Look at Social Decay and Transformation by Cynthia Young
Letter to the Editor on Genoa by Peter Drucker
Letter to the Editor on Fate of the Russian Revolution Review by Paul Hampton
Remembering Marty Glaberman (1918-2001) by Seymour Faber and Linda Manning Myatt

May/June 2002, No. 98

The Empire's Endless New War by The Editors
The Economy After the Boom by Robert Brenner
Colombia From Peace to War Again by Forrest Hylton
Argentina: What Kind of Revolution? by Francisco Sobrino
The World Social Forum by Michael Löwy
From Beijing to Porto Alegre by Linda Ray
Palestine-Israel After Jenin by David Finkel
Ta'ayush: Partnership for Solidarity by Shira Robinson, Kawther Mataneh and Neve Gordon
Iraq, The Empire's Next Target by Rae Vogeler, Allen Ruff and Mike Wunsch
Communal War in Gujarat, India by Kunal Chattopadhyay
UAW Abandons Accuride Local by Dianne Feeley
The Rebel Girl: Choice and the RICO Dilemma by Catherine Sameh
Random Shots: The Kings of the World by P.F. Kampfer
Race and Class: Terrorism, Racism, Patriotism by Malik Miah
Would Gore's War Look Any Different? by Paul Felton
Paul Allen Anderson's Deep River by Rachel Rubin
Cracking A Closed Society by Hunter Gray
Dan La Botz's Made in Indonesia by Kurt Biddle
E. San Juan's After Postcolonialism by Anne E. Lacsamana
The Relevance of the Enlightenment by Samuel Farber
Sol Dollinger, 1920-2001 by Dianne Feeley
Dave Van Ronk, 1936-2002 by Brad Duncan

July/August 2002, No. 99

Conventional Wisdom and Nuclear Wisdom by The Editors
Is Working a "Major Life Activity"? by Barbara Harvey
Oregon Farmworkers' Decade of Struggle by Michael Connor
GE's PCBs: Who Will Tell the Fish by Marlaine Browning
KFC: Corporate Fetishism and Fecal Soup by Purnima Bose and Laura Lyons
Race and Class: The Color-Blind Myth by Malik Miah
Bisexual Basics by Karin Baker
After Jenin, An Eyewitness Report by Charity Crouse
Vieques: Hasta La Vista, Navy! by Sara Peisch
Revelations in Digna Ochoa Murder by from Mexican News and Analysis
A French Left Revival from the Ashes? by Patrick Le Trehondat and Patrick Silberstein
Radical Rhythms: Yo-Yo Ma's Silk Road by Kim D. Hunter
Camera Lucida: Progressive Fantasies by Arlene Keizer
Rebel Girl: The Price of Assimilation by Catherine Sameh
Random Shots: Of Drugs and Diamonds by R.F. Kampfer
Militant Islam in Central Asia by Dianne Feeley
A Critical Look at Empire by Charlie Post
When Poetry Ruled the Streets by Christopher Phelps
Victor Serge: The Course Is Set on Hope by Bryan Palmer
Before Motown, Back in the Day by David Finkel
An Appreciation of Stephen Jay Gould by Ansar Fayyazuddin
John Watson and Tommy Flanagan, Special Detroiters by Herb Boyd

September/October 2002, No. 100

Whole New Worlds of Turmoil by The Editors
Longshore Battle: Bush, Butt Out! by Dianne Feeley
Anger at the International AIDS Conference by Sam Friedman
Race and Class: Cops and Videotapes by Malik Miah
The Rebel Girl: "Normal" Domestic Violence? by Catherine Sameh
Radical Rhythms: Music to Rock Your World by Kim D. Hunter
Zionism, Non-Jews and the Israeli State by Ur Schlonsky
Palestinian Elections Now by Edward Said
After 9/11: Empire Uncaged by Michael Ames Connor interviews Rahul Mahajan
Against the Current Celebrates 100 Issues by Christopher Phelps
Europe's Specter of Americanization by Peter Drucker
An Economy of Two, Three, Many Enrons by Robert Brenner
"Love for Sale," A Sex Trade Exhibition by Dianne Feeley
Random Shots: Life Imitates Art by R.F. Kampfer
From Immigrants to Labor Troublemakers by Teofilo Reyes
The Hidden Story of "Los Repatriados" by Elena Herrada
Arab Detroit: from Margin to Mainstream by review by Brian Smith
Arab Americans in Metro Detroit by David Finkel
Lives of the Exiles by Mary Helen Washington
A Book of Lamentations by David Finkel
How Many Modernisms? by Alan Filreis
Trim Bissell, A Committed Life by Chuck Kaufman
June Jordan and the Language of Your Life by Ellen S. Jaffe

November/December 2002, No. 101

The Imperial Trifecta by The Editors
Black Workers for Justice, Twenty Years of Struggle by Saladin Muhammad
From South Africa to Palestine, an interview with Claudia Morcom
The Rebel Girl: Punitive "Marriage Promotion" by Catherine Sameh
Detroit and the Legacy of Vincent Chin by Scott Kurashige
Poem in memory of Vincent Chin: somewhere in the over lit night by Kim D. Hunter
Nablus: Curfew and Defiance by eyewitness report from the International Solidarity Movement
Jimmy Carter's Tangled Camp David Web by David Finkel
Random Shots: Idle Idylls of Old Idols by R.F. Kampfer
Imperialism, Sovereignty and "Just Wars" by Malik Miah
London: No to the Bush-Blair War by Phil Hearse
Cincinnati: Protest in the Heartland by Dan La Botz
The Battle of the Docks by Malik Miah and Dianne Feeley
A California Unionist's View: Uneasy Solidarity by Michael Rubin
Screen Actors Join Longshore Picketers by Peaches Johnson
Homeland Security—No Rights, No Security by David H. Richardson
Cote d'Ivoire's House Divided by Mark Brenner
A Way Out for Kashmir?, an interview with Hamid Bashani
Argentina's Unique Union Federation by Guillermo Almeyra
Colombia: Neoliberalism and Violence by Forrest Hylton
Bryan Palmer's Cultures of Darkness by Leo Panitch
Max Elbaum's Revolution in the Air by Patrick M. Quinn
On Capitalist Origins by Christopher McAuley
A Response to Christopher McAuley's on Capitalist Origins by Ellen Meiksins Wood
Helen Rodriguez-Trias (1929-2001) by Karen Stamm

January/February 2003, No. 102

War and Democrats' Panic by The Editors
California Grows Green with Camejo-Warren by Michael Rubin
The Rebel Girl: Motherhood's Contested Terrain by Catherina Sameh
Random Shots: We Have Met the Enemy by R.F. Kampfer
United Airlines' Unfriendly Skies by Malik Miah and Jennifer Biddle
Mt. Olive: Blood on the Cucumbers by Nick Wood
UC Workers Take the CUE by Claudia Horning and Claudette Begin
The Military-Industrial Empire and War by Ismael Hossein-zadeh
The Naivete of A Native Critic by Sinan Antoon
On the Invisibility of Blood by Aijaz Ahmad
Update: Killing Palestinians with Impunity by Palestine Monitor
For Reparations and Transformation by Robin D.G. Kelley
The Reparations Demand in History by Paul Ortiz
All Out for Millions for Reparations by Black Workers for Justice
Launching the Mass Reparations Campaign by Reparations Mobilization Coalition
Black Politics, Greens and Reparations by Donna J. Warren
Reparations as A New Reconstruction by Clarence Lang
A Native American and Civil Rights' View by Hunter Gray
The Battle of "English Only" by Stephanie Luce
Those Who Speak Two Languages Live Twice by Karina Altagracia Bautista
Abolishing Race in Theory? by Bill Mullen
African Labor and England's Industry by Christopher McAuley
Multicultural Conservatism by Christopher Phelps
Two Blunders by Ernie Haberkern

March/April 2003, No. 103

The Colossus and Destruction by The Editors
The New York Transit Contract Struggle, an interview with Steve Downs
Race and Class: Defending Affirmative Action by Malik Miah
"We Must Not Turn Back...", a statement by Civil Rights Veterans
The World Social Forum and Global Justice by Paul Le Blanc and Stephanie Luce
Behind the New Korean Crisis by Martin Hart-Landsberg
Thoughts on Brazil's Future, an interview with Gianpaolo Baiocchi
Venezuela, Chavez and the Political Vacuum by Francisco T. Sobrino
Argentina: Workers' Control and the Crisis, Part I by James Cockcroft
Labor Speaking Out Against Bush's War by Dianne Feeley
We Can Stop This War! by Michael Letwin
The Battle of Second Avenue by Roger Horowitz
Camera Lucida: The Power of Home by Arlene Keizer
Random Shots: Just Say No to Dubya by R.F. Kampfer
Women's Experiences of War by Dianne Feeley
Myrna Mack, A Guatemalan Hero by Cindy Forster
The Rebel Girl: Come Out Against the War by Catherine Sameh
Phyllis Bennis' Calling the Shots by Chris Clement
Dan Connell's Rethinking Revolution by David Finkel
Remembering Archie Lieberman by David Finkel
Joe Strummer, Voice of the Clash by Scott McLemee
On Revolution in the Air by Barry Sheppard

May/June 2003, No. 104

Occupation and the Empire by The Editors
After Thirty-one Years, Free the Angola 3! by Shana Griffin and Brice White
The Assault on the Young by Henry A. Giroux
GABRIELA: Let Women's Voices Be Heard by Jeanette Heinrichs
Random Shots: That Was the War That Was by R.F. Kampfer
Black America and the Iraq War by Malik Miah
The Battle for Empire by Mumia Abu-Jamal
Who Gets the Spoils of War? by Charlie Post
Don't Let the B2s Get You Down by Gilbert Achcar
Bush's Road Map to Nowhere by Uri Avnery
Reflections of an Arab Jew by Ella Habiba Shohat
The War and the Rubble by Christopher Phelps
On the Rise of Lula by Francisco T. Sobrino
The Argentine Crisis, Part II by James Cockcroft
Afro-Colombians Under Attack by Bettina Ng'weno
Remembering When Hollywood Was Radical by Paula Rabinowitz
Putting Democracy on Hold in Mexico by Dan La Botz
Life and Laughter of Covington Hall by Matthew Quest
Alexander Buchman's Revolutionary Life by Susan Weissman
Christopher Hill and the Recovery of History by Ellen Meiksins Wood

July/August 2003, No. 105

What the Airline Crisis Shows by The Editors
"War on Terror" versus Native Sovereignty by Andrea Smith
Old and New War in Aceh by Kurt Biddle
France, Chirac and Bush's War by Sophie Beroud and Patrick Silberstein
The New Strike Wave by Sophie Beroud and Patrick Silverstein
A Voice for the Irish Left Wing by Tommy McKearney
Inside the Crony Wars by Nomi Prins
From Lynching to Lethal Injection by Jan Boudart
Random Shots: Iraq and a Hard Place by R.F. Kampfer
Confronting the Occupation by David Finkel
The Israeli Army Shot My Brother by Sophie Herndall
Our Humanity in the Balance by Carel Moiseiwitsch, Gordon Murray and Drew Penland
One Day in Ramallah by Daniella, ISM volunteer
Palestine: Dying for Peace by Louisville Middle East Peace Delegation
An Introduction by The ATC editors
To the Conscience of the World, a statement initiated by 10 prominent Mexicans
A Statement by Solidarity by Political Committee of Solidarity
A Fourth International Statement by Executive Bureau of the Fourth International
Stop Bush's New Aggression Against Cuba by statement initiated by the International ANSWER Coalition
Oppose Repression in Cuba by statement published by the Campaign for Peace and Democracy
Why the Cubans Acted Now by Joaquin Bustello
Cuba Makes Me Hurt by Eduardo Galeano
This Is Where I Get Off by Jose Saramago
Cuba: We Know, and So What? by Alain Krivine
Rebel Pens, "Pencil Hands," and Labor Journalism by Steve Early
The Lost Art of "Scottsboro" in Linoleum Cuts by James A. Miller
Judith Ezekiel's Feminism in the Heartland by Sonya Huber
Tanya Reinhart's Israel/Palestine: How to End the 1948 War by David Finkel
Julius Jacobson (1922-2003) by Samuel Farber
Michael Kidron (1939-2003) by Samuel Farber
Nina Simone: And She Meant Every Word of It! by Kim D. Hunter

September/October 2003, No. 106

Cracking "The Bush Agenda" by The Editors
Race and Class: Diversity or Equality? by Malik Miah
The Religious Right Embraces Zionism by Andrea Smith
Sharon's Right of Return—to Violence by Joel R. Finkel
Arab Political Activity After Iraq by Azmi Bishara
Brazil's Hope in the Balance by Michael Löwy
UAW: Undermining Solidarity by Dianne Feeley
Mechanics' Victory at United Airlines by Malik Miah
Dioxin, Bhopal and Dow Chemical by Ursula McTaggart
Capitalist Empire and the Nation State by Ellen Meiksins Wood
Cuba: Opposition and Repression by Haroldo Dilla Alfonso
Random Shots: Word Processing by Candlelight by R.F. Kampfer
The Construction of Communalism in India by Sara Abraham interviews Dipak Malik
Iran's Islamic Republic at Breaking Point by Ali Javadi
A Letter from California by Frank Fried

November/December 2003, No. 107

Your Rights AND Your Life! by The Editors
The Defeat of Prop 54 by Malik Miah
What the California Recall Showed by Barry Sheppard
Economic Turmoil from USA to Brazil, an interview with Bob Brenner
Tim Hector's Legacy, for Antigua and Us by Paul Buhle
Vieques: Long March to People's Victory by Marc Becker
Two Cuban Musical Giants by Kim D. Hunter interviews Ozzie Rivera and Alberto Nacif
Random Shots: Now It Can Be Told by R.F. Kampfer
Resistance, A Feminist Critique by Shahrzad Mojab
On Wars for High Principle by Milton Fisk
The Neocon-Zionist Alliance for War by Ismael Hossein-Zadeh
David Schweickart's "After Capitalism" by Mel Bienenfeld
E. San Juan's "Racism and Cultural Studies" by Rachel Peterson
Peter McLaren's Critical Pedagogy by Ramin Farahmandpur
On Michael Kidron by Phil Hearse
A Language for Our Struggles by Nadine Nader
Crossing Lines for Justice by Nabeel Abraham
Neal Wood, 1922-2003 by Christopher Phelps and Robert Brenner
Arthur Kinoy by David Finkel

