Encyclopedia of Marxism: Events


All-Russia Conference of Menshevik and Affiliated Organisations All-Russia Conference of Soviets
All-Russian Conference of Bolsheviks All-Russian Congress of Co-operative Associations
All-Russian Congress of Peasants' Deputies All-Russian Congress of the Soviet
All-Russian-Democratic-Conference All-Ukraine Army Congress (June 5-12, 1917)
Anti-Socialist Law (1878) [ "Exceptional Law" or "Law of Exclusion" ] April 7-16, 1917
August 4, 1914 August, 1917 (Germany)
Austrian Social-Democratic Party, Congresses of Balkan Wars
Berlin: 1929 (aka "Adventurism in Berlin") Berne International Conference
Bloody Sunday Bolshevik Congresses
Boxer or I Ho T'uan Rebellion Brest-Litovsk, Treaty
Bretton Woods Conference Brussels Unity Conference
Chemnitz Congress Chinese revolution of 1927
Civil Rights Movement (U.S.) Cold War
Cologne Communist Trial (1852) Communist International, Congress of
Communist International, Dissolution Communist International, First Congress (March 2-6, 1919)
Communist Party of Russia: Extraordinary Seventh Congress Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Congress of
Company promotion scandals (Germany, 1870s) Congress in Halle
Congress of Berlin Congress of Peasants Deputies
Congress of Peasants Deputies [04/13-17(26-30)/1917] Cultural Revolution
Czeckoslovak Insurrection of 1918 Declaration of 83
Depression, The Great Dreyfus Case
Ems Dispatch February - March, 1901
February Revolution (24-27, 1917) Fifteenth Congress of the C.P.S.U.
First All-Russia Conference of Soviets of Workers' and Soldiers' Deputies First All-Russia Congress of Peasant Deputies
First All-Russia Congress of Soviets of Workers' and Soldiers' Deputies First Coalition Government (Russia)
France—1793 France—1830
France—1848 France—1871
Franco-Prussian War (July 19, 1870 - May 10, 1871) French Workers Party split
Genoa Conference—1922 Georgian Affair-1921
German Insurrection-1921
Also: “The March Action”
German revolution - 1923
German Social-Democratic Congress in Halle Gotha (Unity) Congress
Great Leap Forward Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution
Green (or Environmental) Movement Hague Conference
Hague Congress Halle Party Congress
Hungarian Uprising (1956) International Women's Day (March 8)
Jena Resolution: June 10, 1917
June 13, 1849 June Insurrection of 1848
Labor Day March on Warsaw
Marshall Plan May Day (May, 1)
Military Conference in Minsk Minneapolis Teamsters Strike, 1934.
Moscow Trials National Liberation Movement
New Deal November 6-7, 1917
October 16, 1926 October 25, 1917
Oil Crisis Palmer Raids
Peace Movement (1950s/60s) Peaceful Coexistence
Polish Insurrection (1863-64) Post World War Two Settlement
Potemkin mutiny Prague Spring, 1968
R.S.D.L.P, The Fourth (Unity) Congress (April 10 to 25 [April 23 to May 8], 1906) R.S.D.L.P., All-Russian Fifth Congress (December 21 to 27, 1908 [January 3 to 9, 1909])
R.S.D.L.P., Fifth Congress (April 30 to May 19 [May 13 to June 1], 1907) R.S.D.L.P., First Conference (December 12 to 17 (25–30), 1905)
R.S.D.L.P., First Congress (March 13 to 15 (25–30), 1898) R.S.D.L.P., Second Congress (July 17 - August 10, 1903)
R.S.D.L.P., Sixth Congress (July 26 - August 3, 1917) R.S.D.L.P., Third Congress (April 12 to 27 (25–10 May), 1905)
Russian Civil War (1918-1922) Russian Revolution (February - October 1917)
Russian Social-Democratic Labour Party (Congresses of) Russian Students in Tsarist Russia
Russo-Japanese War Second All-Russia Congress of Soviets of Peasants' Deputies
Second Congress of the Russian Social-Democratic Labour Party Second International Conference in Zimmerwald, September 5th to 8th, 1915
Second International Congress in Amsterdam, August 14th to 20th 1904 Second International Congress in Basel, November 24th to 25th 1912
Second International Congress in Copenhagen, 28th August to 3rd September 1910 Second International Congress in Kienthal, April 24th to 30th, 1916
Second International Congress in London, July 21st to August 1st 1896 Second International Congress in Paris, 23rd to 27th September 1900
Second International Congress in Stockholm, May to July, 1917 Second International Congress in Stuttgart, 18th to 24th August 1907
Second International Congress of Brussels, 1891 Second International Congress of Brussels, August 16th to 22nd 1891
Second International Congress of Zurich, August 6th to 13th 1893 Sedan, Battle of (September, 1870)
Sino-Soviet Split Spanish Revolution (1931-1939)
Spartacus Rising (German Revolution 1918-19) Third Period
Third Zimmerwald Conference Tilsit, Treaty of
Tsushima, Battle of U.S. Civil Rights Movement
Wall Street Crash (October 1929) Women’s Liberation Movement
World War I World War I — Germany
World War I — Russia