MIA: History: Austria

History of Austria



Anton Pannekoek: Class Struggle and Nation

A brochure published in 1912.


Austrian Communist Party

To All Exploited, A pamphlet from 1921.


July Revolt, 1927

Letter from Vienna, July 18, 1927
An Eye Witness on Vienna's Riots, by Wallace Rogers, July 26, 1927
The July Insurrection in Vienna, its Purport and its Lessons, by Karl Schreiber, July 28, 1927


February Uprising, 1934

Austrian Workers Show Proletarian Will in War Against Fascism by Max Shachtman, February 1934
Collapse of Austro-Marxism in the Vienna Struggle by Max Shachtman, February 1934
Fatal Admissions by Max Shachtman, July 1934
Austrian Workers' Tragic Heroism by Edgar Hardcastle, March 1934
The Legend of the Vienna Commune by A. Max, July 1934
Tribute to Austrian Workers Who Fought Fascism in 1934 by Sylvia Merrill, March 1944
Lessons of the 1934 Revolt in Austria by P. Berger, July 1944


Anschluss, 1938

The Sacrifice of Austria, by R. Palme Dutt, 1938



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