January/February 2004, No. 108

The Miami Model in Your Face by The Editors
Black Voters in 2004 by Malik Miah
Looking at Bush in Babylon, an interview with Tariq Ali
Eyewitness Chile: After 30 Years by James Cockcroft
Iran on the Verge of Revolution? by Hassan Varash & Hamid Naderi
Privatizing Water, The New World War by Veronica Lake
Matt Gonzalez & San Francisco's Green Earthquake by Rich Lesnik
What's Behind the Economic Upturn? by Loren Goldner
Amer Jubran: From Exile to Exile by David Finkel
On the History of Human Nature by Jim Morgan
Random Shots: What Do You Worship? by R.F. Kampfer
Unions Confront A Restructured Industry by Joel Jordan
University of Minnesota: Dignity vs. Cutbacks by Corey Mattison
How Strikers Educated Miami University by Dan La Botz
The UAW Contract's Downhill Spiral by Ron Lare & Judy Wraight
Sampling New Black Radical Scholarship by Alan Wald
The Freedom Schools, An Informal History by Staughton Lynd
Whose Detroit? A City's Upheaval by Nicola Pizzolato
The Vital Legacy of Hubert Harrison by Allen Ruff
Eva Kollisch's Girl in Movement by Lillian Pollak
Sam Phillips & Sun Records by George Fish
Jack Barisonzi, 1933-2003 by Patrick M. Quinn

March/April 2004, No. 109

Women in a Neoliberal Order by The Editors
Martin Luther King's Speech on Vietnam by Malik Miah
New Setback as Mumia's Struggle Continues by Steve Bloom
The Coming Plague of Slums by Mike Davis
A Short History of Big Brother, an interview with Christian Parenti
Colombia Against All Odds by Forrest Hylton
California Home Care: Terminated! by Barri Boone
Random Shots: Let It All Hang Out by R.F. Kampfer
Sharon's Ballons & the Plan by Uri Avnery
Anger, Sadness, Patience, Determination by Marian Kromkowski
The Reality of the "Geneva Accord", a public statement
Jews, Arabs & the Geneva Accord by Yehudit Harel & Dr. Amr El Zant
Jewish Statement in Opposition to the Geneva Accord, a statement
A Century's Feminist Journey by Val Moghadam
Organizing Korean Contingent Labor, an interview with Ae-Lim Yun
Portraits of the Unionista by Jeanette Heinrichs
A Feminist Reader for Today by Angela E. Hubler
Chronicles of A Long War by Dianne Feeley
The Recovery of August Bebel by Soma Marik
Women's Lives on the Left by Alan Wald
Black Liberation and the American Dream by Chris Clement
Ending Poverty As We Know It by Peter Ian Asen

May/June 2004, No. 110

What's the Election For? by The Editors
Gay Marriage Yes! by The Editors
Cascadia Rising to Save the Forest by Sarah Wald
Fighting Subpoenas and Gag Orders in Iowa by Iraj Omidvar
DARE's Struggles in Rhode Island by Paul Buhle
Mexico in the Grip of Corruption by Dan La Botz
West Africa's Spiral of Conflicts by Mark Brenner
Women & War in Sierra Leone by Jan Haaken
Responding to Washington's Haiti Coup by Caribbean People's Statement
The World Social Forum, 2004 by Paul Le Blanc
Max Roach's Transparent Sound at 80 by David Finkel
Random Shots: All Our Crosses to Bear by R.F. Kampfer
What the Grocery Defeat Means by Joel Jordan
Outsourcing & the Unions by Malik Miah
The Contract Struggle at an Auto Parts Plant by Dianne Feeley
Letter to a Progressive Democrat by Paul Felton
2004 and the Left by Ted Glick
The Left and the Elections by Christopher Phelps, Stephanie Luce and Johanna Brenner
The Case for an Alternative, a statement by Solidarity
Another World Is Possible by Anthony Arnove
Paul Sweezy, 1910-2004 by Christopher Phelps

July/August 2004, No. 111

Empire of Lies and Torture by The Editors
Race and Class: Brown v. Board of Education 50 Years Later by Malik Miah
A Future Sacrificed for War by Nomi Prins
The Fight to Save Kevin Cooper by Todd Chretien
Trophy Photographs by Kevin Cooper
South Africa's Deadly Decade of HIV Denial by Patrick Bond
Chinese Workers' Resistance by Norm Diamond interviews Tim Pringle
Korean Labor: Protest by Suicide by Sang-Hwan Jang
British Labour Today by Liam Mac Uaid
The Health Care Crisis and Kerry-Bush by Milton Fisk
The Mythology of Corporate Social Responsibility by Ursula McTaggart
Random Shots: Save That Scrap Metal by R.F. Kampfer
Bush-Sharon's Hell on Earth by David Finkel
A Slice of Death in Rafah by from an International Solidarity Movement report
The Nightmare Comes True by Uri Avnery
The Right of Return & Transformative Justice by Yoav Peled
The Lobby Up Close & Personal by Henry Herskovitz
Winning 2004 & Beyond by Brian Sandberg
A Case for Nader Now by Jeff Melton
Rejoinder: 2004 & the Movement by Christopher Phelps, Stephanie Luce & Johanna Brenner
The End of Guzzlemainia by Michael Livingston
The Poetry of J. Quinn Brisben by Angel Martinez
Remembering Paul Siegel (1916-2004) by Alan Wald

September/October 2004, No. 112

The War and the Vote by The Editors
The U.S. Military Under Stress by Todd Ensign
Untying the Knots by Jill Shenker
A Selective History of Marriage in the United States by Jill Shenker
The Pension Crisis by Malik Miah
Free the Cuban Five! by Michael Steven Smith
Why Cuba Is Different? by David Finkel
Nicaragua Twenty-five Years Later by Dianne Feeley
The Caribbean Left's Legacy by Sara Abraham interviews Eusi Kwayana
German Social Democracy in Crisis by Bill Smaldone
Review Essay: Reutherism Redux by Steve Early
A Mystery in the 2004 Elections by Peter Camejo
Green Party Convention: A Party Divided by Ann Menasche
Democracy Is the Key by Ann Menasche interviews Peter Camejo
Elections & the Democrats by Joel Jordan & Robert Brenner
Understanding Genocide by Alan Wald
Black and White on the Inside by Christopher Phelps
Remembering Dave Dellinger by David McReynolds
Farouk Abdel-Muhti, 1947-2004 by John Leslie

November/December 2004, No. 113

An End or Beginning? by The Editors
A Victory on Pension at IBM by Malik Miah
U.S. Unions & the War by Dianne Feeley
The Meaning of Venezuela's Bolivarian Revolution by Greg Albo
Naming the Darfur Crisis by Mahmood Mamdani
Stop Terror & War! by Solidarity Against War, Moscow
Abusive Conditions as China Goes Capitalist by Zhang Kai
The Chinese Working Women's Network by Pun Ngai and Yang Lie Ming
Northern Ireland's Troubled Compromise by John O'Connor
Canada's Election & the Left by Nathan Rao
Four Years of Disaster by Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi
Israel's Struggle Within by ATC interviews Uri Davis
Review: A Final Warning? by David Finkel
The Road to Civil War by Uri Avnery
AIPAC: Israel's U.S. Spy Den by Allen Ruff
Marx on the Planet by Michael Livingston
Race & Revolution by Peter Drucker
A Rejoinder to Jim Hard by Steve Early
Where Is the Real Debate? by Jim Hard
No "Respect" for Class by Jim Bywater & Sacha Ismail
A Rejoinder on Respect by Liam Mac Uaid
UAW Pioneer and Fighter for Social Justice: Victor G. Reuther by Mike Parker
Neil Chacker, 1942-2004 by David Finkel
Honoring Walt Sheasby by Joel Kovel
Walt Sheasby: An Activist Life by Dan La Botz

January/February 2005, No. 114

On Oil and Quicksand by The Editors
Racist Outrage at UMass-Amherst by Jeffrey Napalitano, Mishy Leiblum, Barak Sered and Stephanie Luce
Privatizing Social Security: Who Wins? by Nomi Prins
The Dollar's Crisis & the Left by Loren Goldner
Grad Student Organizing "19th-Century Style" by Ursula McTaggart
Airline Bankruptcies & Workers' Control by Malik Miah
Iraq: Guerrilla War in Sadr City by Michael Schwartz
Best of Random Shots by R.F. Kampfer
Introducing the Year 1905: Centennial of Struggle by The Editors
Revolutionary Centennial: Guyana's 1905 Rebellion by Nigel Westmaas
The Illusion of Gaza Withdrawal by Tanya Reinhart
In Defense of Divestment by Shamai K. Leibowitz
After Shock & Gawk by James E. Vann
The Democrats' New Scapegoat by Ann Menasche
Northern California in 2005 by Todd Chretien
Unwhitening America by Bill V. Mullen
Dudley Randall Rediscovered by Kim D. Hunter
Caging Race & Gender by Kristian Williams
The Prophet Gone Astray by Peter Drucker
A Reichstag Fire on Steroids? by David Finkel
Another Look at 9/11 by Jack Ceder
Margaret Schirmer Remembered by Delia D. Aguilar

March/April 2005, No. 115

Those Bush Two Blues by The Editors
The Occupation and the Anti-War Movement After the Election by Gilbert Achcar
The Long Shadow of Mass Incarceration: A Generation Imprisoned by Mark Brenner
The Archipelago of Horror by Mike Davis
Issues, Outcome and Prospects: The Ukranian Events by John-Paul Himka
Bush, the Democrats & the Greens After 2004 by Peter Camejo
Free Higher Education, an interview with Adolph Reed, Jr.
The Left & Disability by Barri Boone
Civil Liberties on Trial by Dianne Feeley
Peace, Love, Respect and the Blues by George Fish
Urgent Appeal from the Philippines: End Violence in the Movement by Focus on the Global South
Why We've Been Targeted by Walden Bello
After 9/11: Whose Security? by Johanna Brenner and Nancy Holmstrom
Women in the Venezuelan Revolution by Global Women's Strike
The Jungle at 100 by Christopher Phelps
The Wobblies Heritage by Paul Buhle
Joe Hill & Counterculture by Michael Löwy
Fighting for a Living Wage by Sonya Huber
Middle East Cauldron by David Finkel
A Rejoinder on 9/11 by Jack Ceder

May/June 2005, No. 116

Debating Labor's Future by The Editors
A Military Resister and Conscientious Objector by ATC Interviews Camilo Mejia
Rebellions and Black Wealth by Malik Miah
Personal Reflections: Saving Social Security by Dianne Feeley
Witch Hunt vs. Academic Freedom by Joseph Massad
Palestine: Victims of Violence by Nurit Peled
Using the Holocaust by Amira Hass
The Rebellion in Bolivia by Jeffery R. Webber
Bolivia Postscript: Tensions Building by Jeffery R. Webber
Fifth World Social Forum by Chloe Tribich & John McGough
WSF Youth Camp by Sheila McClear
Wobblies on the Southern Home Front by Abra Quinn
Einstein's 1905 Revolution: New Physics, New Century by Ansar Fayyazuddin
The Defeat of Post-USSR Labor by David Mandel
U.S. Labor in Crisis by Jerry Tucker
On the Wobblies, on the Philippines and on Disability Rights by Phillip Colligan, E. San Juan & Ravi Malhotra
The Future of Life: Hope for Life's Future? by Joel Kovel
Shorter Hours Now! by Mike Parker
A Massive Destruction of Nature: China's Ecological Crisis by George Fish
Education in the Lean University by Robert Hollinger
Sexing Susan Sontag by Yoshie Furuhashi

July/August 2005, No. 117

Is This Sick or What? by The Editors
Vigilante Man, 2005 Style by Mike Davis
An Anti-Imperialist War Resister, ATC Interviews Carl Webb
Pension Terminations by Malik Miah
The PATRIOT Act: Darkness With No Sunset by Julie Hurwitz
Scamming Social Security by Susan Weissman interviews Michael Hudson
"Born into Brothels" Controversy by Frann Michel
Guatemala: The Violence of "Free Trade" by Cyril Mychalejko
Bolivia: The Fall of Carlos Mesa by Jeffery R. Webber
The Battle for Democracy in Mexico by Dan La Botz
Haiti in Crisis by Honor Ford-Smith and D. Alissa Trotz
The Second Fall of Aristide by Robert Fatton, Jr.
Haiti: Racially Profiled! by Patrick Bellegarde-Smith
Understanding Imperialism: Old and New Dominion by David McNally
Gifts of the IWW by Joseph Grim Feinberg
Reading Red: Art & Social Revolution by Alan Wald
Water War in Bolivia by Phil Hearse
Noor: Casting Light on History by Mahmud Rahman
Studying State & Capitalist Development by Raghu Krishnan
Making Trouble Today by Pam Galpern
Women of Color & Reproductive Rights by Dianne Feeley
Recalling U.S. Trotskyism in the 1960s by Paul Le Blanc

September/October 2005, No. 118

On to September 24th! by The Editors
The NAACP's Future by Malik Miah
Muslims in Britain: After the London Bombs by Liam Mac Uaid
Solidarity with Iraqi Labor by Traven Leyshon and Dianne Feeley
The Message and Meaning of Groundings 2005: Walter Rodney Lives! by Sara Abraham
Creating A Movement for Reparations by Andrea Ritchie
Economic Crisis & Fundamentalism by Susan Weissman interviews John Daly
Kyrgyzstan After Akayev by Susan Weissman
Assaulting pro-Palestinian Activism: Smear Tactics at U-M by Nadine Naber
Labor Studies Under Siege by Stephanie Luce
Racism & Conflict at Southern Illinois by Robbie Lieberman
Rehearsing for 1917: Russia's 1905 Revolution by David Finkel
A Hidden Story of the 1905 Russian Revolution: The Unemployed Soviet by Nikolai Preobrazhenksii
Rosa Luxemburg & the Mass Strike by Lea Haro
Lessons from the 1905 Revolution by Hillel Ticktin
Remembering a Revolutionary Artist: Vlady Presente! by Suzi Weissman
U.S. Law: Religious or Secular? by Jennifer Jopp
From the Front Lines of Native Women's Struggles by Andrea Ritchie
Fighting the Wal-Mart Plague by Karen Miller
Sports & Resistance by Peter Ian Asen
An Israeli Anti-Zionist Memoir: On the Border by Larry Hochman
Already in Hell: Labor After Communism by George Windau

November/December 2005, No. 119

From 9/11 to Katrina by The Editors
Bush to New Orleans Survivors: "You're On Your Own" by Joanna Dubinsky
Surviving When the State Disappeared: Community vs. Katrina by Suzi Weissman interviews Mike Davis
The Northwest Strike: Acid Test for Labor by Malik Miah
The Northwest Airlines Strike: Where is Labor Going? by Peter Rachleff
Hoffa Jr.: The Real Record by Henry Phillips
Zimbabwe: Mbeki to Mugabe's Rescue by Patrick Bond
A Commentary from Israel: Peace Camp - Dead or Alive? by Michael Warschawski
Indigenous Resistance to Gold Mine Gains Momentum by Cyril Mychalejko
Snapshots of the Bolivarian Revolution by Dan La Botz
From 1905 to Our Time by Shelia Cohen
John Brown, Abolitionist by Jennifer Jopp
Background to Bush's Debacle: Iraq and the Empire by Christopher Phelps
Globalization's Damages by Tony Smith
Little Milton and Clarence Brown by George Fish

