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Prometheus Research Series No. 3

In Memoriam Richard S. Fraser

An Appreciation and Selection of his Work

Published: 1990 (Second Printing 1994)
Source: Prometheus Research Library, New York. Published as Prometheus Research Series No. 3, 1990 (Second Printing 1994).
Transcription/Markup/Proofing: John Heckman, Prometheus Research Library
Public Domain: Encyclopedia of Trotskyism On-Line 2006/Prometheus Research Library. You can freely copy, display and otherwise distribute this work. Please credit the Marxists Internet Archive & Prometheus Research Library as your source, include the url to this work, and note the transcribers & editors above.

Table of Contents


I.  Introductory Materials

Richard S. Fraser 1913-1988

Memorial Meeting for Richard S. Fraser, 8 January 1989

Revolutionary Integration: Program for Black Liberation
Introductory Note by the Proletheus Research Library

Fraser and American Scholarship on the Black Question
by David Dreiser

II.  Documents by Richard S. Fraser

San Diego Farm Strike Is Crushed, 20 February 1937

New NMU Hall—Facade to Hide Union Retreat, 8 July 1944

Soldiers Cheer Striking Workers, December 1945

The Negro Struggle and the Proletarian Revolution: Two Lectures given at the Friday Night Forum, Los Angeles, November 1953

For a Materialist Conception of the Negro Struggle, 1955

Contribution to the Discussion on the Slogan "Send Federal Troops to Mississippi, 10 March 1956

Communist Party Internal Discussion: Report to the District Negro Commission, 1956

Resolution on the Negro Struggle, 25 May 1957

Summary Remarks on the Negro Discussion, June 1957

On Federal Troops in Little Rock, 10 October 1957

On the SWP and the Vietnam Antiwar Movement, 13 December 1965

Why We Left the Socialist Workers Party, June 1966

A Letter to American Trotskyists:  Too Little, Too Late (Memorandum on the Problems of Building a Revolutionary Party, 1974/75

On Transitional Organizations, 29 May 1983

To the Democratic Socialists of America, 18 June 1983

On "Color Caste," 15 January 1984

On Libya, 21 March 1986

III. Appendix

Bibliography of Works by Richard S. Fraser