U.S. Bombing:
Murder as Usual

— Voices in the Wilderness

The following is excerpted from a statement by Voices in the Wilderness following the February 16 bombing of Iraq.

VOICES IN THE Wilderness decries today’s bombardment of Iraq which hit sites just south of Baghdad. However, we find it instructive to recall the digest of bombings that occurred in the past week and to note that on December 22, 2000 the Gulf News from Dubai quoted figures of civilians killed and injured as a result of US/UK air raids since December 1998 as 311 killed and 927 wounded.

In January 2001 another 6 were killed and 9 injured in January of this year for a total of 317 killed and 936 wounded.

Digest of civilian suffering caused by U.S. bombing, week of February 11–16:

Voices in the Wilderness believes the US and the UK must end their illegal “No-Fly Zone” bombing attacks on the north and south of Iraq. There is no UN provision for such bombardment. Resolution 688, sometimes referred to as a document legitimizing the no-fly zone bombardment makes no reference to a right to take over Iraqi airspace, resulting in the tragic killing of civilians.

ATC 91, March–April 2001