January/February 2006, No. 120

Crisis of the Regime by The Editors
An Unfragmented Movement: The People are the City by Joanna Dubinsky Interviews Shana Griffin
Race and Class: Paris to New Orleans by Malik Miah
The French Riots: Dancing with the Wolves by Yves Coleman
Transit Union Shuts NYC Down: Standing Up for Our Rights by Steve Downs
A Massive Crisis in Auto: Delphi, GM, the UAW, and Soldiers of Solidarity by Dianne Feeley
NYU: Nerds on Strike! by Amanda Plumb
Contradictions of the Iraqi Resistance: Guerilla War vs. Terrorism by Michael Schwartz
The Danger in Lebanon by Gilbert Achcar
Mixing Metaphors and Diluting Memory: Lynching - The Reality by Gode Davis and Peter Ian Asen
Israel's "Withdrawal" Toward Apartheid by David Finkel interviews Jeff Halper
The Targeting of Walter Rodney by Michael O. West
The Oratory of Malcolm X by Ursula McTaggart
Jeff Halper's Obstacles to Peace by David Finkel
Seth Farber's Radicals, Rabbis and Peacemakers by Michael Steven Smith
Four Books on Hegemony and Resistance by John Vandermeer

March/April 2006, No. 121

A Fine Imperial Mess by The Editors
New York Transit Activists' Account: The Strike and Beyond by ATC interviews Josh Fraidstern and Jaime Veve
New Strategy and Tactics for Labor in the Airlines: Beyond Bankruptcy by Malik Miah
Wal-Mart's Real Cost by Meleiza Figueroa
China's Worker Protests: A Second Wave of Labor Unrest? by Wong Kam Yan
Evidence and Evolution: A Controversial Theory by Rob Bartlett
25 Years After the Gdansk Uprising by Suzi Weissman interviews David Ost
Palestinian Democracy by Michael Warschawski
Museums, Art and the Rackets by Paula Rabinowitz
A Slice of Socialist History by Frank Fried and Lester Rodney
Engendered Surgery: Women Surgeons Reveal their Experiences by Patrizia Longo and Cliff J. Straehley
Romance Novels, Class and Abu Ghraib by Teresa L. Ebert
State-Sponsored Violence Against Women by Julia Perez Cervera
For the Love of Country? by Jennifer Jopp
A Record of Resistance by Dianne Feeley
A Movement's Loss by K.R. Avilés-Vázquez
A Transformed Force by Felix Cordova Iterregui

May/June 2006, No. 122

A Gran Marcha and Beyond by The Editors
Plight of Young Black Men: The Scars and the Crisis by Malik Miah
The Sleeping Giant Awakes by Meleiza Figueroa
Immigrant Students and Workers Take to the Streets: Outpouring in Chicago by Joseph Grim Feinberg
A Test of Our Courage by Mike Davis
Textbook Tempest in California: Who Speaks for Hinduism? by Purnima Bose
Collective Action - and Victory! France: CPE Goes Down by Robi Morder
French Students Speak for Themselves What We Won—and Need by Erwan, Florent, Gaby, Gaelle, Guillaume, Laetitia, Nina & Steven
Fighting for Union Autonomy: Mexican Miners On Strike by Dan La Botz
Arroyo on the Brink by Sonny Melencio
After Katrina: A View from the Ground, an interview with Isaac Steiner
New Legal Openings for Mumia Abu-Jamal by Steve Bloom
A Living Wage in London by Jane Wills
Beyond Iraq: The Spreading Crisis by David Finkel
The Case for Staying in Iraq by Kale Baldock
Interview with Gilbert Achcar by Susan Weissman
Follies of the War by David Finkel
Feminism in Canada by Cynthia Wright
Interracial Antiracism by Rachel Peterson
A People's Science by John Vandermeer
Melville and A Lot More by Paul Buhle
Giants and Immortal Legacies by George Fish

July/August 2006, No. 123

The Real Costs of Empire by The Editors
Legalize Free Movement of Labor: Viewing A National Debate by Malik Miah
Bolivia: Evo Morales' First 100 Days by Jeffery R. Webber
Mexico: The Zapatistas' New Fight by Chris Tilly and Marie Kennedy
Mayhem, Murder and Manipulation - Mexico in Turmoil by Dan La Botz
The Workers' Party and Political Crisis in Brazil: Lula at a Crossroads? by Gianpaolo Baiocchi
A Response to Critics by Kale Baldock
American Cartoonists Rap on the Danish Flap by Kristian Williams
An Interview with Patricia Campbell by ATC Editors
The Myth of the Labor Aristocracy, Part 1 by Charles Post
The Unruly Revolution by Sakina M. Hughes
Pioneers of Resistance by Dianne Feeley
Damu Smith: A Life of Giving by Kim D. Hunter

September/October 2006, No. 124

Binge and Hangover by The Editors
Elections and Regime Crisis by The Editors
Michael Berg for U.S. Congress in Delaware: A Voice Against War by Roger Horowitz
The Vogeler Senate Campaign by Marc Sanson, Mike Wunsch and Rae Vogeler
California Greens Advance: The Camejo and Chretien Campaigns by Mike Rubin
The Massachusetts Plan: "Universal Coverage"? by David Cohen and Judy Atkins
The Lessons of Lebanon by Uri Avnery
The Middle East in Flames by Andrew Kennedy and Suzi Weismann Interview Gilbert Achcar
What Happened - and Didn't: Behind New York's Transit Strike by Steve Downs
Strike Lessons from the Last Twenty-Five Years: Walking Out and Winning by Steve Early
The "Labor Aristocracy" and Working-Class Struggles: Consciousness in Flux, Part 2 by Charles Post
Liberation, Then What? by Jeffery R. Webber
Bird, Diz and Max at Town Hall, 1945: Birth of a Revolution by Connie Crothers
Morris Slavin: 1913-2006 by Christopher Phelps

November/December 2006, No. 125

The End of the Regime? by The Editors
Israel, Lebanon and Torture, an interview with Marty Rosenbluth
The Profits of War: Planning to Bomb Iran by Ismael Hossein-zadeh
Racist Undercurrents in the "War on Terror" by Malik Miah
War and the Culture of Violence by Dianne Feeley
Creating A Giant Ghetto in Gaza by Uri Avnery
George Bush's Unending War and Israel by Michael Warschawski
The Post MFA Era and the Rise of China, Part 1 by Au Loong-Yu
Dual Power or Populist Theater? Mexico's Two Governments by Dan La Botz
New Challenges to Tenant Organizing in New York City by Chloe Tribich
The Case of Northwest Airlines: Workers' Rights & Wrongs by Peter Rachleff
James Green's Death in the Haymarket by Patrick M. Quinn
Eliizabeth Kolbert's Field Notes from a Catastrophe by John McGough
David Roediger's Working Toward Whiteness by René Francisco Poitevin
Paul Buhle's Tim Hector by Sara Abraham
Latin America to Iraq: Greg Grandin's Empire's Workshop by Samuel Farber
Caroline Lund-Sheppard, Sept. 24, 1944-Oct. 14, 2006: A Life Fully Lived by Jennifer Biddle
Remembering Dorothy Healey: An Activist with Vision by Robbie Lieberman

January/February 2007, No. 126

The War Is (Not) Over by The Editors
Racism and "Colorblind" Society by Malik Miah
The Democrats' Domestic Agenda by David Finkel
ICE's Terror Raids by Milo Mumgaard & Lourdes Gouveia
Reproductive Rights Today by Dianne Feeley
The Detroit Teachers' Strike by Carmen Regalado & Ron Lare
Brutality in Oaxaca by Dan La Botz
Ecuador Swings Left by Cyril Mychalejko
Cuban Reality Beyond Fidel, an interview with Sam Farber
The China Advantage, Part 2 by Au Loong-Yu
The Water Crisis in Gaza by Alice Gray
Fitting Means & Ends by Nancy Holmstrom
The Attica Uprising by Heather Ann Thompson
Black Arts for Liberation by Cynthia A. Young
A Century of African-American Internationalism by Regennia N. Williams
Cops Against Brutality by Kristian Williams
Race, Class & the Left by Allen Ruff
On the Origins of the Cuban Revolution by Paul Le Blanc
The Roots of Conservatism by Sebastian Lamb
Against "Autonomism" by Tom Smith
Labor Aristocracy: Myth—or Reality? by Steve Bloom

March/April 2007, No. 127

Blood, Money, More War? by The Editors
Race and Class: Segregation Coming Back? by Malik Miah
Strategy & Tactics for Immigrant Rights in 2007 by Nativo V. Lopez
Immigrant Workers in the United States (Part 1) by Kim Moody
Whither the Congress of South African Trade Unions? by Ebrahim Harvey
Behind Russia's Headlines by Hillel Ticktin
Brazil After Four Years of Lula by João Machado & José Corrèa Leite
Sanctions on Iran by Ali Javadi
Women, Work & Migration by Jackie Esmunds
Marriage Demystified, an interview with Stephanie Coontz
Review: Marriage, A History by Johanna Brenner
Feminism at Work by Lynne Williams
Women in Oaxaca's Popular Movement by Yakira Teitel
Review: Sex Work Globalized by Brooke Campbell
Review: Women, Diamonds & War by Bettina Ng'weno
The Labor Aristocracy: A Reply by Charlie Post
The Saga of Black Hoboes by George Fish

May/June 2007, No. 128

Nakba One, Two, Three? by The Editors
Court Upholds Indecent Act, a Letter from the Editors
Race and Class: What Is "Black Enough"? by Malik Miah
Framing Reverend Pinkney by Ted McTaggart
Mexicans Defend Their Humble Tortilla by Diana Denham
Indonesia's Democratic Movement Under Attack by Max Lane
German Social Democracy in the Great Coalition by William Smaldone
Harvest of Empire, Part 2 by Kim Moody
The High Stakes of Unity, an interview with Hisham Ahmed
Artistry & Activism: The Poetry of Irena Klepfisz by Ursula McTaggart
Review: Escaping the Iron Cage by Dianne Feeley
Five Brief Reviews by David Finkel
Review: Do Zionists Run America? by Allen Ruff
Israel's Future Foretold by Hal Draper
Prophetic Warning by Hannah Arendt
The West East Divan Project by Clara Takarabe
Hounding Azmi Bishara by David Finkel
In Memoriam: Tanya Reinhart, 1943-2007 by David Finkel
Spirits of Revolution by Michael Löwy
Radical Religion: A Comment by Gloria Albrecht
One Man in Two Middles by J. Quinn Brisben
Iris M. Young, 1949-2006 by Mechthild Nagel
The "Labor Aristocracy" by Charlie Post

July/August 2007, No. 129

Deferred Freedom Agenda by The Editors
Race and Class: Facing the New Backlash by Malik Miah
Memoirs of a 1960s Activist by Gloria House
July 1967: Rebellion by Kate Stacy
Voices of Iraqi Workers by Traven Leyshon
It's Political Not Personal by Paula Chakravartty and Stephanie Luce
How to Resist Sarkozy? by Peter Drucker
Women's NGOs Under Conditions of Occupation and War by Shahrzad Mojab
Bolivia: Transition on Hold by Jeffery R. Webber
Coca and Conflict in Bolivia by Benjamin Dangl
Bolivia's Long Revolution by Susan Spronk
A Nation at Canaan's Edge by Mark Higbee
Artistry Serving Activism by Paul Le Blanc
Speaking for New Orleans by Christian Roselund
Unselling War by Dianne Feeley
A Revolutionary Life by Alan Wald
On String Theory by Ansar Fayyazuddin
Martin Seldon, 1923-2007 by Christopher Phelps

September/October 2007, No. 130

Imperial Failure and the Vote by The Editors
Race and Class: Rolling Back Integration by Malik Miah
Beyond "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" by Renee Saucedo
When Justice Is Battered by Carol Jacobsen
Auto Armageddon? by Dianne Feeley
Oaxaca: People's Guelaguetza vs. State Violence by Rachel Wallis
The Zapatistas Today, an interview with John Ross
Review: On Marcos, Man and Mask by Dan La Botz
Miss Calculatsia: Danger of War That No One Wants by Uri Avnery
A Festival of Radical Energy by John McGough and Isaac Steiner
Heteropatriarchy, A Building Block of Empire by Andrea Smith
Envisioning Economic Justice by Milton Tambor
Resistance Stirring Again by Ashley Smith
Finding Workers Power by Dianne Feeley
Our Life, Work, Struggles by Chloe Tribich
New Red-Green Politics by John McGough
Tim Flannery: "It's Over to You" by David Finkel
Slums, 21st Century Wars by Ron Warren
The Study of a Russian Factory by David Mandel
Jerry Lee Lewis at 70 by George Fish
"SiCKO," Are We Sick, Or What? by Nick Hillendime
On Hal Draper's Zionism by Ernest Haberkern
Challenging Kim Moody by Michael Friedman
Irene Morgan, Max Roach: Two Soldiers of Liberation by David Finkel
Karen J. Kassirer: Artist, Friend and Comrade by Kate Stacy

November/December 2007, No. 131

Regime Dis-Credited by The Editors
Race and Class: What the Jena 6 Case Shows by Malik Miah
The Movement Comes to Jena by Joanna Dubinsky
Facing the Toyota "Pattern" by Dianne Feeley
The Sub-Prime Market Crisis by Nomi Prins
Report from Dubai by Vicky Francis
A Left Voice in Pakistan, an interview with Farooq Tariq
Review: Political War Over Palestine by David Finkel
An October for Us, for Russia and for the Whole World, an appeal from Russian Intellectuals and Artists
The Russian Revolution Ninety Years After by David Mandel
Introduction to When the UAW Was Young by Charles Williams
When the UAW Was Young, an interview with Erwin and Estar Baur
Debunking Columbus by Jennifer Jopp
The CIA and Questions of Torture by George Fish
Can We Live and Eat Too? by Eli Jelly-Schapiro
The Press and the Class Struggle by Barry Eidlin
U.S. Labor's Subterranean Fire by Charlie Post
Tide Turning in Latin America? by Midge Quandt
On Immigration and Wages by Kim Moody
Grace Paley (1922-2007) by Sonya Huber-Humes
Carol L. McAllister (1947-2007) by Paul Le Blanc

