Introduction to Black Lives Matter

AT UCLA THE Center for Social Theory & Comparative History, the Bunche Center for African American Studies and the Gary Nash Chair in US History co-sponsored a forum on Black Lives Matter on May 4, 2015. Panelists were asked to address why the movement arose at this moment, what issues drive it and what forms it is taking. Speakers were Justin Hansford, from the School of Law at St. Louis University; Cheryl Harris, UCLA School of Law; Michael Brown, Black Lives Matter Long Beach; and Melina Abdullah, Pan-African Studies Cal-State Los Angeles. Robin D.G. Kelley, from the UCLA Department of History was a discussant and Shamell Bell was invited to speak about Black Lives Matter Los Angeles. We are printing four of the edited remarks and hope to print the remaining ones in the next issue. ATC thanks Meleiza Figueroa for her superb transcriptions.

July-August 2015, ATC 177