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Marxist-Leninist Research Bureau

Bill Bland
Bill Bland

After William B. Bland had completed an analysis of Mao Zedong, he had become relatively isolated in the Marxist-Leninist movement in Britain. However, he had always insisted that Marxist-Leninists should join (or form if needed) organizations that would help foster progressive unity across deep ideological arguments. An important example for instance was the Albania Society. He had formed the Albania Society years prior to unite those interested in any facet of Albania, regardless of whether they were socialists. Concurrently, he did all he could to develop Marxist-Leninist party formation. Progressively this took the concrete forms of the Marxist-Leninist Organisation of Britain, and then the Communist League. In hindsight, the objective situation was extremely negative to Marxist-Leninist party formation, in large part explaining why these never became more than a nucleus of people. Bland was aware of this, but he knew that even a small cadre putting materials out consistently was a necessary historical task. He was not a person to be down-hearted about this. He was realistic, but both determined and cheerful about what needed to be done.

Throughout this time, he was pursuing his goal to provide a detailed refutation of bourgeois and revisionist versions of the history of the CPSU(B) and in particular, of J.V. Stalin. Perhaps the culmination of these projects was the small pamphlet The Myth of Stalin and the detailed account of the “The Leningrad Affair,” in the book Restoration of Capitalism in the USSR. These served a huge purpose with many who were influenced by them without acknowledging this. However young enthusiastic people found them so appealing that they would join the circles around Bland. It was with a new set of young people that Bland again proposed joint work. By this time the Communist League had become weakened by emigration of various comrades. Once more Bland had no false pride and proposed new party fusion, and a call for Marxist-Leninist unity. As a part of that work, the Marxist-Leninist Research Bureau was formed. This project was initiated by Bland in July 1994. Each report compiled by Bland covered a relevant geopolitical development or historical topic, featuring thorough documentation and political analysis from a Marxist-Leninist perspective.      —Marxist-Leninist Currents Today, 2021

First Series

Report No. 1: “Rwanda”

Report No. 2: “The Revisionist Attack on Marxist-Leninist Economics - Evgeny Varga”

Report No. 3: “The Case of Sultan-Galiyev”

Report No. 4: “The ‘Nation of Islam’”

Report No. 5: “The Shakhty Case”

Report No. 6: “The Lockerbie Disaster”

Report No. 7: “Chechnya”

Report No. 8: “The Syrtsov-Lominadze Affair”

Report No. 9: “The Industrial Party Affair”

Report No. 10: “The Ryutin Case (1930-37)”

Report No. 11: “The Aleksandr Smirnov Case (1930-37)”

Report No. 12: “The Yenukidze Case (1928-38)”

Report No. 13: “The Kirov Murder”


Second Series/New Series

Report No. 01: “Who Owns Britain? Part One: The Land”

Report No. 08: “Anarchism”

Report No. 09: “Marx and the Theory of the Absolute Impoverishment of the Working Class Under Capitalism”


Further Editions

Report: “The Historical Background to the Formation of the Socialist Labor Party”