January/February 2008, No. 132

Devastating Crisis Unfolds by Bob Brenner, for the ATC editors
Behind the Dirty Cleansing of New Orleans by Chloe Tribich
Update on Pakistan: After the "Emergency" by Farooq Tariq
World Cup 2010: Showcase South Africa by Sam Ross
Dubai Labor Fighting Back Vs. Indentured Globalization by Vicky Francis
Peace Beyond Annapolis by Hasan Newash and David Finkel
HAMAS Under the Spotlight by Hisham H. Ahmed
The First Legal Russian Strike in a Decade
Appreciating Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. by D.C. Faye
Obama and "I Have a Dream" in 2008 by Malik Miah
Remembrance: Ousmane Sembène, Father of African Film by Kim D. Hunter interviews Louise M. Jefferson
Review: Riding the Bus to Freedom by Dianne Feeley
Remembrance: Sekou Sundiata and the Dream State by Kim D. Hunter
The Making of Jericho Road, an interview with Michael Honey
Puerto Rico, The Oldest U.S. Colony by César F. Rosado Marzán
Myths of Cultural Dysfunction by Samuel Farber
Recovering Forgotten Voices by Keith Gilyard
The Death of Retirement? by Nomi Prins
Our History Recovered by Patrick M. Quinn
Hillary: Hope or Hype? by Barri Boone
A Reply on Overcoming Zionism by Joel Kovel

March/April 2008, No. 133

Looking Back – and Ahead by Letter from the Editors
Voter ID Laws, Voter Fraud by Malik Miah
Can Soldiers Resist?, an interviews with Tod Ensign and Phil Aliff
The Obama-Clinton Contest by Dianne Feeley
After Pakistan's Election by Farooq Tariq
Kenya's Opposition Party by Mukoma Wa Ngugi
Congo's War, Women's Holocaust
On Hunger and Capitalism by Dan Jakopovich
A Rejoinder to Joel Kovel by David Finkel
Confronting the -isms by Chude Pam Allen
Forty Years of Defying the Odds by Sheila Michaels
My Year of Transition by Elizabeth "Betita" Martinez
Becoming a Revolutionary by Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz
The Year of Awakening by Barbara Winslow
A Time for Learning by Jane Slaughter
My 1968 in the Heartland by Judith Ezekiel
"Intersectionality" in Real Life, an interview with Loretta Ross
Domestic Work and Rights in China by May Wong
Women Stand Up, Fight Back by Chloe Tribich
Hitting the Maternal Wall by Sonya Huber-Humes
A War Plan Scuttled? by Allen Ruff
Funding Revolutions? by Aileen Anderson
Kicking Ass for the Working Class by Kim Moody
A Working-Class Hero Is Something To Be by Steve Early
Globalization in the Academy by John O'Connor
Response to George Fish by Malik Miah
Racism and Responsibility by George Fish

May/June 2008, No. 134

Some Stupid Dirty Politics by The Editors
Reverend Wright and Black Liberation Theology by Malik Miah
Global Crisis and Opportunity by Ben Terrall interviews Mike Davis
Models of Coming U.S. Interventions: Iraq or Haiti? by Ben Terrall interviews Mike Davis
Detroit Politics Embroiled by David Finkel
Everything's on the Line at AAM by Dianne Feeley
A Union Defeated at United Air Lines by Malik Miah and Terry O'Rourke
Algonquins vs. Frontenac Ventures by P. Marie
Mumia Federal Appeal Denied by Steve Bloom
Winter Soldier 2008 by Nate Franco and Dianne Feeley
Report from Winter Soldier by Elaine Brower
Notes from a Revolution Dying by Simon Pirani
Letter to the Editors by Chude Pam Allen
A Reluctant Memoir of the '50s and '60s by Paul Le Blanc
A Parable of Women's Liberation by Meredith Tax
Machismo and Its Discontents by Ann Ferguson
Triple Jeopardy and the Struggle by Miriam Ching Yoon Louie
Coming Home to the Struggle by Wendy Thompson
The Power of Women United by Kipp Dawson
Gaza, The World's Largest Outdoor Prison by Kristine Currie
The Survival of Education by Peter Olson
Religion and the Rise of Labor and Black Detroit by Mark Higbee

July/August 2008, No. 135

A Campaign with Issues by The Editors
Socialists and Barack Obama by Malik Miah
The Housing Mess by Nomi Prins
A New Phase of Economic Crisis by Jack Rasmus
Racism and Structural Solutions by Michael A. McCarthy
Public Universities in Peril by Cole Wehrle
Indianapolis' Extortion Dome by George Fish
Loosing Another Round by The Editors
Columbia's Paramilitary Politics by Lesley Gill
Killer Coke Exposed by Jared Abbott
Reluctant Memoir, Part 2 by Paul LeBlanc
History on the Printed Page by Paul LeBlanc
Empire, Religion and Liberation by Jeffery R. Webber
Bolivia's Autonomist Right – A Dangerous Threat by Jeffery R. Webber
Labor on the Ropes by Traven Leyshon
Opa Nobody by Chloe Tribich
Globalizataion and Feminism by Angela E. Hubler
Allan Bérubé, 1946-2007 by Gary Kinsman
Elissa Karg Chacker, 1951-2008 by Jane Slaughter and David Finkel

September/October 2008, No. 136

War(s) With No Exit by The Editors
The Elephant in the Room by Malik Miah
Rev. Edward Pinkney Imprisoned by Dorothy Pinkney
When Human Beings Are Illegal by Peter Rachleff
The God Question by Terry Eagleton
Obama and the Empire by Allen Ruff
The New Chinese Nationalism by Au Loong Yu
The Russian-Georgian Clash, an interview with Ronald Grigor Suny
Democracy Against Politics by Joseph Grim Feinberg
The Legacy of 1968 by Gerd-Rainer Horn
On May '68 by Michael Löwy
Letters to the Editors by Barri Boone, Pam Chude Allen & Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz
No Outside Saviors! by ATC interviews Gwen Patton
Victor Serge: For Our Time by Susan Weissman
The Russian Revolution in Retreat by review by Samuel Farber
Voices of Asian Americans by Seonghee Lim
B.J. Widick, 1910-2008 by Alan Wald

November/December 2008, No. 137

Whose Wipeout? Whose Bailout? by The Editors
The Financial Calamity, Blacks and Obama by Malik Miah
What's the Matter with the System? by Suzi Weissman interviews Thomas Frank
The Presidential Candidates' Health Plans by Milton Fisk
The Crisis Beneath the Bailout by Jack Rasmus
Labor's Disaster at American Axle by Dianne Feeley
France: A Sea Change on the Left by Yann Remy
Mexico at War by Dan La Botz
Patricia Isasa's Quest for Justice by David Finkel
Raymond Williams, and Why Culture Matters by Terry Eagleton
The Realities of China Today by Martin Hart-Landsberg
Bolivia After the Referendum by Jeffery R. Webber
Visualizing Justice for Labor by Dan Clawson
Agrarian-Industrial Revolt by Jim Toweill
Arab Sexualities by Peter Drucker
Honoring Mahmoud Darwish by Hasan Newash
B.J. Widick and the UAW by Nelson Lichtenstein
Bill Banta, 1941-2008 by Patrick M. Quinn

January/February 2009, No. 138

Changing for Real by The Editors
Keeping Independent Politics Alive by The Editors
What Obama's Victory Means About Race and Class by Malik Miah
Bailing Out Banks, Smashing Unions by Dianne Feeley
Victory in Chicago: Republic Workers' Occupation
Twenty Million Jobless by the End of 2009 by Jack Rasmus
Reading, Writing and Union Building by Steve Early
Letters to the Editors: What Are You For? Democracy Vs. Politics by Perry Cartwright; Paul Buhle
Segregation and Black Labor Before the CIO: by Paul Ortiz
On Richard Wright's Centennial: The Great Outsider by Alan Wald
Cutural Warriors of the Freedom Struggle: Miriam Makeba and Odetta by Kim D. Hunter
Long Before "Boondocks" by Brian Dolinar
Afro-Asian Collaborations by Manan Desai
Is Anti-Capitalism Enough? The New Crisis & the Left by Howard Brick
U.S. & Israel: Dog Wags Tail Wags Dog by Allen Ruff
Long March to Revolution by John McGough
Jews of All Colors by Chloe Tribich
A Magical Moment by Michael Löwy
My Studs Terkel, and Yours by Frank Fried
Utah Phillips 1935-2008 by Brad Duncan
Ron Carey, Militant Union Reformer

March/April 2009, No. 139

Crisis and Coronation by The Editors
The Economy in a World of Trouble, an interview with Robert Brenner
Race and Class: Downturn Undermines Black "Middle Class" by Malik Miah
Richmond, CA vs. Chevron by Mike Parker & Margaret Jordan
Stirring Up Racism by Mike Parker & Margaret Jordan
Critical Resistance at 10 by Kristian Williams
The Battle for Puerto Rico's Labor Movement by Rafael Bernabe
Health Care Unions at War
Intersectionality Coming Alive by Stephanie Luce
Foremothers and Fathers by Nancy Holmstrom
Meeting Alexandra Kollontai by Abra Quinn
Feminism, The Global Struggle by Purnima Bose
After the Destruction by The Editors
The Future of Israel/Palestine by Jeff Halper
Selected Bibliography by Jeff Halper
Ethnic Cleansing: Palestine Reality by Joel Finkel
Toward A New Socialism by Ursula McTaggart
The Enemy of Nature by Ansar Fayyazuddin
Peter Camejo: A Red-Green Life by Claudette Begin
Camejo's Early Political Years by Barry Sheppard
Peter Camejo at Berkeley by Jack Bloom
Kenn Cox and Donald Walden: "Free Jazz Radicals" by Melba Joyce Boyd
"A Mingus Among Us" and a Walden Within Us by Melba Joyce Boyd
Working It Out "A lot of people have died for this music...," Kenn Cox by Melba Joyce Boyd
A Comrade and Friend

May/June 2009, No. 140

Socialism Then – And Now! by The Editors
The NAACP at 100 by Malik Miah
John Hope Franklin's Message by Malik Miah
The Many Faces of Bank Nationalization by Jack Rasmus
The FMLN's Historic Victory by Marc Becker
China's Disposable Labor by Au Loong-yu
Crisis from Pakistan to Motown, an interview with Tariq Ali
Saving Corporations, Sacrificing Workers by Dianne Feeley
Capitalism and Social Rights by Ellen Meiksins Wood
Pinkney Fight Continues
The United States and Gaza by Stephen R. Shalom
The Lessons of Gaza 2009 by Bashir Abu-Manneh
Code Pink's Gaza Delegation by Rick Congress
Peace Prospects in the Middle East? by Hisham H. Ahmed
Israel: Obama's "Bibiyahu" Problem by Uri Avnery
Rachel Corrie Presente! by Cindy and Craig Corrie
Dissidents Looking Beyond Zionism by David Finkel
Race, Politics and Christianity in America by Angela Dillard
U.S. Poetry and the Politics of Form by Sarah Ehlers
Reviewing Red: Love and Revolution by Alan Wald
The Crisis of Revolutionary Power by Sarah Badcock

July/August 2009, No. 141

Obama and War(s) by The Editors
Race and Class: The Agenda of Pure Racism by Malik Miah
Support Builds for Troy Davis by Isaac Steiner
The NUHW Revolt by Meredith Schafer
Attack on William Robinson by Edwin Laing
Concerned Members of UCSB Academic Community
Sri Lanka: Behind the Massacre, an interview with Ashok Kumar
Dancing with Death: "Waltz with Bashir" by Paul Abowd
Exploring the Roots of the Crisis by Charlie Post
"Illegals" of the World Unite?, an interview with David Bacon
Can We Build Socialist-Anarchist Alliances? by Ursula McTaggart
A Struggle in Solidarity with Others: Lessons from a Student Campaign Battling a Giant Corporation by Sayan Bhattacharyya
Against the Politics of Tolerance: Islam, Sexuality and Belonging in the Netherlands by Paul Mepschen
"Climate Justice" and the Left: The Necessity of a Mass Movement by Nick Davenport
A Letter to the ATC Editors by George Fish
Doctors Under Attack by The Editors
Introducing "Views on Cuba" by David Finkel
Cuba in Search of Renovation by Janette Habel
The Economy After A Half Century by Frank Thompson
The Transition to Socialism by James D. Cockcroft
The Cuban Five—Injustice Prolonged by The Editors
Political Controls from Above by Samuel Farber
Emma Goldman: Voice of a Rebel by Rebecca Hill
Ecuador's Indigenous Socialism by Joanne Rappaport
An Abortion Doctor's Jailhouse Journal by Claudette Begin
Franklin Rosemont (1943-2009) by Michael Löwy

September/October 2009, No. 142

Letter from the Editors: Health Care Reform by Milton Fisk
Race and Class: African Americans in a Sick System by Malik Miah
Resisting the Gutting of CUNY by Carolina Bank-Muñoz, Scott Dexter and Tara Mulqueen
LA Teachers Face the Crisis, an interview with UTLA activist
Jazz in the New Depression, an interview with Connie Crothers
Three Decades of Iranian Women's Activism by Catherine Sameh
Egyptian Labor Erupting by Atef Said
Egypt's Long Labor History by Atef Said
Disasters You Can Believe In by David Finkel
A Cosmetic Cover for Occupation by Purnima Bose
Ecuador: Left Turn? by Marc Becker
Cuba Today by Katherine Gordy
A Fifty-year Old Process by Antonio Carmona Báez
Che Guevara in Search of a New Socialism by Michael Löwy
Dissecting Congo's Modern Holocaust by Nnenna Okeke
Timeline of the Congo Conflict by Nnenna Okeke
A Mandel for All Seasons by Alan Wald
J. David Edelstein
Joe Frantz, 1950-2009 by Mike Parker
The Politics of Victor Serge by Ernie Haberkern
A Rejoinder: The Real Victor Serge by Susan Weissman

November/December 2009, No. 143

Reform Is Not A Tea Party by The Editors
Right-Wing Assault, Liberal Retreat by Malik Miah
Mexico's PATCO Moment? by Dan La Botz
South African Workers Tackle Neoliberalism by Patrick Bond & Azwell Banda
A Critical Defense of Charter '08 by Au Loong-yu
On Darwin's 200th Anniversary by Ansar Fayyazuddin
On Nelson Algren's Centenary by Nathaniel Mills
Introduction to Spain's Revolution & Tragedy by David Finkel, for the editors of ATC
Remembering Spain's Revolution by Jane Slaughter
A Classic Study Revisited by Gerd-Rainer Horn
Chronicles from the Front by Reiner Tosstorff
The Journey of James Neugass by Alan Wald
Introduction to The POUM's Seven Decades by The ATC editors
The POUM's Seven Decades by Wilebaldo Solano
Fighting Lynch Laws in America by Gerald Meyer
Chronicling Labor's Crisis by Dan Clawson
Tearing Down the Gates? by Debby Pope
The Politics of Surrealism by Amanda Armstrong
Looking at Che Guevara by Kit Adam Wainer
Theories of Stalinism by Paul Le Blanc
Leon Despres, Chicago Rebel by Frank Fried
Indy's Lucas Oil Stadium Revisited by George Fish
A Letter on Cuba by Barry Sheppard
A Brief Rejoinder by Frank Thompson

