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Africa in Struggle


The Africa in Struggle journal was a an attempt by supportes of the International Marxist Group in the UK to build ties with, and win over, revolutionaries in Africa to the United Secretariat of the Fourth International. This journal ran from 1975 through 1978. Included are some pamphlets associated with this initiative.

We are presenting here a limited run of the publication, created by Red Mole Rising blog and archive. We thank Rob Marsden, the curator of this site, for his encouragement and permission in mirroring the works at Red Mole Rising.

Africa In Struggle no1 October 1975
Africa In Struggle v1 no2 1976
Africa In Struggle no6 June 1978
Africa In Struggle no7 October December 1978
Africa In Struggle- Occasional Publication 1- Zambia, Humanist Rhetoric Capitalist Reality (Pamphlet)
Africa In Struggle- Angola In The Whirlwind of Permanent Revolution (Pamphlet)



Last updated on 22 August 2016