In the International

On the Events in Bulgaria

(28 June 1923)

Source: International Press Correspondence, Vol. 3 No. 37 [27], 28 June 1923, pp. 469–470.
On-line Publication: Zinoviev Internet Archive, October 2021.
Transcription/Mark-up: Einde O’Callaghan for the Marxists’ Internet Archive.

Comrade Zinoviev in his concluding speech on the Report of the Executive, delivered at lhe Session of the Enlarged Executive of the Comintern, dealt with the situation in Bulgaria. He stated:

The news comes from Bulgaria that Stambolisky is preparing for a counterblow and that in Plevna, the Communists would have made an uprising, but that the Central Committee of the Communist Party opposed it. If this news is true, it was a serious error. Now we must ally ourselves with the accursed Stambolisky. The Bolshevists fought with Kerensky against Kornilov. The Bulgarian Party has the accumulation of 25 years behind it; it must now show whether this was an accumulation of Communist energy. There are now three possibilities in Bulgaria: The party can enter into the fight, in which case it might become a fight tor a Workers’ and Peasants’ Government. If the party does not fight, and the present government stands, then the life of the Party is at stake or the rot will set in. The third alternative is that the Central Committee of the Party remains inactive but that the rank and file are drawn into the struggle. This will lead to a split. We are far away from the source; we can give no lead from here. But we must draw the attention of the Bulgarian Party to the dangers.

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