January/February 2010, No. 144

The Road from Copenhagen by The Editors
Climate Crisis Hits Pakistani Women by Bushra Khaliq
Pakistan on the Brink? The Real Threat from Within by Adaner Usmani
The Poisoned Pill of Obama's War by The Editors
Rise of the Left Party: Germany's Election and Beyond by Bill Smaldone
German Auto Workers in the Crisis by Dianne Feeley
The Saga of Stella D'oro, Inspiration and Lessons by Micah Landau and René Rojas
Race and Class: Blacks Still Taking the Hit by Malik Miah
Post-Katrina New Orleans: A Third Reconstruction? by Derrick Morrison
From Reconstruction to Capitalist Crisis by Derrick Morrison
Mass Murder at Colfax, The Bloody Death of Reconstruction by Robert Caldwell
Democracy Seized – and Lost by Jim Toweill
African-American Socialist Pioneer by Clarence Lang
Inspired by Injustice: Scottsboro in History by Bill V. Mullen
World War II and Ethnic Conflict in LA by Daisy Rooks
Genius At Work in Struggle by David Finkel
Where Is Venezuela Going? by Jeffery R. Webber
Leonard Bernstein's Tragedy by Peter Drucker
Do Workers Lose Their Rights? by Nancy Holmstrom
Every Woman for Herself by Jane Slaughter
Scottish Workers in History by Paul Buhle
A Letter on Che by Peter Drucker

March/April 2010, No. 145

The Politics of Inverted Fear by The Editors
Race & Class: Obama Forgets Black Community by Malik Miah
Lost Liberties in the Age of Obama by Michael Steven Smith
A Year of Banking Bailout by Nomi Prins
The Crisis and the Potential by Kim Moody
Gaza Freedom March Blocked, an interview with Kim Redigan
Haiti, Imperialist Disaster by David Finkel
Washington's Magical Realism by Saul Landau & Nelson Valdes
Washington's Post-Cold War Coup by Dianne Feeley
Resistance with the Scent of a Woman by Alicia Reyes
Guatemala Coup Fails by Dianne Feeley
Questions for a New Movement by Adam Dylan Hefty
After the Wheeler Occupation by Zachary Levenson
The Cuts and the Fightback by Tanya Smith
AFSCME 3299 Fights Back by Kathryn Lybarger
The Save Public Education Fightback by Claudette Begin
Solidarity Alliance: A Call to Action by Claudette Begin
Celebrating the Past—the Legacy of the Free Speech Movement by Gretchen Lipow
Sex & Iran's Upstoppable Resistance by Catherine Sameh
Fighting Fires & Breaking Barriers by Kate Flynn
Gay Marriage: End of the World? by Chloe Tribich
Forging Change, Breaking Chains by George Lipsitz
Labor at War or in the Tank? by Paul Buhle
Noam Chomsky: Moral & Social Thinker by Michael A. McCarthy & Glen Pine
Dennis Brutus: Honored by the Enemies He Kept by Patrick Bond & Ashwin Desai
Daniel Bensaïd: The Power of Indignation by Michael Löwy
Lester Rodney: The Long Ball Hitter by Frank Fried

May/June 2010, No. 146

Who's Dysfunctional Now? by The Editors
U.S.-Israel Crisis: The Test by David Finkel, for the ATC editors
Race & Class: Obama & the Politics of Protest by Malik Miah
U.S. Social Forum in Detroit by Dianne Feeley
The Death of NUMMI by Barry Sheppard
Obama's Imperial Continuity by Allen Ruff
Ohio Socialist Runs for U.S. Senate by Dan La Botz
Islamophobia Sets the Terms by Alex de Jong
Food Sovereignty in Mexico & The Organizing Power of Women by Ann Ferguson
The New Sexual Radicalism by Peter Drucker
Making Sense of This Economic Crisis by Ismael Hossein-zadeh
Public Education in California—What's After March 4? by Adam Dylan Hefty
Teachers, Parents, Community Together, an interview with Joshua Pechthalt
Republic of Dunces by Gray Brechin
Undisputed Success by Claudette Begin
Myths of the Exile and Return by David Finkel
Terror As It Was and Is by Aparna Sundar
Philippines: Resisting Gobble-ization by Michael Viola
Sacred Roots of A People's Music by Kim D. Hunter
Discography to Sacred Roots of A People's Music by compiled by Kim D. Hunter
On the Legacy of Che Guevara by Charlie Post
An Answer to Charlie Post by Michael Löwy
Reply to A Reviewer by James D. Young
Response by Paul Buhle

July/August 2010, No. 147

Bigger Slicks, Sicker Society by The Editors
Arizona's Racial Profiling Push by Malik Miah
Louisianans, Oil & Petro-Addiction by Brian Marks
The Unfolding Epic Recession by Jack Rasmus
The Limits of State Intervention by Barry Finger
After Obama's Health Care Law by Milton Fisk
The U.S. Social Forum in Detroit
The Victory for Workers' Rights in Honduras by Anthony Graham
World Cup Woes for South Africa by Ashwin Desai & Patrick Bond
The 1960 Sit-ins in Context by Marty Oppenheimer
SNCC's 50-Year Legacy by Theresa El-Amin
¡Viva la Revolución! by Dan La Botz
Trotsky, Guest of the Revolution by Olivia Gall
Miners Protest Brutal Beatings by Dan La Botz
African Americans' Forced Labor by Heather Ann Thompson
Peace, Freedom and McCarthyism by Mark Solomon
Waging the War on Slavery by Derrick Morrison
Fighters with Disabilities by Chloe Tribich
Berta Langston, 1926-2010 by Alan Wald
Barbara Zeluck, 1923-2010
Recollections of Harry Press by Carl Anderson, Arthur Brodzky & Dave Bers
Lena Horne & Her Times by Kim D. Hunter

September/October 2010, No. 148

Obama's Reform, Recovery Stalled by The Editors
How Race Fuels Rightist Agenda by Malik Miah
Obama's RTTT vs. Teacher Unions by Kit Adam Wainer
October 7: Defend Education! by Adam Dylan Hefty
The Danger of SB1070 by Pancho Valdez
Wikileaks and the Truth of the Af-Pak War by Adaner Usmani
Venezuela: Voices on the Struggle by Jeffery R. Webber and Susan Spronk interviewing activists
Orwell in the Maze of Memory by Victor Pardo Lancina
Letter to Readers by Esteban Volkov Bronstein and Olivia Gall
¡Viva la Revolución! Part 2 by Dan La Botz
Genealogies of the Uprisings, an interview with Adolph Gilly
Mexico's Crisis in Context by James D. Cockcroft
Mexican Women – Then and Now by Heather Dashner Monk
Mexico 2010: The Spreading Crisis by Fred Rosen
Oaxaca: Autonomy Under Seige by Scott Campbell
Feminism's Global Contradictions by Angela Hubler
The Rawick File: How Do People Revolt? by Paul Buhle
Remembering Barbara Zeluck by Johanna Brenner
Edmond Kovacs, 1924-2010 by Leslie Evans

November/December 2010, No. 149

After the Democrats' Debacle by The Editors
Race and Class: What About the Working Poor? by Malik Miah
Reflections on October 7th by Wes Strong
Resisting Agent Orange by Michael Uhl
Bob King and the "New" UAW by Dianne Feeley
Capital's War on the People by Ismael Hossein-zadeh
A Tale of Two Social Forums by Marc Becker
Pakistan Women's Voices, an interview with Bushra Khaliq
After the Floods, the IMF by Adaner Usmani
Kashmir: A Brief Background by David Finkel for the ATC editors
Kashmir: A Time for Freedom by Angana Chatterji
1810, 1910, 2010 and Mexican Labor by Richard Roman and Edur Velasco Arregui
After Oaxaca's Popular Rebellion by Scott Campbell
U.S. Socialists and the Mexican Revolution by Dan La Botz
Chronicle of a Labor Victory by Freda Coodin
The Long War at Staley by Dianne Feeley
Analyzing the Crash by Jon Amsden
Abbey Lincoln and Freedom Now by Connie Crothers

January/February 2011, No. 150

Let Them Eat Cuts by The Editors
Prospects for African Americans by Malik Miah
Murfreesboro vs. Islamophobia by Jase Short and Andy Woloszyn
A Primer on Immigrant Rights by Zaragosa Vargas
DREAM Deferred, Fight Continues by Isaac Steiner
The Buckeye Socialist Alternative by Micah O'Canain
How Smart Are the "Smart" Meters? by Barri Boone
Living and Working Uncovered, an interview with Sonya Huber
Detroit: Disappearing City? by Dianne Feeley
Detroit Symphony Musicians on Strike by Dianne Feeley
Police Violence, Resistance and The Crisis of Legitimacy by Kristian Williams
A Strategy for Antiwar Organizing by David Grosser
The Debate Around Liu Xiaobo by Au Loong-Yu
Political Repression in Russia by Vladislav Bugera, Vladimir Sirotin and Peter Khrustalev
Inside the Global Crisis by Tony Smith
Party and Class in Revolutionary Crises by Charlie Post

March/April 2011, No. 151

Change of the Century by The Editors
New Orleans' Police Death Squads, an interview with Malcolm Suber
Whither Social Security? by Malik Miah
Campaigning with Issues, an interview with Ann Menasche
Renewing New York, an interview with Howie Hawkins
Stieg Larsson in the Struggle by Håkan Blomqvist
Egypt and Beyond, an interview with Gilbert Achcar
The Meaning of the Revolution by Nadine Naber
Women, Revolution and the Future by Val Moghadam
From Tahrir to Palestine by Nabeel Abraham
A View from Israel by Michael Warschawski
Egypt Shakes the World by Susan Weissman interviews Yoav Peled & Mark LeVine
FRANCE: Battling Over Pensions by Jason Stanley
IRELAND: Slaying the Celtic Tiger by John O'Connor
GREECE: The Crisis Continues by Nikos Tamvaklis
UNITED KINGDOM: Students Fight the Fees, an interview with Ashok Kumar
SPAIN: Women's Crises by Sandra Ezquerra
Pakistan's Dark Journey by Bushra Khaliq
Interrogating the Feminine Mystique, an interview with Stephanie Coontz
Claiming the Power to Resist by Mayowa Obasaju
Triangle Fire Remembered
Arabs and the Holocaust by David Finkel
Toward A Queer Marxism? by Peter Drucker

May/June 2011, No. 152

Budget Woes, Class Wars by The Editors
Libya and the Arab Uprisings by The Editors
The Unfolding Arab Uprisings by Suzi Weissman interviews Mark LeVine
The Attack on American Muslims by Malik Miah
An Account from Madison by Tessa Echeverria and Connor Donegan
Gutting Cities and Public Education by Dianne Feeley
Tennessee: Another Battle Front by Jase Short
Ohio Workers, Services Under Fire by Michael Connery
Wisconsin and Beyond by Kim Moody
May Day at 125
The Lasting Legacy of Florynce Kennedy, Black Feminist Fighter by Sherie M. Randolph
Wrestling with Ralph Ellison by Nathaniel Mills
Pappe and Israel's New Historians by Kit Adam Wainer
Zionism's Many "Returns" by Jimmy Johnson
Why the Revolt in Egypt? by Dan La Botz
Workers' Revolts of the 1970s by Steve Downs
Assignment 1: LGBT Equality by Enku MC Ide
Wilebaldo Solano, 1916-2010 by J. Martorell
Wilebaldo Solano As I Knew Him by Suzi Weissman
Margaret Burroughs by Brian Dolinar
Julian Mer-Khamis by The Editors
Rebuilding the Antiwar Movement by Steve Bloom and Dayne Goodwin

July/August 2011, No. 153

Austerity and U.S. Decline by The Editors
A Whiff of Jim Crow by Malik Miah
One Year of the BP Blowout by Pauline M. Alvar
Tokyo Letter: After the Disaster by Matt Noyes
What Did They Know...? by Matt Noyes
Canada's Imperialism Without Illusions by ATC interviews Todd Gordon
Brief Theory of the Present Crisis by Hillel Ticktin
Remembering the Paris Commune by Keith Mann
Women in the Paris Commune by Dianne Feeley
A Winter's Tale Told in Memoirs by Alan Wald
Education Over Incarceration by Luis Gonzalez
A Comment on Antiwar Strategy by David Finkel
A Rejoinder on Antiwar Strategy by David Grosser
Drugs, Race & the Gulag Industry by James Kilgore
Thinking About Equality by Bill Smaldone
The SEIU as Case Study by David Cohen
The Union in Academia by Dan Clawson
Leonard Irving Weinglass by Michael Steven Smith
Remembering Manning Marable by Elizabeth Kai Hinton
Gil Scott Heron by Kim D. Hunter

September/October 2011, No. 154

The Years of 9/11 by The Editors
9/11 and the Clash of Atrocities by John O'Connor
Ten Years Later: We're Less Free by Julie Hurwitz
On 9/11 and the Politics of Language, an interview with Martin Espada
Alabanza: In Praise of Local 100 by Martin Espada
To Rebuild Teamster Power, an interview with Sandy Pope
Bloomberg and NYC's Education Wars by Kit Adam Wainer
Detroit Public Schools: Who's Failing? by Nina Kampfer
The Catherine Ferguson Struggle by Nina Kampfer
Givebacks in a Deepening Crisis by Jack Rasmus
Letter from Tokyo: In "The Zone" of Disaster by Matt Noyes
Manning Marable and Malcolm X: The Power of Biography by Clarence Lang
Evolution not "Reinvention: Manning Marable's Malcolm X by Malik Miah
Exploring Imperial Pathologies by Allen Ruff
Introduction to Is There a Human Future? by David Finkel
Chris Hedges' Vision & Nightmare: Is There a Human Future? by Richard Lichtman
The Fate of Vietnam's First Revolution by Simon Pirani
Bolshevism, Gender & 21st Century Revolution by Ron Lare
David Blair, Detroit Poet, 1967-2011 by Kim D. Hunter

