Encyclopedia of Marxism: Economics


Absolute and Relative Surplus Value Asiatic Mode of Production
Barter Bourgeoisie
Bourgeois Society (or "capitalism") Brand
Bretton Woods Conference Business Cycle, or Cyclic Crisis of Capitalism
Capital Capitalism
Casualisation Circuits of Capital
Class Combined and Uneven Development, Law of
Command Economy Commercialisation
Commodification Commodity
Communism Company
Concentration of capital Concrete and Abstract Labour
Consumer and Consumerism Contract Labour
Copyright Corporation
Corporatisation Credit
Crisis of Capitalism Customer
Cycle of Reproduction Departments of Capital
Depression, The Great Distribution and Exchange
Division of Labour Economics
Exchange Exchange-value
Exploitation External and Externalisation
Falling Rate of Profit Fetishism
Feudal Society Fictitious Capital
Fordism Form of Value
Free Trade and Protectionism General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT)
Globalisation Goods and Services
Gold Standard Human Capital
Imperialism Inflation
Instruments of Labour Intellectual Property
Invisible Hand Labor
Labour Power Labour Standard
Labour Theory of Value Laissez Faire
Lumpenproletariat Manchester Liberalism
Market Market Socialism
Marshall Plan Means of Production
Mechanisation and Automation Metamorphosis of Capital
Micro-economic Reform Middle Class
Mixed Economy Mode of Production
Mondism Monetarism
Money Nationalisation
Natural Capital Necessary & Surplus Labour Time
Neocolonialism New Deal
New Economic Policy Object/Subject of Labour
Obshchina Oil Crisis
OPEC (Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries) Organic Composition of Capital
Out-Sourcing Overproduction and Underconsumption
Patents Peasantry
Perestroika Petit-Bourgeoisie
Petty-bourgeois Physiocrats
Piece Work Planned Economy
Political Economy Poverty
Price Primitive accumulation
Private Labour Private Property
Privatisation and Nationalisation Production and Consumption
Productive and Unproductive Labour Productive Forces
Professionalisation Profit
Proletariat Property
Rate of Profit Realisation (of Value)
Relations of Production Rent
Services Slave Society
Social Capital Socialisation
Socialism Socialist Competition (or Emulation)
Social Wage Stagflation
Subject of Labour aka Object of Labour Subsistence Standard
Subsumption, Formal and Real Surplus Value
Taxation Taylorism
Theory of Marginal Utility Toyotism
Trade-union Tribal Society
Trickle-down Effect Underconsumption
Union Use-Value
Utility Value
Variable and Constant Capital Wage Hustling
Wage Labour Wages
Wall Street Crash (October 1929) Wealth
Welfare Working Class
Working Day World Trade Organization (WTO)