Dominican Republic 1964

Social Christian Revolutionary Youth Condemns Persecution Against Haitians

First published: Tuesday October 13, 1964;
Source: Listin Diario, 1964, No.17796, year LXXVI. Digitalized by the National Archives in the Dominican Republic.
Transcribed and translated: for by Amaury Rodriguez, 2020.

Transcriber’s note: Shortly after the fall of the Trujillo dictatorship in 1961, Haitian political exiles opposed to the repressive Duvalier regime began to arrive en masse to the Dominican Republic. The election of Juan Bosch in 1962 was a welcome respite from dictatorial rule celebrated by both ordinary Dominicans and Haitian exiles who sought to organize the anti-Duvalierist resistance on Dominican soil. But in September of 1963 the pro-democratic forces on the island of Hispaniola (shared by Haiti and the Dominican Republic) suffered a blow when a right wing coup overthrew Bosch, putting at risk the lives of Haitian exiles as coup plotters “invited” exiles to return to Haiti. Soon after, Dominican progressive and revolutionary organizations condemned this attack on Haitian dissidents. [3]

Yesterday the Social Christian Revolutionary Youth [1] condemned the persecution unleashed by the Government [2] against exiles living in the country.

In a statement, the JRSC notes that “it is an obligation to vigorously reject this vile attitude that violates the most elementary norms of human solidarity.”

The JRSC warns that it is firmly determined to stand “shoulder to shoulder with Haitian exiles.”

The statement is signed by the national board of the Social Christian Revolutionary Youth.


1. The Social Christian Revolutionary Youth (JRSC, for its Spanish initials) was the youth section of the conservative Social Christian Revolutionary Party (PRSC).

2. “Government” appears capitalized in the original text.

3. See Condenan persecuciĆ³n a haitianos.