November/December 2011, No. 155

Three Years After "Yes We Can" by The ATC Editors
The Obama Reality Disconnect by Malik Miah
Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline! by Kathryn Savoie
Big Three Auto Contracts: Lowlights of 2011 by Dianne Feeley
Dollarization, Democracy & Daily Life in Zimbabwe by K.D.
The UN & the Future of Palestine by David Finkel
The Boomerang Is Almost Home by Jimmy Johnson
Crisis in the EU: From the Periphery to the Center by Catherine Samary
Has Europe's Crisis Peaked Yet?, an interview with Eric Toussaint
Bolivia's Growing Crisis
On Troy Davis by Theresa El-Amin
A Theater for the Poor by Alan Wald
Memories of [my] Syndicalism by Paul Buhle
In Memory of Carl Oglesby by Ross Altman
Carl Oglesby: A Mentor & Leader by Mike Davis
Bolivia's Uncertain Revolution by Dawn Paley
A Revolution's Heritage by Marc Becker
A Family, A Tragedy, A Movement by Karin Baker
Class & Race in A Modern Catastrophe: Lessons of Katrina by Derrick Morrison
Looking North for Labor Revival? by Barry Eidlin
Wrestling with Ellison by Paul M. Heideman
History, Theory, Politics & Invisible Man by Nathaniel Mills

January/February 2012, No. 156

From "Occupy" to ... by The ATC Editors
A Convergence of Realities by Malik Miah
Pushing Demands at OWS? by Stephanie Luce
Fighting Back: Sotheby's and OWS, an interview with David Martinez
The Oakland Port Shutdown by Bill Balderston
Occupy and Detroit's Crisis by Kim Hunter and Dianne Feeley
Detroit's Crisis – Coming to You? by David Finkel
"Solidarity" Beats Austerity by Meleiza Figueroa and Julie Michelle Klinger
The Police Riot at OccupyCAL by Rob Peters-Slaughter
An Education in Occupy by Connor Elkington
Why I Stand with Occupy by Elizabeth Roland
Where to Occupy Next? by Antonio Venegas
Occupy Portland Regroups by Johanna Brenner and Bill Resnick
Two Months in LA's Solidarity Park by Vanessa Carlisle
Police Violence and Media Coverup by Vanessa Carlisle
Occupy Isla Vista for the 99% by E. Feng and J. Gamma
The Arab Spring, the West and Political Islam by Hisham H. Ahmed
Egypt's Unfinished Revolution, an interview with Atef Said
Freedom Riders
France: The NPA in Crisis by Jason Stanley
Mumia Faces Life in Prison by Steve Bloom
C.L.R. James' Visionary Legacy by Paul Ortiz
The Unknown Slave Rebellion by Derrick Morrison
Roots of U.S. Capitalism by Bruce Levine
The Debate at Halle by E. Haberkern
Hitler's Bestiary from the Inside by Kathlene McDonald
How Laws Assault Queer People by Susan Dirr and Tessa Echeverria
The CIA's Death Machine at Work by Michael Löwy

March / April 2012, No. 157

Who Are the Control Rods? by The Editors
Who Speaks for the 99% by Malik Miah
The New Monument on the Mall by Kelly Quinn
Assessing the Battle of Longview by Bill Balderston
"Right to Work": Menace to Labor by Milton Fisk
SIU's Community of Resistance by Rachel Stocking
Four Conference on Matriarchy by Linda Thompson
Syria: Arab Solution Needed by Hisham H. Ahmed
The U.S.-Pakistan Co-dependency by Adaner Usmani
Chile: Return of the Penguins! by René Rojas
Without Women, No Food Security by Esther Vivas
Chicano Art vs. Censorship by Debra Blake
Arab and Arab American Feminist Narratives by Triana Kazaleh Sirdenis
Arab Detroit, Targeted Community by Frank Rashid
Ernie Goodman's Long Struggle by Angela D. Dillard
Anatomy of the Oil States by Jase Short
Atzmon's Mistaken "Identity" by David Finkel
Poetry and Political Change by Dale Jacobson

May/June 2012, No. 158

What Choice in 2012? by The Editors
The Murder of Trayvon Martin by Malik Miah
The War on Women—And Us All by The Editors
The Takeover of Motor City by Dianne Feeley
Campaigning for A Millionaires Tax by Bill Balderson and Claudette Begin
"Occupy Everywhere" by James Clark
Resistance After Foreclosure by Dave Burt
A Diversion We Don't Need by Kevin Laird
Egypt's Year of Revolution, an interview with Carl Finamore
Portuguese Workers vs. Austerity by Joana Mortágua
Perspectives on Putin's Russia by Alex Gusev
Flag, Fetish and Illusory Community by Bertell Ollman
A Wisconsin Idea Resurgent by Allen Ruff
Melting Into Air? by Sheila Cohen
Power and Pitfalls of Historical Fiction by Mavuso Dingani
Building Identify Through Struggle by Charlie Post
Looking Back and Forward at Cuba by Frank Thompson
Remembering David Montgomery by Alice Kessler-Harris

July/August 2012, No. 159

Swing of the Pendulum? by The Editors
Immigrant Youth Victory! by The Editors
Rolling Back Reconstruction by Malik Miah
The Pensions Funding Gap by Jack Rasmus
The Media's Dirty War on Occupy by Jacob Greene
"Authoritarian Populism" and the Wisconsin Recall by Connor Donegan
Marching for Life, Water, Dignity by Marc Becker
Geopolitical Fetishism and the Case of Afghanistan by Purnima Bose
Living Under Occupation by Rabab Ibrahim Abdulhadi
Samiha Khalil (1923-1999), Resistance Organizer
Drug War Capitalism by Dawn Paley
Cannonite Bohemians After World War II by Alan Wald
Why Music Must Be Revolutionary – and How It Can Be by Fred Ho
Letter on Trayvon Martin by Christina Reseigh
Soldiers of Solidarity by Mike Parker
Organizing Is About People by Carl Finamore
An Unfinished Revolution by Derrick Morrison
The Black Panthers in Portland by Kristian Williams

September/October 2012, No. 160

Supreme Court Storm Clouds by The Editors
Notes in Memoriam by The Editors
Why Race Matters in the 2012 Elections by Malik Miah
Health Care Reform or Ruin? by Milton Fisk
Chicago Teachers' Strike Looms by Rob Bartlett
The Green Party Campaign by Michael Rubin and Linda Thompson
General Strikes, Mass Strikes by Kim Moody
Letter to the Editors by Clifford J. Straehley, M.D.
The Left and South Africa's Crisis, an interview with Brian Ashley
Social Movements in South Africa by Zachary Levenson
The Brutal Tragedy at Marikana by Amandla! Statement issued August 16, 2012
”Tunisia Moment" Coming? by Niall Reddy
Further on Marikana Miners by David Finkel, for the ATC Editors
The SP's Roots and Legacy: In the American Grain by Benjamin Balthaser
American Poetry's "Labor Problem" by Sarah Ehlers
A Bend in the Labyrinth by Alan Wald
Mapping the African-American Literary Left by Konstantina M. Karageorgos
The Common Language of Adrienne Rich by Julie R. Enszer
The Life and Memory of Elizabeth Catlett by Kelli Morgan
Faruq Z. Bey, 1942-2012 by Kim D. Hunter
SWP: Long March to Oblivion by David Finkel
Invaluable History and Important Lessons by Malik Miah

November/December 2012, No. 161

The Next Four Years by The Editors
Final Blow to Affirmative Action? by Malik Miah
Chicago Teachers Strike Back by Rob Bartlett
A Marxist Ecological Vision by Nicholas Davenport
Murfreesboro Islamic Center Opens by Jase Short
A BDS Movement That Works by Barbara Harvey
Letter to the Editors by Chris Wegemer
South Africa After Marikana by Suzi Weissman interviews Leonard Gentle
Political Developments in South Africa by exerpt from Amandla!
When Will We See Tanks in Barcelona? by Esther Vivas
The Struggle in Balochistan by Adaner Usmani
Against Fundamentalism and Imperialism by Adaner Usmani
Venezuelan Elections: Latest Step in the Long Road by Jeffery R. Webber
Toward Revolution and Collective Leadership, an interview with Andrés Antillano
Resistance in China Today by Au Loong Yu and Bai Ruixue
Subversive Viewing/Viewing Subversives by Paula Rabinowitz
Their "Recovery" and Ours by Zoltan Zigedy
The Russian Revolution Revisited by Loren Goldner
Flint Sitdowner: Olen Ham (1917-2012) by Dianne Feeley
Eric Hobsbawm: 1917-2012 by Radical Socialist

January/February 2013, No. 162

Over the Climate Cliff by The Editors
African Americans Ignored in the Age of Obama by Malik Miah
Back to the 1920s? by Dianne Feeley
Other Horrendous Acts by Dianne Feeley
Walmart: Black Friday and Beyond by Dave Kingman
The Empire in Decline, an interview with Gilbert Achcar
Chile: Of Movements and Mayors by René Rojas
A Life Beyond Imagination by Bryan D. Palmer
A Letter to the Editors by Clifford J. Straehley, M.D.
SNCC Movement Worker Reflects by Gloria House
Black Women and Anti-Rape Activism by Angela Hubler
Northern Freedom Chronicles by Dianne Feeley
From "Triple Oppression" to "Freedom Dreams" by Alan Wald
"Wilding": The Facts and Hysteria by George S. in conversation with Asha
Occupy the Workplace by Norm Diamond
The Dialectic of Monstrosity by Jase Short
Left Out History by Barri Boone
Eugene Genovese (1930-2012) by Christopher Phelps

March/April 2013, No. 163

More Gridlock – Or Worse? by The Editors
Gun Control: Carnage in Context by The Editors
Lincoln, Django and Abolitionism by Malik Miah
Colombian Workers Injured and Fired by Diana C. Sierra Becerra
Immigration Reform: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly by Joaquin Bustelo
Voter Suppression Hits Mississippi by Bill Chandler
Rallying to Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline
Occupy Cincinnati as a Case Study by Ursula McTaggart
Inside the Capitalist Crisis by Charlie Post
What Is the "Working Class"? by Sam Friedman
Reproductive Justice Needed by Dianne Feeley
Feminism's March from Nation to Home, an interview with Ninotchka Rosca
The Struggle Against Rape and Sexual Assault by Soma Marik
Post-war Left Feminism by Robbie Lieberman
Gerda Lerner, 1920-2013 by Linda Gordon
The Century of Rosa Parks by Dianne Feeley
Indians, Leftists, and Rebellion in Bolivia by Kevin Young
The Evolution of Evolution by Ansar Fayyazuddin
The Metaphors of Movements by Barry Eidlin
A Thanks by The Editors

May/June 2013, No. 164

Keystone and Humanity's Fate by The Editors
Immigration and Racial Bias by Malik Miah
Detroit: Restructured or Ravaged? by Dianne Feeley
Independent Politics and Self-Determination, an interview with Chokwe Lumumba
Greece Nearing the Breaking Point by Dan Georgakas
The Sussex University Occupation, an interview with Maïa Pal
El Salvador: Labor vs. P3, an interview with Jaime Rivera
The Flint Sitdown Comic by Ethan Heitner
Labor's Bitter Defeat in Detroit by Barbara Ingalls
The NGO-Industrial Complex by Dawn Paley
The H-Block Struggle by Brad Duncan
Rebellion in India's Heartland by Sara Abraham
Realities of Zionism by David Finkel
Arabs and Muslims After 9/11 by Thomas Abowd
Tear Down These Walls! by Jimmy Johnson
Reading CAPITAL by Charlie Post
Jerry Tucker, 1938-2012 by Peter Downs

July/August 2013, No. 165

Obama: Human Rights Disaster by The Editors
Austerity Is Not Colorblind by Malik Miah
Defending Public Education in Philadelphia by Ron Whitehorne
Update: Chicago's School War by Rob Bartlett
BDS Campaign Sweeps UC Campuses by Rahim Kurwa
Inside the Corporate University by Purnima Bose
Changing Ecology and Coffee Rust by John Vandermeer
Austerity American Style (Part 1) by Jack Rasmus
Arab Uprising & Women's Rights: Lessons from Iran by Haideh Moghissi
On Assata Shakur
Remembering Medgar Evers by John R. Salter, Jr. (Hunter Gray)
The Indiana "Subversion" Case 50 Years Later by Alan Wald
Marxism and "Subaltern Studies" by Adaner Usmani
Palestinians and the Queer Left by Peter Drucker
A Novel of Class Struggle & Romance by Ravi Malhotra
The Radicalness of the Accessory by Kristin Swenson
The Implacable Russell Maroon Shoatz by Steve Bloom
Howard Wallace, 1936-2012 by Sue Englander

September/October 2013, No. 166

Heroism Against the Machine by The Editors
Suited Vandals Pillage Detroit by The Editors
Two Americas – Where Racism Lives by Malik Miah
"Calm Reflection" or Justice? by Meleiza Figueroa
East St. Louis As Detroit's Mirror by Jennifer F. Hamer
Immigration "Reform" by The Editors
A View from the Base by Joaquín Bustelo
The Case for Critical Support by Milton Fisk
Organizations & Leaders' Critique of S.744, a statement by the Mexican American Political Association
On Egypt, an interview with Gilbert Achcar
Can People Get What They Want?, an interview with Gilbert Achcar
Austerity American Style, Part 2 by Jack Rasmus
Wadada's Suite of Liberation by Mark Mendoza
Commemorating a Classic of History by The Editors
Recovering the Centrality of Class by Ellen Meiksins Wood
Remembering E.P. Thompson by Paul Buhle
A Flawed Conception of Class by Bruce Levine
History as Argument by Bryan D. Palmer
Looking Inside the Education Crisis by Robert Bartlett
The Troubled State of Labor by Stephanie Luce
A Focus of Anti-capitalist Struggle? by Jan Cox
The Roots of Academic Freedom by Michael Steven Smith
Communist Writing in Anti-Communist Times by Judith E. Smith
Tony Cliff as a Socialist Leader by Samuel Farber

November/December 2013, No. 167

No Easy Victories by The Editors
Obama, African Americans and War on the Working Poor by Malik Miah
Which Way Out for Detroit? by Dianne Feeley
Canary Islands vs. Big Oil by Norma Wilow
Museum of the Word and Image by Diana C.S. Becerra
A Militant, "Minority" Union? by Steve Early
The Budget/Deficit Deal by David Finkel
The Passion of Richard Seymour by Alan Wald
Support Edur Velasco Arregui! by Richard Roman
Introduction: Middle East Upheaval by The Editors
On Syria Crisis and Prospects by Val Moghadam
On the Perils of Imperialism by Hisham H. Ahmed
Roads to the Arab Uprisings by Kit Adam Wainer
Introduction to Remembering E.P. Thompson by The Editors
E.P. Thompson: Feminism, Gender, Women and History by Barbara Winslow
Thompson, William Morris and Ecosocialist Tasks by Rafael Bernabe
Dream Worlds Here and There by Jase Short
The New "Politics from Below" by Midge Quandt
The Politics of Extractivism by Devin Beaulieu and Nancy Postero
Mexico in Labor's Crucible by Dan La Botz
Forging the Capital Security State by Allen Ruff
A Poet for Our Planet by Alice M. Azure

January/February 2014, No. 168

Manufacturing Bankruptcy by The Editors
Will the Iran Deal Hold? by David Finkel
The Invisibility of Fascism in the Postwar United States by Chris Vials
A Note on McCarthyism by David Finkel, for the ATC editors
Ecuador's Bitter Choice by Marc Becker
Nelson Mandela's Long Walk by Ashwin Desai
Much Has Been Said.... by David Finkel
On E.P. Thompson's Legacy by Sheila Cohen
Breadking the Grid, Making Our Class by Manuel Yang
Police Terror in the Big Apple by George Scott
Civil Rights, Poverty and Capitalism by Marty Oppenheimer
Slavery's Harrowing Reality by Xiomara Santamarina
Freedom Now Vision Unfinished by Malik Miah
Organizing that Changed Mississippi by Bill Chandler
Black Workers, Fordism and the UAW by Dianne Feeley
"You Can't Kill a Revolution" by Matthew Garrett
Making Their Own Freedom by Robert Caldwell
A Saga of Revolution by Derrick Morrison
A German Lenin? by Charlie Post
Remembering Steve Kindred (1944-2013) by Jesse Lemisch
Come, Let's say good-bye by Dan LaBotz

March/April 2014, No. 169

State of the "Recovery" by The Editors
It's War on the Poor by Malik Miah
Reproductive Rights Assaulted by Dianne Feeley
Introduction to In Defense of the ASA by The Editors
A Political Witch-Hunt in the Name of "Academic Freedom": In Defense of the American Studies Association by Alan Wald
Egypt's Revolution at Three by Noha Radwan
Superheroes for the Empire by Lorenzo Estébanez
Socialist Feminism in the 21st Century by Johanna Brenner
Inside Komen's NGOized Culture by Kate Boyd and Cristien Storm
Egyptian Women and the Revolution by Noha Radwan
Review: Defying Fundamentalism by Haideh Moghissi
Lineages of the Arab Revolt by Moshé Machover
Searching for Sustainability by Jan Cox
Yes, There is an Alternative! by Sam Friedman
The Lives of Amiri Baraka by Kim D. Hunter
Honoring Marta Russell (1951-2013) by Ravi Malhotra

May/June 2014, No. 170

Notes on the Current Crisis by The Editors
The Minimum Wage Debate by Malik Miah
Update on Detroit by Dianne Feeley
The University & the Security State by Michael Gasser
Lean & Mean Health Care by Greg Chern
A Fossil Fuel Exit Program by Anders Ekeland
Freedom Summer, 1964: An Overview by Marty Oppenheimer
Freedom Schools: The Curriculum by Marty Oppenheimer
Freedom Summer Remembered, an interview with Walter Kaufmann
Remembering Mississippi, 1964-65, an interview with Claudia Morcom
Steady Hands for Freedom by Rose M. Brewer
Reintroducing Sarah Wright by Konstantina Mary Karageorgos
Reinterpreting the Cotton Kingdom by Connor Donegan
The Education Deform Fraud by Debby Pope
A Witness to Destroying Schools by Joel Jordan
Did They Get What They Wanted? by Atef Said
"Greater Israel" in Real Life by Nabeel Abraham
In the Wake of Carnage by Joanne Rappaport
Revolutionaries in the a Time of Retreat by Ted M. McTaggart
Remembering "Hurricane" Carter, 1937-2004 by Association in Defence of the Wrongly Convicted

July/August 2014, No. 171

The Ruins of War, Then and Now by The Editors
Racism Refusing to Go Away by Malik Miah
Foreclosure Is Blight! by Dianne Feeley
Richmond: Company Town or People's Town? by Dianne Feeley
World War I and Its Century by Allen Ruff
Galileo's Revolution by Ansar Fayyazuddin
John Handcox, "Sharecropper's Troubadour" by Robin Lindley interview Michael Honey
Utopia and Anti-Utopia by Angela E. Hubler
Imagining Socialism in Our Lives by Ann Menasche
Minneapolis 1934 Strike Revisited by Barry Eidlin
Inside Venezuela's "Proceso" by Kevin Young
Solidarity and Contradiction by Seonghee Lim
Election and Revolution by Derrick Morrison
Tribune of the People by K. Mann
Gabriel García Márquez by Gene H. Bell-Villada

September/October 2014, No. 172

Our Planet, Our Movement by The Editors
Ferguson on Center Stage by Malik Miah
Is Water a Human Right in Detroit? by Dianne Feeley
Detroit: Your Pension and Your Life! by Dianne Feeley
September 21st People's Climate March
Toward Energy Democracy by Bill Resnick
A Green New Deal for New York by Howie Hawkins
Richmond Progressive Alliance Update
Death in the Eagle's Shadow by Jennifer Loewenstein
Palestine's Unfolding Horror, an interview with Hisham Ahmed
Resisting the New McCarthyism, an interview with Rabab Abdulhadi
August 1914 and World War I by William Smaldone
Open the Border Now! by David Finkel, for the ATC editors
One Step Up, Three Steps Down, an interview with Barbara Garson
Piketty on Capital and Inequality by Charlie Post
Spotlighting Inequality and Injustice by Marian Swerdlow
Military Emancipation by Connor Donegan
De-colonizing North America by Robert Caldwell
One Historian's Journey by Dan Clawson
Making the Rulers Obey by Diana C. Sierra Becerra
Fred Ho, Presente! by Brad Duncan
Allan Sekula, Against the Grain by Fred Lonidier

November/December 2014, No. 173

The Middle East's "World War" by The Editors
Why a Killer Cop Is Not Arrested by Malik Miah
Two Years After the CTU Strike by Robert Bartlett
Mass Incarceration and the Left by Heather Ann Thompson
What September 21st Showed by Dianne Feeley
Family Planning and the Environment by Anne Hendrixson
Egypt: Protesting Injustice by Noha Radwan
Mahienour al-Masry: Icon of a Revolution by Noha Radwan
The Purge of Steven Salaita
From Sykes-Picot to "Islamic State": Imperialism's Bloody Wreckage by Yassamine Mather
LGBT Activism in Mainland China by Holly Hou Lixian
Hong Kong's Umbrella Upheaval
The Two-Party System, Part I by Mark A. Lause
Literature in the Shadows by Bill V. Mullen
Anti-Imperialist Dreamwork by Matthew Garrett
AIDS Then and Now: A Blood-Drenched Battlefield by Peter Drucker
Documenting European Socialism by Ingo Schmidt
Louis Althusser & Academic Marxism by Nathaniel Mills
Ruby Dee, 1922-2014 by Judith E. Smith
Claudia Morcum, Civil Rights Righter by Dianne Feeley & David Finkel
Notes to Our Readers by The Editors

January/February 2015, No. 174

Why We Can't Breathe by The Editors
Whose Lives Matter in America? by Malik Miah
We Are All Ayotzinapa by Dan La Botz
The Politics of Mass Incarceration, an interview with James Kilgore
What's Behind Detroit Happy Talk? by Dianne Feeley
Rasmea Odeh's Long Struggle by David Finkel
Introduction to The Two-Party System, Part II by The Editors
The Two-Party System, Part II by Mark A. Lause
March to Freedom, 1963 and Beyond by Charles Simmons
Introduction to Shaping 20th Century America by The Editors
Shaping 20th Century America by Allen Ruff
Wilson's Open Door to World War I by Allen Ruff
If We Must Die by Claude McKay
African-American Self-Defense by Malik Miah
Reckoning with Apocalypse by Robbie Lieberman
A Folklorist of Black America by Brian Dolinar
Continental Cultural Communication by Kim D. Hunter
Unions and the Road to Socialism by Milton Fisk
Life Support for Labor? by Meredith Schafer
Queer Activism in the Labor Movement by Sara R. Smith
How Much Does Climate Change Change? by Janice Cox and Michael Gasser
Socialism Taken Seriously by Shannon Ikebe

March/April 2015, No. 175

Women Under the Gun, 2015 by The Editors
Pushing Back Civil Rights by Malik Miah
Vermont Healthcare Justice by Traven Leyson
Workplace Violence: Silent Epidemic by Jane Slaughter
Studies About Workplace Violence by Jane Slaughter
Jobs, Ecology, and Survival by Lars Henriksson
Defend Reverend Pinkney
Hillary Clinton and Corporate Feminism by Kevin Young and Diana C. Sierra Becerra
The Two-Party System, Part III by Mark A. Lause
Bhopal's Fight for Memory by Sara Abraham interviews Nityanand Jayaraman
A Case of Police Violence Against Women by Radical Socialist (India)
The Murder of Shaimaa al-Sabbagh
Honoring the Socialist Mary Marcy by Allen Ruff
Bigotry in the Guise of Secularism by Carmen Teeple Hopkins
Eslanda Robeson's Journey by Dayo F. Gore
Feminism, Marxism: Marriage or Divorce? by Ann Ferguson
Marx and the Family Revisited by Dianne Feeley
Cuba and the USA: A Discussion by David Finkel, for the ATC editors
December 17: Sources, Results & Prospects by Walter Lippmann
Beginning a New Era by Samuel Farber
A Victory and Some Risks by statement from the Fourth International
Fifty Shades of Pulp by Alan Wald
China: Rise and Emergent Crisis by Jase Short
Frank Fried (1927-2015) by Patrick M. Quinn

May/June 2015, No. 176

Middle East Imperial Meltdown by The Editors
The Murder of Walter Scott by Malik Miah
University of Wisconsin's "Budget Crisis" by Chase Erwin
Rasmea Odeh's Sentence/Appeal by David Finkel
Bibi Netanyahu's War Dream, an interview with Moshe Machover
Doublethink Squared by David Finkel
El Salvador Feminists Fight for Justice by Kathy Bougher
The Frameup of Purvi Patel
Soft Power and the Case of Iraq by Purnima Bose and Laura E. Lyons
Tribes, Rights and Justice in India by Sara Abraham interviews Shashank Kela
Feminism a Crime in China
What's Next for Cuba?, an interview with Janette Habel
Cuba: A New Era by Janette Habel
Inside the European Cataclysm by Enzo Traverso
The Two-Party System, Part IV by Mark A. Lause
The Crisis of World Labor by Marcel van der Linden
Capitalism as Robbery by Charles Williams
The Courage of Cooperation by Michael Friedman
Diary of Prison and Torture by Cliff Conner
Non-Movements as Social Activism by Navid Pourmokhtari
Social Movements and the Left by Midge Quandt
Cartoonists and Revolution by David Finkel

July/August 2015, No. 177

Paradoxes of Politics by The Editors
Police Violence in the Spotlight by Malik Miah
A Majority Black Police Force – It's Not Enough by Dianne Feeley
New Fight to Save Mumia Abu-Jamal by Brad Duncan
The Silencing Act and Mumia Abu-Jamal by Daniel Denvir
Mass Incarceration for Profit by Brian Dolinar and James Kilgore
A Recipe for Killing a School System by Dianne Feeley
Detroit's Foreclosure Disaster by Dianne Feeley
Albert Woodfox, Gary Tyler by David Finkel
Introduction to Black Lives Matter
From Ferguson to Baltimore by Justin Hansford
The Movement Has a History by Melina Abdullah
Moral Appeals Aren't Enough by Robin D.G. Kelley
The Black Infinity Complex by Shamell Bell
Our Movement Is Global, an interview with Alice Ragland
Reflections After Ferguson by Bob Hansman
Art and Aesthetics on the Left, an interview with Andrew Hemingway
John Reed Clubs and Proletarian Art—Part I by Andrew Hemingway
The Prophet Alarmed by Alan Wald
Drug War Winners and Losers by Kevin Young
A Window on Indigenous Life by Waskar T. Ari-Chachaki
Boricua's Revolutionary Inspiration by Antonio Camona Báez
Capital Crimes of Fashion by Sheila McClear
Pioneers of Women's Liberation by Nancy Holmstrom
Life After Death for Labor? by David Cohen

September/October 2015, No. 178

Poisoned Fruits of Austerity by The Editors
Why Black Lives Matter Is Game Change by Malik Miah
Household Worker Organizing, Its Lessons for Labor Today by Premilla Nadasen
Women Warriors of Montgomery by Premilla Nadasen
On Bernie Sanders' Campaign, a statement by Solidarity
Defend Chelsea Manning!
Ontario Teachers Face Austerity Drive by Peter Brogan
Capitalism Vs. Democracy in Europe by Michael Löwy
Greece, Austerity & Europe's Future by Dan Georgakas
Mexico's Deepening Crises by Richard Roman and Edur Valasco Arregui
Rise and Fall of "Proletarian Art," Part II by Andrew Hemingway
Introduction to Black Lives Matter by The Editors
Making It Visible to Ourselves by Cheryl Harris
Neoliberalism and the New Lynching by Michael Brown
Racist Terror, Then and Now: Many Ways to Die by Martin Oppenheimer
NY Public Workers Under Attack by Steve Downs
Slavery and the American Revolution by Paul Prescod
Horizons for a New Left by Michael Principe
China: Workers Rising? by Jane Slaughter
Between the Power and the Dream by Alan Wald

November/December 2015, No. 179

Global Lessons of A Catastrophe by The Editors
BLM: A Movement and Its Critics by Malik Miah
Can Chicago Teachers Win Again? by Robert Bartlett
Teachers in the Crosshairs by Marian Swerdlow
Grace Lee Boggs (1915-2015)
U.S. Workers & Puerto Rico's Crisis by Rafael Bernabe
When Radicals Beat the Two-Party System by Mark A. Lause
Moral Combat: The Right to Vote by Katie O'Reilly
Review Essay: Reaching for Revolution by Alan Wald
A System That Makes You Breakable by Leighton Stein
Incarceration & Resistance by Brad Duncan
Anti-Capitalism & Queer Liberation by Alan Sears
When Marxism Is Kids' Stuff by Julia L. Mickenberg
The Art of Carnage by Dianne Feeley
A Memoir of Life in Struggle by Barry Sheppard
A Reponse on Trotsky by Paul Le Blanc

January/February 2016, No. 180

Crises, Craziness and "Security" by The Editors
Bigotry vs. Black Lives, Muslims, Immigrants by Malik Miah
Chicago Coverup and Upsurge by Malik Miah
Big Three Contracts: Who Won? by Dianne Feeley
Hungary: Politics and the Refugee Crisis by David Pratt
California Drought and Global Warming by Barry Sheppard
Climate Change: A Radical Primer by Michael Gasser
Alternatives to Neoliberal Capitalism by Ingo Schmidt
Racial Liberalism: The Case of Interwar Detroit by Karen R. Miller
Black Women's Writing Recovered, an interview with Mary Helen Washington
Not Such A Lonely Crusade by Graham Barnfield
Snoops in the Reading Room by John Woodford
Remembering Ahmad Rahman and Ron Scott by David Finkel
Rebuilding a Class Movement by Daniel Howard
Narrating American Antifascism by Keith Gilyard
Celebration and Fresh Inquiry by Paul Buhle
Debs for His Time and Ours by Allen Ruff
Comintern Congress Revisited by Ted McTaggart

March/April 2016, No. 181

An Extraordinary Moment by The Editors
Making Race Disappear by Malik Miah
Hip-Hop Ain't Dead by Alice Ragland
Our Guns, Our Rights by Hunter Gray
Florida Today: "Worse Than Mississippi" by Paul Ortiz
Fukushima After Five Years by Chie Matsumoto
China: Slowdown and Crackdown
Lessons of the Egyptian Struggle by Mahienour al-Masry
Rosa Luxemburg for Our Time by Nancy Holmstrom
Women's Monumental Struggle by Barbara Winslow
Thinking About Suffragette by Alison Baldree
Reading & Returning to Denise Levertov by Sarah Ehlers
Women of Dada and Their Times by Penelope Rosemont
Salvadoran Women Combatants by Diana C. Sierra Becerra
Jerusalem: Colonized City, an interview with Thomas Abowd
Mahmoud Darwish, A Poet's Complex Trajectory by Gayatri Kumar
Raising Hell for Labor by Steve Downs
A Word Warrior for Freedom by John Woodford
Long Distance High Tech State Terror by David Richardson
Towards Workers' Climate Action by Traven Leyshon
The Promise of A Revolution by William Smaldone
Ellen Meiksins Wood (1942-2016) by Robert Brenner

May/June 2016, No. 182

Politics of the New Abnormal by The Editors
Why Blacks Vote for "Pragmatism" by Malik Miah
"This Deportation Business": 1920s and the Present by Emily Pope-Obeda
Trouble Down in Texas (and elsewhere) by Dianne Feeley
Disasters in Syria and Yemen, an interview with Gilbert Achcar
Russia's Intervention and Syria's Future by Gilbert Achcar
Fatema Mernissi: A Pioneering Arab Muslim Feminist by Zakia Salime
Destroying Detroit Schools by Dianne Feeley and David Finkel
U.S. Labor – What's New, What's Not? by Kim Moody
Auto's Permanent Temporaries by Dianne Feeley
The Murder of Berta Cáceres
Free Oscar Lopez Rivera Now! by Steve Bloom
Homonationalism and Queer Resistance by Peter Drucker
An Introduction to the Life of James Connolly
James Connolly and the Easter Uprising by Paul Buhle
American Literature and the First World War by Tim Dayton
The Contested Haymarket Affair: 130 Years Later by Allen Ruff
Messer-Kruse's Haymarket History by Rebecca Hill
Water in a World in Crisis by Jan Cox
Standing Against Counterrevolution by David Finkel
Inside/Outside the Campus Box by Michael E. Brown

July-August 2016, No. 183

Political Revolution – What Is It? by The Editors
Muhammad Ali: Free Black Man by Malik Miah
Orlando: Home-grown Terror by David Finkel
Time for an Independent Party by Howie Hawkins
What Is the Next Left? by Johanna Brenner
Whither the "Political Revolution"? by Traven Serge
Electoral Strategy After Bernie's Campaign by Neal Meyer
Converging on Philadelphia by Robert Caldwell
Refugees and Capitalism by Shahrzad Mojab
Terrifying Prospects by Noha Radwan
Rasmea Odeh's Appeal Gains by David Finkel
An Appeal for Homa Hoodfar
Reactionary Tide in Latin America by Michael Löwy
Rainbows and Weddings by Mehlab Jameel
Jasmine Richards' Conviction
Reimagining the Harper's Ferry Revolt by Ursula McTaggart
Leonard Peltier's Appeal
Fascinating Antifascism by Alan Wald
Understanding the Cataclysm by Allen Ruff
Turbulent 1970s Revisited by Brad Duncan
The Domestic Workers' Movement by Cheryl Coney
Rape as Colonial Legacy by Giselle Gerolami
A Response to Rebecca Hill by Timothy Messer-Kruse

September/October 2016, No. 184

A Giant, Flushing Sound by The Editors
Support Chelsea Manning
BLM Movement Grows Stronger by Malik Miah
black bodies in the news by Kim D. Hunter
Amnesty Now
Victory in Shutting Down Oakland Coal Port
The Queer Movement Today by Donna Cartwright
Abortion Victory by Dianne Feeley
Detroit's Tax Foreclosure Crisis by Dianne Feeley
The RNC Comes and Goes by Alice Ragland
Socialists Discuss During the DNC by Johanna Brenner
Why "Lesser Evilism" Is a Loser by Jill Stein
Challenging Duopoly Candidates
Turkey, A Human Rights Emergency by David Finkel, for the Editors
War Against the Kurds Renewed by Sarah Parker and Phil Hearse
China's Climate of Repression
Was Brexit a Working-Class Revolt? by Kim Moody
Viewpoint: The Living Legacy of Cornel West by Zachary R. Wood
Memorial Essay: Benedict Anderson by John Roosa
Where Did Our Red Love Go? by John Marsh
Early U.S. Communism Revisited by Ted McTaggart
A Legless Veteran's Struggle by Barry Sheppard
When Chinese Labor Strikes by Jane Slaughter
The Revolutionary Art of Failure by Benjamin Balthaser
Allen Ginsberg and the '60s Movement by Steve Bloom
Requiem for a Black Trotskyist by Alan Wald
Michael Ratner by Michael Steven Smith
Michael Ratner in Brief
Glenn Shelton by Detroit Solidarity

November/December 2016, No. 185

On Imperial Conundrums by The Editors
Institutional Racism & the Thirteenth Amendment by Malik Miah
The Enormous Profit of Thirst by Josiah Rector
Environmental Racism in Santa Cruz by Michael Gasser
AIDS: The Struggle Continues by Sam Friedman
Indiana: The Culpability of Politicians by Sam Friedman
Fighting for "Schools We Deserve" by Robert Bartlett
Budgeting Disaster and Charters by Robert Bartlett
Review: Whose Education? Whose Control? by Marian Swerdlow
Bolivia's Extractive Economy and Alternatives by Marc Becker
Venezuela: What's Going On?, an interview with Jeffery Webber
How Woodrow Wilson Entered World War I by Allen Ruff
Oil Pipelines: Converging in Illinois by Sandra Lindberg
The Wikileaks Files by Cliff Conner
A Nation Behind Bars by Keith Mann
Weaponizing Modernist Culture by Alan Wald
The Paradox of Che Guevara by Peter Solenberger
South Africa: The Radical Thought of Rick Turner by Alex Lichtenstein
An Anti-Apartheid Class Revisited by Billy Keniston
Response: Does Being a Revolutionary Mean Being a Terrorist? by Rebecca Hill

January/February 2017, No. 186

Fighting Back for Survival by The Editors
Obama's Legacy & the Rise of Trump by Malik Miah
The Black Lives Matter Response to Trump
Eyewitness at Standing Rock, an interview with Rebecca Kemble
Canada's State of Reconciliation by Gayatri Kumar
New Trial for Rasmea Odeh
MA Stops Charter School Expansion by Dan Clawson & John Fitzgerald
Chicago Teachers Settle Contract by Robert Bartlett
When the Alt-Right Hits Campus by Angela D. Dillard
Putting the Racist Flyers at University of Michigan in Context
Faculty & Staff Statement Against Racism
Creating a Socialism that Meets Needs by Sam Friedman
A Better World in Birth by Karin Baker
Who Put Trump in the White House? by Kim Moody
The Green Party After the Election by Howie Hawkins
Stein-Baraka Ticket by Howie Hawkins
Hope in Dark Times by Chris Maisano
Trump Not "Exceptional" by Jeff Wilson
Actually, I am Anti-Police by Alice Ragland
Birth of the Abolitionist Nation by Derrick Morrison
"The Slave-Holding Republic" by Jennifer Jopp
How "Race Neutral" Policy Failed by Prudence Cumberbatch
Survival Is the Question by Michael Löwy
Macaroni & Cheese and Revolution by Ursula McTaggart

March/April 2017, No. 187

Trump's Road to Ruin by The Editors
Making Trump's America Ungovernable by Malik Miah
The Ohio Vote in November by Kim Moody
Sanders' Campaign & the Democratic Party by Jules Greenstein
Adorno's The Authoritarian Personality by Christopher Vials
A Partial Peace in Colombia by Kevin Young
Lessons from New Orleans by Peter Brogan interviews Kristen Buras
Women in Struggle
Birth of a New Movement by Nancy Holmstrom
The Journeys of Julia de Burgos by Natalia Santos-Orozco
Florynce Kennedy & Black Feminism by Angela Hubler
Marxist and Feminist Interventions by Ann Ferguson
Beyond Lean-In: For a Feminism of the 99% and a Militant International Strike on March 8 by Linda Martin Alcoff, Cinzia Arruzza, Tithi Bhattacharya, Angela Davis, Nancy Fraser, Rasmea Yousef Odeh, Barbara Ransby & Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor
Demythifying Native Americans by Robert Caldwell
Attica: The Revolt and Afterward by Jack M. Bloom
Arab Spring: Against Shallow Optimism and Pessimism by Atef Said
A Global Matrix of Control by Michael J. Friedman
The Politics of Some Bodies by Peter Drucker
In Memoriam
Erwin Baur (1915-2016) by Charles Williams
Lillian Pollak by Dianne Feeley

May/June, 2017, No. 188

What Kind of Opposition? by The Editors
Learn from Malcolm X by Malik Miah
Trump and the Middle East by David Finkel
Regulation — Who Needs It? by Dianne Feeley
Rasmea Odeh Accepts Plea Agreement
What is Reproductive Justice? by Angi Becker Stevens
A Note on Terms
Latin America: A Conservative Restoration? by Marc Becker
Science for the People with the EZLN by John Vandermeer and Ivette Perfecto
The Russian Revolution and Workers Democracy by Suzi Weissman
Baba Jan, Pakistani Prisoner by Farooq Tariq
Time Has Long Passed That You Could Rob the Fattest Bank in America by Kim D. Hunter
Franz Kafka: In His Times and Ours by Alan Wald
C.L.R. James and His Times by Anthony Bogues
E.P. Thompson's Socialist Humanism by Dan Johnson
Detroit Radicals' Odyssey by Bill V. Mullen
Race and the Real California by Seonghee Lim
Market Uber Alles by Kim D. Hunter
Leonard Weinglass in History by Matthew Clark
In Memoriam:
Reflections on Tom Hayden by Howard Brick
Seymour Kramer (1946-2017) by Patrick M. Quinn
Remembering a Friend by Mike Davis
Regina Pyrko McNulty (1923-2016) by Dianne Feeley

July/August, 2017, No. 189

The Longest Occupation by The Editors
One-Half Cheer for Trump? by The Editors
Marching for Science and Humanity by Ansar Fayyazuddin
California Science Marches by Claudette Begin
Confederate Monuments Down by Derrick Morrison
Theresa May's Katrina by Sheila Cohen and Kim Moody
USAID in El Salvador: The Politics of Prevention by Hilary Goodfriend
China's Ancient Labor Party by Au Loong-yu
Sweatshop Shoes for Ivanka
Fifty Years Ago
Detroit's Rebellion at Fifty by Malik Miah
Roots of the Rebellion by Kim D. Hunter interviews Melba Joyce Boyd
Murder at the Algiers Motel by Danielle L. McGuire
A Tale of Two Detroits by Dianne Feeley
Birth of the "Open Shop" by Patrick M. Quinn
Teachers as Change Agents by Marian Swerdlow
The World and Its Particulars by Luke Pretz
The Unraveling Middle East by Kit Adam Wainer
The World Through African Eyes by Anne Namatsi Lutomia
Poland's Solidarity and Its Fate by Tom Junes
The Russian Revolution: Workers in Power by Peter Solenberger

September/October 2017, No. 190

The War Is At Home by The Editors
When White Supremacists March by Michael Principe
Choices Facing African Americans by Malik Miah
How the UAW Lost at Nissan by Dianne Feeley
Did Scandal Tip the Balance? by Dianne Feeley
NSA's Cyberwarfare Blowback by Peter Solenberger
The Murder of Kevin Cooper by Kevin Cooper
Attica from 1971 to Today by interview with Heather Ann Thompson
The Trial of Sacco and Vanzetti by Marty Oppenheimer
Mourn Liu Xiaobo, Free Liu Xia by Au Loong-Yu
Under Attack at San Francisco State University by Saliem Shehadeh
Dawn of "Total War" and the Surveillance State by Allen Ruff
Solidarity Message to Egyptian Website by The Editors
Fifty Years Ago:
Detroit's Rebellion & Rise of the Neoliberal State by Jordan T. Camp
Chronicle of Black Detroit by Dan Georgakas
For Mike Hamlin by Michele Gibbs
Mike Hamlin (1935-2017) by Dianne Feeley
Suggested Readings on/about Detroit's 1967 Rebellion
BLM: Challenges and Possibilities by Paul Prescod
The People vs. Big Oil by Dianne Feeley
Immigration's Troubled History by Emily Pope-Obeda
Paradoxes of Infinity by Ansar Fayyazuddin
Mourn, Then Organize Again by Michael Löwy
Making Their Own History by Ingo Schmidt
The Wheel Has Come Full Circle by Mike Gonzalez

November/December 2017, No. 191

Open Letter to the People of the United States from Puerto Rico, a month after Hurricane María — By Manuel Rodríguez Banchs and Rafael Bernabe
Resisting Capital's Disasters — By The Editors
White Supremacy/Identity Politics — By Malik Miah
The Ghosts of St. Louis Future — By William J. Maxwell
Punitive Neoliberalism in Puerto Rico — By Rafael Bernabe
Honduras Since the 2009 Coup — By Victoria Cervantes
The Philippines: War Against the Poor — By Alex de Jong
Trump and Duterte — By Alex de Jong
Toxicity and Resistance — By Elaine Emmerich
Theodore W. Allen's Legacy — By Jeffrey B. Perry
Theodore W. Allen: Working-Class Scholar — By Jeffrey B. Perry
World War I & Afterward: Upheaval, Repression & Terror — By Allen Ruff
Palestine - The Occupation and Geneva:
One Hundred Years of the Balfour Declaration — By Rabab Abdulhadi
Identities and Solidarity — By David Finkel
A Response to the Anti-Defamation League — By David Finkel & Don Greenspon, co-chairs Jewish Voice for Peace, Detroit
On the 100th Anniversary of the Russian Revolution:
Sweden's Potato Revolution — By Håkan Blomqvist
Iran: The Impact of October — By Yassamine Mather
Power to the Soviets — By David Cohen
Russian Revolution Revisited:
Trials of the Russian Revolution — By Dick J. Reavis
Higher Education for Hire — By Michael Principe
How Imperialism Works Today — By Mel Rothenberg
In Memoriam:
Geri Allen: A Tribute — By Geoffrey Jacques


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